9 San Francisco Coding Bootcamps Developing the Next Generation of Engineers

by Sam Daley
October 10, 2019

As the need for coding-based jobs grows, so too does the demand for coding bootcamps. These bootcamps are helping students gain years worth of coding knowledge in a few short months with specially-designed courses that maximize learning and enhance marketability in the job market. San Francisco is home to a large group of coding bootcamps that are helping newbies and industry experts alike sharpen their skills and improve their career outlooks.

Check out 9 San Francisco coding bootcamps training the next generation of engineers.

Hack Reactor coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
Hack Reactor

Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, React and Blockchain (optional)

Location: 44 Tehama Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Duration: 13 weeks

Cost: $17,980

Training Overview: The Hack Reactor “Software Engineer Immersive” program gives students a crash-course in fullstack JavaScript programming and culminates in a job search. The 13-week program starts with the basics of computer science and JavaScript, then intensively dives deeper into JS and will end with students building their own app and preparing for their job search.


Codify Academy coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
Codify Academy

Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Location: 535 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

Duration: 16 weeks

Cost: $2,250

Training Overview: Codify Academy offers a variety of bootcamps for beginner and intermediate-level coders. The company maintains an “HTML and CSS” bootcamp, where students develop their web development skills. There is also a “JavaScript Methods and Functions” bootcamp that teaches students everything from the basics of how coding works and then progresses to show students how to efficiently code more intensive projects that experienced developers do every day.


Actualize coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area

Languages/Frameworks: Ruby, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Rails

Location: Online

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $13,900

Training Overview: Actualize is an online coding bootcamp featuring live courses that constantly flip back-and-forth between instruction and exercise. Before the course starts, students have four weeks to prepare homework and read all they can to gain the necessary coding knowledge. During the course, students will receive an in-depth look into some of the most popular coding languages used today.


App Academy coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
App Academy

Languages/Frameworks: Ruby, SQL, HTTP, CSS and JavaScript

Location: 825 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 9411

Duration: 16 weeks

Cost: $17,000

Training Overview: App Academy teaches a variety of different software engineering mindsets and skills throughout their bootcamp. The bootcamp is split up into three sections. Students use the first three weeks to gain a basic knowledge of coding and Ruby. Over the next 9 weeks, students will collaborate on full-stack web development projects. Then, weeks 14-16 focus on algorithms, data science and job searching.


Holberton School coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
Holberton School

Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL, Rails and Go

Location: 972 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Duration: 24 months

Cost: 17% of gross income for 3.5 years after completing the program and getting a job

Training Overview: The Holberton School full-stack web development program is an intensive two-year course designed to give students the most up-to-date skills and specializations in a variety of frameworks and languages. The class is broken up into trimesters that culminate in a web-focused portfolio project that encapsulates everything learned over the prior four months. In the last 15 months of the program, students will either choose to work for a tech company for on-the-job training or specialize in a certain web development skill.


General Assembly coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
General Assembly

Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, Python, HTML, SQL and Django

Location: 225 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA 94104

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $14,950

Training Overview: The General Assembly “Software Engineering Immersive” bootcamp is designed to give students a well-rounded look into the world of software engineering and development. The course is broken down into units that will teach students everything from engineering fundamentals to front-and-back-end development and full-stack development. The bootcamp ends with each student collaborating with a client to build them a fully functional application.


Hackbright Academy coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
Hackbright Academy

Languages/Frameworks: Python, HTML and CSS

Location: 683 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Duration: 12 weeks

Cost: $16,895

Training Overview: Hackbright Academy is a software engineering bootcamp for women. The bootcamp is taught by expert instructors who cover everything from core programming knowledge to data structures, data modeling and web technologies. Hackbright boasts more than 900 alumnae who currently work at well-known tech companies like Slack, Uber, Dropbox and Amazon.


Rithm School coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
Rithm School

Languages/Frameworks: JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Python

Location: 500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA 94111

Duration: 16 weeks

Cost: 17% of salary over first two years out of the program

Training Overview: Rithm School’s full-time program relies on project-based learning to help students simultaneously build portfolios and gain coding knowledge. The Rithm curriculum begins with intermediate front end development, then moves through full-stack web development and single page applications before ending with students working alongside companies to build enterprise applications. Throughout the program, Rithm students meet with their advisors who give them career guidance and prepare them for on-site interviews.


Flatiron School coding bootcamps San Francisco Bay Area
Flatiron School


Languages/Frameworks: Ruby, SQL, Sinatra, JavaScript, React and Redux

Location: 1460 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Duration: 15 weeks

Cost: $17,000

Training Overview: Flatiron School helps students gain a holistic grasp of software engineering with its intensive program. The bootcamp starts students off with fundamentals (including SQL and Object-Oriented Programming) and progresses through web and front-end frameworks. The Flatiron bootcamp ends with a month filled with group and solo projects to display new technical skills and build portfolios. Flatiron also maintains career coaches who help students get a job after the program, and, if a student can’t find a job within six months, the school will refund their tuition in full.

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