SF Companies Are Doubling Down on AI in 2023

Check out which names in tech are building out their platforms with new artificial intelligence capabilities.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Apr. 19, 2023
SF Companies Are Doubling Down on AI in 2023
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In recent months, numerous companies across the tech industry have been jumping on the artificial intelligence bandwagon. Many of them have established partnerships with OpenAI, the creator of the increasingly popular generative AI bot ChatGPT, created by Bay Area startup OpenAI — though some companies are developing bots of their own or partnering with other players in the emerging generative AI ecosystem.

Check out what AI platform developments these companies are working on in 2023. This list will be updated throughout the year.


Companies Adding AI Tech in 2023

  • Google
  • Zoom
  • Adobe
  • Salesforce
  • Beekeeper
  • Coda
  • Merge
  • Regie.ai
  • Suki
  • Reply.io


    Global tech giant Google has made a number of advancements on the AI front so far in 2023. Back in February, the company announced the release of Bard, an original generative AI chatbot that works to provide users with “high-quality responses” based on information from the web. The bot underwent initial testing ahead of its release to the wider public. Currently, Google is doubling down its focus on Bard by reorganizing its Assistant team to advance the product.

    In addition to releasing its own chatbot, Google made enhancements to many of its existing tools in March. The company revamped its suite of productivity products, including Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet and Chat with tools for tasks like proofreading documents and summarizing emails. Google also advanced PalM API for its Cloud suite and for MakerSuite, its AI development workflow solution.


    Looking to substantially expand its platform beyond video calls, Zoom announced new AI-powered features back in March. The company is adding generative AI tools to its Zoom IQ assistant for summarizing meetings, drafting email replies, scheduling meetings, composing whiteboards and more. These upcoming features were developed in partnership with OpenAI.


    Developing software for creativity, Adobe launched Adobe Firefly in March. The AI-powered image generation solution offers several tools, for generating images or stylized text based on a user-specified prompt. Adobe aims to make its generative AI platform easy to use, and it only develops imagery based on content it already has the rights to use, ensuring artists won’t feel slighted by the AI technology. Firefly’s first two tools are currently available in a public beta.


    Customer relationship management company Salesforce is adding a slew of generative AI capabilities to its platform. Its AI Cloud product launched back in June, with the goal of helping enterprises enhance both customer experiences and overall productivity. The tool includes a new solution, the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, that works to ensure enterprises keep up with data security and compliance requirements while they leverage generative AI’s benefits. AI Cloud can automatically generate content like sales emails, personalized service conversations, marketing material and commerce insights.


    Beekeeper equips deskless workers with digital solutions to help their jobs go smoothly. Its platform helps employers communicate with their teams, ascertain employee engagement, automate paper-based tasks and more. The company announced in July the launch of its Frontline Intelligence platform, an AI-driven product equipped with tools for measuring employee sentiment, accessing productivity analytics and tracking employee onboarding.


    Career matching marketplace Upwork announced new additions to its AI offerings in July. The company is working with Open AI in the launch of new beta products including a job post generator, chat assistant, automated proposal tips and more. Upwork is also partnering with generative AI platform Jasper to outfit talent with tools for increasing their productivity and work quality.


    Coda developed a digital document platform meant to help teams seamlessly collaborate and stay in the loop with real-time developments. Its solution integrates with an array of tools like Jira, Slack, Zoom and Figma to incorporate numerous capabilities into an all-in-one document. Coda is enhancing its capabilities even more with the beta launch of its new solution, Coda AI, in June. This tool is an AI-powered writing assistant that can help with tasks such as taking meeting notes and developing a product roadmap.


    Product integrations solution Merge provides companies with APIs and tools for managing integrations for operations like accounting, marketing, recruiting and file storage. The company announced the launch of Blueprint back in June, a tool that uses AI to expedite the process of unified API development. Blueprint reads API documentation and starts building integrations to the appropriate Merge API automatically.


    Already operating in the AI space, Regie is deepening its footprint with the launch of its newest solution, Rapid Writer. The tool can compose cold emails that are personalized to a business and its prospects. This solution can craft emails based on millions of data points, tailored to any email step in a sales sequence, according to a company release.


    Headquartered in Redwood City, Suki specializes in creating AI-powered voice solutions for healthcare. The company announced in April the launch of Suki Assistant Gen 2, a generative AI solution that automatically takes down notes for clinicians based on conversations they have with patients. The solution will be made available for beta testing sometime near the end of April.


    Leveraging Open AI’s ChatGPT, Reply.io, a business communications platform, launched Jason AI in March. Jason AI uses ChatGPT’s language model and Reply.io’s natural language processing algorithms to help users generate, personalize and optimize emails. Reply.io’s Jason AI product is currently available to the company’s existing customers as a 14-day trial.

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