Vontive Launches No-Code Mortgage Platform With $135M in Funding

Vontive’s no-code platform lets credit unions, banks and other businesses offer mortgages on their websites.

Written by Abel Rodriguez
Published on Apr. 07, 2022
Vontive Launches No-Code Mortgage Platform With $135M in Funding
Vontive 135 million funding
Vontive co-founders Shreyas Vijaykumar (left) and Charles McKinney (right). | Photo: Vontive

Investing liquidity in real estate projects is a lucrative prospect that can offer many rewards. The problem with that is it’s hard to offer investment mortgages, especially online. Luckily, a newly launched platform based in San Fransico and Seattle is offering a way for real estate investment businesses to upgrade their tech. 

On Thursday, Vontive announced the official launch of its no-code mortgage platform and the closing of a Series B funding round that saw the company secure $135 million. The round was led by Zigg Capital with Founders Fund, 8VC and others participating.

According to Vontive, businesses looking to provide mortgages for real estate projects must go through an arduous, multi-month process that involves networking with financial institutions. It also often entails hiring an entire team to process and underwrite the loans. With Vontive’s platform, however, businesses are able to offer loans on their websites in under a week. 

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The platform works by helping banks, credit unions or other companies get access to mortgages through a no-code platform that can be embedded onto their websites. Prior to its launch, Vontive made connections with institutions. It now acts as a conduit between investors and lenders. 

The platform also uses AI to streamline the process of applying for mortgages, removing unnecessary friction and saving time in the process.  

“We believe the real estate investment mortgage will ultimately migrate to platforms that standardize the flow of credit from capital providers to borrowers through trusted brands,” Ryan Orley, general partner at Zigg Capital, said in a statement. “Building such a platform requires an unusual combination of software engineering expertise, credit risk fluency and capital markets knowledge. We are proud to partner with [co-founders] Charles and Shreyas as Vontive continues to establish itself as the best technology partner for the originators of investment mortgages.”

Funding for the latest round will be used to make new hires with a focus on building out an engineering team. Vontive also hopes to create a marketplace for financial institutions to supply capital and receive safe yields. 

According to the company, using its platform can help remedy the current housing shortage as more investors will have access to capital that will then be passed along to developers. And because Vontive fastens the mortgage process, more money will be pumped into the industry at faster rates than before. 

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