13 Companies Leading Tech Innovation in Fremont

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Apr. 15, 2024
13 Companies Leading Tech Innovation in Fremont

In case you needed a reminder, tech is thriving throughout Silicon Valley. From San Jose to San Mateo, a whopping number of innovative companies call this region home, and the volume of organizations is only continuing to rise. As a result, many companies have begun setting up shop in Fremont, providing a boost to the city’s tech scene already bolstered by businesses that have been laying down the foundation for years.

With Fremont growing more visible on the tech radar, here are the companies you should know about right now.

Tech Companies In Fremont To Know

  • AlertEnterprise
  • Avalanche Technology
  • Corsair
  • Royole Corporation
  • Softjourn
  • Soraa


Founded: 1894

Industry: Software, professional services

What they do: UL Solutions’ array of testing, inspection and certification services and software products give businesses the support to embrace innovation that prioritizes safety, security and sustainability. To effectively serve client companies across more than 100 countries, UL Solutions has team members with expertise that covers everything from cybersecurity and product compliance to brand risk management and corporate social responsibility.


Founded: 1994

Industry: Gaming

What they do: Corsair brings an exceptional amount of hardware capabilities to the PC gaming industry. The company manufactures items like headsets, cooling units, keyboards, and mouses that maximize gaming performance. The company also sponsors students, streamers and esports teams who have a focused intent of using its products for means beyond just casual use.


Founded: 2007

Industry: Security

What they do: AlertEnterprise empowers businesses with crucial security needs by putting a cutting-edge system in place that ensures only approved entities are able to access facilities, utilizing digital abilities to link ITl, OT, and physical security. The company offers solutions for workforce identity, access government, and workforce/workspace intelligence along with unified threat protection that allows entities to be prepared in the event of a cyber-physical breach.


Founded: 2006

Industry: Hardware

What they do: Avalanche Technology is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Spin Transfer Torque Magnetic RAM, a non-volatile form of memory hardware that enables developments in the industrial, IoT, aerospace/defense and storage industries. STT-MRAM offers a lower price-point for production and significantly reduces energy costs when compared to SRAM, eFlash, and ROM hardware, leading to breakthrough speeds and heightened endurance.


Founded: 2003

Industry: Software

What they do: Droisys is a full-service software development company with capabilities ranging from identifying potential AI and machine learning opportunities to developing full-scale applications. A combination of research and strategy based on years of creating innovative solutions for clients sits at the front of everything Droisys does. The company’s D Cloud provides a ready-to-use SaaS platform where enterprises can reduce application production time to less than 12 weeks.


Founded: 2014

Industry: Logistics

What they do: LogiNext Solutions allows enterprises in the logistics industry to have access to the precise location of every shipment carrier, vehicle, and on-field worker deployed in real-time through the use of IoT and data analytics technology. An intuitive dashboard provides access to all of LogiNext’s products, outfitted with real-time tracking, route optimization, dispatch management, and scheduling capabilities. It also provides access to powerful analytics that provide more control than ever to dispatch managers.                      


Founded: 1997

Industry: IT

What they do: Milestone Technologies offers a variety of managed IT services that allow companies to thrive on a global scale. Utilizing intelligent automation to reduce the time-cost associated with repeatable processes is where Milestone Technologies focuses its efforts. The company offers IT service desk, data center, IT relocation, network operations, lifecycle management, and workforce services based on client needs as well. 


Founded: 2001

Industry: Data

What they do: Neocortex allows enterprises the opportunity to better understand the data that surrounds their business through a mixture of advanced analytics and consulting. Dedicated teams of experts are available for teams to turn to when determining the root cause of analytics outliers, fraud outcomes, project efficiency, and before and after analysis, giving deeper details on the story behind company data.


Founded: 2012

Industry: Hardware

What they do: Royole Corporation creates unique, flexible devices and human-machine interface technology that allows users to experience their world in brand new ways. The manufacturer’s flexible display and sensor technology can be found in tech applications for office, education, sports, fashion, mobile device, smart home, smart transportation, and entertainment uses.


Founded: 2001

Industry: Software

What they do: An expertise in fintech, cards and payments allows Softjourn to create software and technology solutions that offset ticketing, blockchain, machine learning, secure payment and media challenges. Offering a combination of consulting, software development, application maintenance, system integration, security and additional services, Softjourn allows companies to improve their systems with better adapted capabilities.


Founded: 1993

Industry: Data

What they do: SoftSol utilizes big data solutions and machine learning techniques to allow clients in the government, high tech, insurance, media, healthcare and manufacturing industries to transform processes and enterprise applications. Specialized solutions from SoftSol include AI for fraud prevention, ECM implementation, data analysis, and actionable insight reporting pulled from unstructured data so enterprises can organize and utilize the data they create.


Founded: 2013

Industry: IT

What they do: SoftStandard Solutions is one of the leading companies for providing software development abilities and consulting services to Fortune 500 companies and other large enterprises. Providing companies with tech operations and modern processes that reach throughout entire organizations is what makes SoftStandard Solutions stand out from other managed IT providers. The managed IT provider also offers application development, management, renovation, and migration services, as well as data modeling, technology training and global IT staffing.


Founded: 2009

Industry: Lighting

What they do: Soraa is reinventing lighting through the manufacturing and development of intuitive lightbulbs that provide heightened sensory experiences. The light bulbs are designed to create an experience that positively affects well-being, productivity and emotion. Soraa’s bulb technology can be found in museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and residential environments worldwide.

This article was originally published in 2020. Rose Velazquez contributed reporting to this story.

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