Tyler Holmes

Tyler Holmes is a staff writer for Brand Studio at Built In. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from Loyola University Chicago before embarking on a multifaceted career that has included working the Chicago scene as a homicide reporter, writing as an international wine and travel journalist, and exploring the world of digital media and advertising.

As a native Texan, he is also extremely passionate about breakfast tacos (San Antonio reigns supreme) and the local music scene — in fact, he's probably at a show right now.

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Two employees chat in the office common area.
Direct-to-Consumer Vice President Michael Lewis explains why investing in employee development and company culture means a brighter future.
Three toast employees in white shirts standing in front of a white sculpture wall
Employees at the point of sale software company are encouraged to pursue their passions.
company event at Lob with musicians
Teammates at Lob — affectionately known as “Lobsters” — unveil why intelligent direct mail should be a secret weapon in any marketer’s toolkit.
A view of San Francisco streets at sunset.
Two San Francisco tech professionals share what they love about their employer.
A group of Covariant employees sit at a computer together working on a project.
Though Covariant’s teams work with autonomous machines on a daily basis, employees are achieving innovation faster than ever thanks to a people-driven company culture.
A woman on her laptop browsing Built In SF's list of Winter Tech Watch companies.
From fast-growing startups to established firms with hefty benefits, here’s a rundown of San Francisco’s most noteworthy people-first organizations to watch in the season ahead.
Two trolleys travel through the downtown San Francisco area.
Discover how innovation at six of San Francisco’s standout tech companies translates to empowering company cultures and big hiring pushes.
A large group of MURAL employees out in NYC.
By collaborating with intention, MURAL is working to build trust and belonging through a shared vision — for both themselves and their customers.
Sales and product teams working on a product roadmap.
In order for a product to successfully evolve and satisfy demand, it’s essential that sales teams have a seat at the table to deliver customer feedback to product teams.
A graphic of a salesperson watching sales numbers go down.
Every sales rep experiences a slump at one point or another. For experts at Crunchbase, bouncing back is about shifting your mindset.
A person shows their passport at the airport.
Though product and engineering teams might seem like they speak different languages, a sense of understanding and trust are helping both departments seamlessly reach their goals.
business man working at home with laptop and papers on a desk
As autonomy becomes increasingly important to employees in 2022, personal lives are no longer taking the back burner to only be experienced on weekend afternoons — it’s also allowing employees to build a shared trust more than ever.