Lucas Dean

Lucas Dean is a Built In reporter covering the technology industry and startups, merging relevant data and statistics with diverse perspectives on emerging trends, leadership styles, DEI issues and other matters that impact the workplace.

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At these six tech companies, team members are empowered by strong cultures, noteworthy benefits and exciting opportunities. Learn why each company is worthy of its place in the spotlight.
Product development professionals described the CDP’s journey from its inception to its launch.
The San Francisco skyline with a graphical overlay of various elements of product development.
Professionals from product teams shared what challenges they’ll be tackling in the coming year — and the trends that influence their visions for the future.
Three San Francisco engineers proactively build solutions today that meet the demands of tomorrow.
Team members shared how Lob encourages, enhances and streamlines cross-functional collaboration.
At these San Francisco companies, good intentions and energized teams collide. Current leaders shared what new hires can look forward to as their company scales.
An abstract illustration of hands reaching out toward one another with different colors and shapes.
When every employee brings something different to the table, it's a strategic advantage.
 An illustration of two heads, one with arrows pointing out and the other with arrows pointing in, to symbolize introverts and extroverts.
Introverts are often creative and thoughtful assets. Leaders who manage work-from-home teams are finding effective ways to ensure such employees’ brilliance are empathetically engaged.
The outlines of two individuals’ heads intersect, reflecting how empathy and alignment lead to mutual understanding and success.
At Aurora Solar, this manager explained how data, foresight and an authentic interest in each team member can ensure optimal performance.
At two San Francisco organizations, authentic people and ambitious missions are attracting top tech talent.
Data scientists from Reebelo and Sojern are tracking the latest developments in AI, language models and more.
These companies — and their noteworthy cultures, benefits and recent achievements — are proving that the Bay Area’s tech scene remains innovative and exciting.