SymphonyAI Launches Industrial LLM Hosted on Microsoft Azure

The company aims to modernize industrial systems for manufacturing, reliability and process optimization.
November 8, 2023Updated: November 8, 2023
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SymphonyAI, an enterprise AI software company based in Palo Alto, has announced the launch of an industrial large language model, or LLM, focused on accelerating industrial transformation at scale. Trained on a dataset of 3 trillion data points, the Industrial LLM aims to accelerate industrial transformation by providing contextualized information to operators for better decision-making. The LLM aims to deliver actionable knowledge up to 90 percent faster than existing systems.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, the Industrial LLM works to connect and contextualize manufacturing operation information at all levels, from individual assets to global multi-plant operations. It is a self-contained intelligence source that can be integrated with downstream systems and plant data sources. The Industrial LLM’s self-learning abilities adapt in real-time to incoming data, enabling it to keep pace with rapidly changing operational variables.

The Industrial LLM is initially available for private preview, and developers can sign up to build custom industrial applications through the Industrial LLM API. The model will also be available in the Microsoft Teams AI Library and Azure Machine Learning Studio, and can be used as a learning tool by universities and colleges training intelligent manufacturing talent.

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