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San Francisco
San Francisco

Software Engineer salary in San Francisco

Average Base Salary in San Francisco

Median: $173K
Min: $158K
Max: $204K

How Much Does a Software Engineer Make in San Francisco?

The average salary for a Software Engineer in San Francisco is $173,379. Software Engineer salaries are based on responses gathered by Built In San Francisco from anonymous Software Engineer employees in San Francisco.

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Software Engineer jobs in San Francisco

Software Engineer

San Francisco
4 days ago
Unity is looking for a SDK Engineer on the Ads SDK team. The Ads SDK team is a part of the team focused on building the next generation of Unity’s monetization suite. As the leading development platform for online and mobile games, Unity is helping take developer's creations further and faster than ever before. Unity Monetization enables developers to build a business through advertising, in-app purchase and analytics. Our fast growing business requires us to set up a dedicated team to support an increasing number of advertising creatives and formats with an ever-growing number of partners. In this role, a strong background in mobile-based frontend development is key, coupled with a proven track record of iOS or Android development. Our formats run in thousands of different handsets used by over a billion people around the world each month, so delivering flawless, high-performance frontend code is one of the key criteria for the team.

Software Engineer

San Francisco
3 weeks ago
Blend is looking for talented software engineers to join our diverse and fast-growing engineering team. As a software engineer, you’ll work throughout the stack, from large-scale data processing to web UI. Specifically, you will be responsible for building new features and functionality enabling our company to deliver critical software to major mortgage lenders. If you are a developer with a deep understanding of CS fundamentals and are excited by a dynamic, collaborative work environment, we want to hear from you!

Software Engineer - App Engine

San Francisco
1 week ago
The challenges we face are highly technical and highly impactful for other engineering teams in the company! We are looking for engineers who are passionate about distributed systems design, performance optimization, software architecture and scalability. You are a strong collaborator who is willing to work with feature development teams to understand their needs from the platform, to design solutions that fulfill their immediate needs but that also establish good patterns for the long-term scalability and maintainability of the application.

Software Engineer - Engineering Productivity

San Francisco
3 weeks ago
Understand the needs of other developers and enjoy building internal tools that empower an entire organization. Have experience deploying and monitoring production systems on a major cloud provider. Can write high-quality code in a modern language (ex. Go, Python, Javascript). Are interested in container orchestration and scheduling. Enjoy working with data stores such as Postgres and MongoDB. Enjoy mentoring other engineers and leveling up the team around you.

Principal Software Engineer (AdTech Software)

San Francisco
3 weeks ago
The Principal AdTech Engineer will own all aspects of AdTech engineering including technical design, architecture, implementation, quality assurance, deployment, and operations of our AdTech products. You will be responsible for scaling our AdTech capabilities, including building requirements and architecture, design and development. You will also establish the ins and outs of building a highly available, scalable, distributed, and robust system that uses all the modern cloud computing paradigms, techniques and tools.

Senior Software Engineer, Engine Spotlight

San Francisco
5 days ago
As a Senior Engine Programmer on the Spotlight Team, you will work closely with top game developers to really push the boundaries of what is possible in Unity. You will implement new Unity features, or optimize current features in conjunction with our partners. You will work with many different teams so you should enjoy meeting new people, and be prepared to travel. This is a great opportunity to contribute to high-quality projects without being tied to the 2-3 year development cycles that typically involves.

Senior Software Engineer, Runtime Engine

San Francisco
5 days ago
You will be working on a brand-new, highly modularized architecture based around data-oriented design principles where scalability lives alongside performance. Areas of focus would include core runtime features, asset optimization, editor UI and workflows. Your game design experience might influence our engine functionality design. And you will have an opportunity to work on and guide compression technology, compiler optimizations, data design and other technology innovations to drive game experiences and tools development at Unity. 

Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco
10 hours ago
You are curious, persistent, logical and clever – a true techie at heart. You enjoy living by the code of your craft and developing elegant solutions for complex problems. If this sounds like you, this could be the perfect opportunity to join EPAM as a Senior Software Engineer. Scroll down to learn more about the position’s responsibilities and requirements.

Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco
10 hours ago
Actively participate in the whole development process, from initial design up to launching the product. Be responsible for working with backend engineers, product managers and designers to design, develop and deliver mobile features. Work within a team of developers to complete proposed initiatives, contributing application architecture and implementation guidance. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks. Follow and contribute to agile development processes.

Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco
10 hours ago
Design and development of an application for Cross-Channel and Multichannel Marketing. Work with Postgress SQL Data Base. Integration of application with external and internal systems. Close Collaboration with marketing team. Design of technical requirements by business requirements. Analysis and sorting out data from external sources. Status reporting on daily meetings with onsite team. Task/Stories Estimations.

Senior Software Engineer, Backend

San Francisco
1 day ago
Design and build clean, user friendly API that powers the MediLedger Network. Design and develop robust, scalable, and performant enterprise-grade microservices that participate to the Chronicled. Leverage cutting-edge p2p protocols that help industries to connect and transact. Work closely with Product team and Architects to understand business needs and translate them into technical design. Coach peer or more junior engineer to help them grow their engineering and professional skills. Work closely with DevOps to deploy and ensure continuity of the service.

Senior Software Engineer, Fullstack

San Francisco
1 day ago
You will design, develop and support the Chronicled Network. You will be working with our CTO, product managers and engineering team to deliver mission-critical enterprise software that powers entire industries. Our team is constantly growing and evolving, so you will have plenty of opportunities to shape, develop and enhance it as a key contributor.

Software Engineer Salary ranges

The most common Software Engineer salary in San Francisco is between $160k - $170k.

Average Software Engineer Salary by Company Size

People with the job title Software Engineer make the most at companies with 1-10 employees, earning $178,667 on average.

Software Engineer Salary by gender

The average Software Engineer salary for women is $162,000 and the average Software Engineer salary for men is $175,000.

Software Engineer Salary by Years of Experience

The average salary for a Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience is $175,000.

Average Dev + Engineer salaries in San Francisco

Job Title Average Salary Salary Range
QA Analyst $109,637
Min: $96K
Max: $153K
Salesforce Developer $116,212
Min: $100K
Max: $175K
Automation Engineer $118,000
Min: $105K
Max: $148K
Android Developer $121,185
Min: $92K
Max: $178K
QA Engineer $126,517
Min: $120K
Max: $136K
Software Test Engineer $128,100
Min: $118K
Max: $150K
Front End Developer $136,733
Min: $126K
Max: $164K
iOS Developer $140,182
Min: $108K
Max: $183K
Data Engineer $143,122
Min: $131K
Max: $166K
Sales Engineer $152,694
Min: $110K
Max: $173K
Security Engineer $153,000
Min: $128K
Max: $189K
QA Manager $153,800
Min: $143K
Max: $174K
Data Architect $161,688
Min: $146K
Max: $184K
Software Engineer $173,379
Min: $158K
Max: $204K
DevOps Engineer $174,000
Min: $130K
Max: $194K
Senior Software Engineer $197,138
Min: $170K
Max: $213K
Engineering Manager $201,444
Min: $160K
Max: $226K
Principal Software Engineer $204,966
Min: $193K
Max: $221K
Director of Software Engineering $210,276
Min: $190K
Max: $238K
CTO (Chief Technology Officer) $236,667
Min: $150K
Max: $292K
Vice President of Engineering $284,607
Min: $216K
Max: $380K

Recent Software Engineer salaries in San Francisco

Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $175,000 with +$7,200 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $162,000
5-7 Years of Experience
51-200 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $175,000 with +$8,000 in additional cash compensation
7+ Years of Experience
201-500 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $168,000
201-500 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $164,000
201-500 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $185,000
51-200 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $162,000
201-500 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $184,000
51-200 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $161,000
201-500 Employees
San Francisco
Yearly Salary
A Software Engineer reported a yearly salary of $178,000
51-200 Employees
San Francisco
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