Charli Renken
News Reporter at Built In
Expertise: San Francisco and Boston Tech News
Education: B.A. in Creative Writing and Literature from Santa Fe University of Art and Design

Charli Renken is a news reporter covering the tech industry in San Francisco, Boston and other markets. Their work has also appeared in publications including Fandom Forward, Block Club Chicago and the Denver Post.

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Traffic on the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco
See how the largest funding rounds from last month are being put to use in San Francisco.
A truck pulling a trailer both with Moxion's logo on them.
Catch up on the latest tech news out of San Francisco.
The Tally team holding balloons that spell “Tally”
With America’s credit card debt hitting $890 billion, Tally hopes to help consumers pay it off faster.
A white van with the blue Deel logo parked in front of a mountain.
The six-month position is the first of its kind for Deel, a San Francisco-based remote employee management and payroll company.
ServiceUp co-founders in front of an automobile repair shop floor
ServiceUp aims to bring “the convenience of food delivery to auto repair” with its all-in-one platform.
San Francisco skyscrapers
Here’s what you missed last week in the Bay Area tech hub.
The founders of the Future 5 of San Francisco tech this quarter.
These five companies are making moves and may just be the future of tech in San Francisco.
Somewear Labs hardware being used by a U.S. Army operator
Somewear Labs plans to expand its critical mission communications platform thanks to the new capital.
A hospital room with five healthcare workers and an elderly man wearing a Ceribell headband device
Ceribell helps doctors quickly and easily diagnose patients suspected of having seizures.
Sardine co-founders Aditya Goel, Soups Ranjan and Zahid Shaikh in front of a series of ones and zeros, a spyglass and the word "fraud" in red
With payment fraud up 70 percent, Sardine is sniffing out fishy transactions.
Adobe Illustrate, Figma, and Adobe Photoshop icons lined up next to each other on a white and pink background
Figma is a web-based design company that allows multiple people to design together online.
Figma's logo on a laptop screen resting on a desk.
Here’s the latest news out of the Bay Area tech scene.