Eva Roethler

Eva Roethler is a senior staff writer at Built In. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Arizona State University before embarking on a decade career working in fresh produce communications and media. She also worked as an editor for a regional magazine in Northern California covering local business, arts and non-profits before joining the team at Built In. 

Roethler is a member of the Built Out LGBTQ employee resource group, and a co-founder of the Built Different employee resource group for disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent employees. She also moonlights as an artist and illustrator. 

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3D render of a Roman sculpture's head over a bright purple background. There are two floating magenta happy faces over the eyes.
We talked to a roaming engineer about the ins and outs of flexible scheduling and remote working.
Graphic illustration of a white ladder with a broken rung ascending over a pink wall with a blue sky in the background.
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Two Cruise workers look under the hood of a vehicle in Cruise's garage
Cruise has a massive engineering team working on autonomous vehicles, and building custom tools to get the work done.
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Course Hero supports both remote collaboration and in-person bonding — and does so successfully. Here’s how the company implemented its hybrid model of work.
A photo of the Check team posing together.
Check’s commitment to a culture of ownership is more than just lip service. Three key members of the team share how they see this value in action every day.
Affirm team member on a walk with her dog
To be effective, flexible time off needs to be supported by a culture of work-life balance. Here’s what that looks like at Affirm.
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On Women’s Equality Day, take a look at how these Bay Area companies support women at work.
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Benchling is building an equitable hybrid environment using team feedback. Here’s what that looks like.
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What’s it like to work on the growing technical support team at monday.com? Three insiders shared how their approach is different from typical customer experience work.
A boardroom with a leader talking to his team
The director of data science at San Francisco-based Wish shares advice for data pros looking to move into management.
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Black technologists helped make the industry great. Here’s how two companies are keeping that legacy going.