Brigid Hogan
Staff Writer at Built In

Brigid Hogan is a staff writer at Built In. Hogan joined Built In after working in communications consulting, publishing operations and as a public high school teacher. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and a Master of Science in Curriculum 

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city skyline
May 11, 2023
Gopuff may have a cheeky public image on social media, but behind the scenes, the company is doing serious work through partnerships with community organizations to support individuals in need.
Braze staff celebrating at Nasdaq
Apr 27, 2023
Braze’s come-as-you-are “experience agnostic” approach to tech hiring encourages candidates to showcase the skills they can bring to help the company grow.
colored blocks aligned diagonally on a dark background
Apr 07, 2023
Find out how the company integrates accountability, collaboration, focus, urgency, empathy and learning into making strategic decisions and guiding relationships.
The Philo design team clusters in a conference room with Sandy Micone at the center
Mar 24, 2023
Philo’s Head of Design told Built In what makes her team “a designer’s dream” and pulls back the curtain on the company’s flat structure.
A stylized illustration of a brain surrounded by multicolored wave patterns and symbols including leaves, planets, books, scientific images and other learning-related icons
Mar 23, 2023
As internship hiring ramps up this spring, Cisco Meraki and Chime gave Built In SF an inside look at the exciting opportunities each company offers for interns to learn and grow.
Illustration of an open office with people collaborating
Mar 08, 2023
Built In SF heard from leaders at Leyton and Publica about how they navigate an honest approach to communication with humility and humor.
The Instawork team at a baseball game
Dec 29, 2022
Instawork is growing — and so are opportunities for employees driven to advance. Three team members detail the environment of continuous improvement in which they thrive.
Streetcars on the move in San Francisco
Dec 28, 2022
Learn more about the supportive cultures and great benefits at three SF companies hiring now.
Members of the Cat Digital team work at a conference room whiteboard
Dec 16, 2022
Cat Digital’s e-commerce tools support their hard-working customers every day through streamlined search and robust resources.
Pastel colors flow like a waving scarf over a muted background
Dec 01, 2022
For engineers at Sendoso and Wish, late afternoon doesn’t come with a slump — it’s the perfect time to drop into deep work.
Fireworks at the San Francisco waterfront with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background
Nov 17, 2022
These tech teams have grand plans for Q1 and are hiring now to transform industries from real estate to data analytics.
White puzzle pieces being assembled on a bright blue background
Nov 16, 2022
Four long-tenured SF tech employees share why they have stayed with their companies.