12 San Francisco Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms to Know

Finding high-quality job candidates and opportunities in the San Francisco area has become much easier, thanks to these recruiting firms and staffing agencies.

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on May. 15, 2024
12 San Francisco Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms to Know
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The process of hiring is one of many areas that have improved with the help of tech innovation. Today’s staffing and recruiting companies develop and adopt cutting-edge software and automation technology to help their clients make smarter and more efficient hiring decisions.

Take a look at how these San Francisco recruiting firms and staffing agencies are fueling collaboration and helping companies find the right people to take them to the next level.

San Francisco Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms to Know

  • Built In
  • Handshake
  • Lever
  • Premier Talent Partners
  • Betts Recruiting
  • Scion Staffing

Top San Francisco Staffing Agencies and Recruiting Firms

built in
Image: Built In San Francisco

Built In connects in-demand talent with thousands of companies, from startups to large enterprises, looking to fill technical and expert-level roles. It focuses on boosting employer branding while publishing industry-leading content and news to target highly skilled candidates. 5 million tech professionals visit Built In every month. Learn More.

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handshake sf staffing
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Handshake provides career recruitment services to college students and companies looking to hire them, connecting students with full and part-time jobs in addition to paid and unpaid internship opportunities. With a primary focus on the tech industry, Handshake connects university students to jobs at places like Ernst & Young, Tesla, Duolingo and Pfizer.


Lever Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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The team at Lever has built software tools that companies seeking prospective hires can use to discover and onboard the right candidates for their open positions. Lever’s full spectrum recruitment service suite empowers top companies like Netflix and Eventbrite to find talented hires and encourage their growth, as well as offering analytics tools to measure their progress and success.


Honor Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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Honor is a home care recruiting company that connects families and individuals with professional caregivers and home care agencies to meet their particular care needs. By partnering with home care agencies working on a local level, Honor can help its clients hone their search and conveniently find caregivers in their area who can provide services specific to their requirements.


Hired Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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Premier Talent Partners helps clients fill both temporary and progressive hire roles, applying algorithmic-driven candidate searches, automatic scheduling and other tech-based improvements to the recruiting process. While the firm covers industries like financial services and life sciences, it also displays expertise in various tech sectors like artificial intelligence, cloud infrastructure and virtual reality.


SmartRecruiters Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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SmartRecruiters envisions a tech-powered future for recruiting, delivering a smart software platform that companies can use to discover, hire and retain talented job candidates. Through cloud-computing technology, SmartRecruiters’ open hiring marketplace helps companies make more holistic and informed decisions about their hires, giving them insight into experience, background, and comparisons between candidates.


Entelo Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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Entelo is a recruiting platform that utilizes AI and automation technology to discover talent and match them to the right companies. Trusted by top brands like Goldman Sachs, The New York Times and Xero, Entelo gives brands full insight into their hiring practices and how well certain candidates match up to their position requirements, helping to make hiring more successful.


HackerEarth Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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HackerEarth’s unique software platform assesses talented developers from across the globe and builds profiles, which companies can review to make smarter decisions about hiring for their dev teams. Trusted by a network of thousands of companies, HackerEarth’s advanced software helps companies increase their hiring success rates and reduce risks.


Betts Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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Betts Recruiting helps companies scout and onboard individuals for marketing, sales, human resources and customer success positions within their enterprise. Betts Recruiting partners with top companies across the globe to help them build their marketing teams, and operates out of several national offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, New York and Los Angeles.


Maven Recruiting Group Staffing Agency San Francisco
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Maven Recruiting Group connects companies and venture capitalists in all industries to potential candidates for executive support, administrative, operations and HR roles. The company has also designed an e-learning course and coaching program to further support candidates applying for executive assistant positions.


Scion Staffing Recruiting Agency San Francisco
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Scion Staffing conducts rigorous talent searches for its clients in the tech industry and beyond, connecting companies across the U.S. with hiring recruits that effectively fill gaps in their enterprise. Scion Staffing offers a variety of staffing options to its clients, from executive hiring search services to delivering temporary hire opportunities.


Terminal Recruiting Staffing Agency San Francisco
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Terminal’s primary focus is on engineering talent, and its team scans tech talent from all over the world to build strong engineering teams for its tech industry clients. Terminal helps top tech companies within Silicon Valley and beyond identify competitive tech markets across the globe and gives them the ability to hand-pick tech talent from each hub to more impactfully expand their operations.

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