These 5 Bay Area Companies Topped Forbes’ Best Startup Employers List

Find out which local tech stars are making waves in the search for tech talent in the Bay Area.
Written by Jeremy Porr
March 10, 2022Updated: March 10, 2022
Find out which local tech stars are making waves in the search for tech talent in the Bay Area.

San Francisco may be foggy, but the future of the startup scene here continues to look mighty bright. The Bay Area is overflowing with fresh career opportunities for local and global talent looking to get their careers started.

With so many options, Forbes is providing prospective job seekers a place to start hunting. This week the magazine, in partnership with Statista, released its top picks on its latest list of America’s Best Startup Employers.

Considering data from 2,500 companies that employ at least 50 people, the list narrowed down the top 500 based on their employer reputation, employee satisfaction and growth. Looking to change the course of the Great Resignation, the featured companies are making moves to attract new people, retain talent and maintain growth.

Launched between 2012 and 2019, read on to learn which five Bay Area-based startups ranked on Forbes’ latest list. A good amount are currently on the lookout for fresh faces to join their burgeoning teams.  

Rank #11

Figma launched in 2016 as a tool to help software designers work together in the same web browser simultaneously. Since then, the company’s software has gone on to be used by many of its tech industry peers including Airbnb, Slack, Twitter and Uber, among others. The platform is free to use for up to two editors with three different projects. Users can also purchase a $15 month-to-month plan or $45 annual plan for additional projects. The company grew its unicorn horns in 2020 and has raised $332.9 million in funding, according to Crunchbase. Figma is now hiring for dozens of jobs across multiple departments.


Rank #9 

Gong utilizes its own AI technology to capture the full range of a company’s sales interactions with its customers. The platform keeps track of things like emails, conference calls and phone calls to identify trends within sales conversations. In June of last year, Gong raised $250 million in a Series E round led by Franklin Templeton. The fresh injection of capital sent the unicorn’s valuation soaring to $7.25 billion.


Rank #7

Brex got its start in 2017 as a corporate credit card and cash management company specifically tailored to startups. Since then, the fintech company has expanded to offer small and medium-sized businesses in any industry an all-in-one platform to manage their finances. The company most recently raised $425 million in a Series D round led by Tiger Global. Brex is now hiring for dozens of roles spanning multiple departments with a primary focus on engineering.

Rank #3

Lyra Health matches employees with therapists and mental health coaches through an array of personalized programs on its platform. The company’s network of mental healthcare professionals includes more than 5,000 coaches, therapists and doctors across the U.S. Lyra plans to launch a globally accessible version of its mental-health platform and mobile app this year. Most recently, the company raised a $200 million Series F that it later supplemented with an additional $235 millionThe company is now hiring for 64 open positions spanning multiple departments. 

Rank #2 

Nuro’s fleet of electric self-driving vehicles are meant to transport goods rather than people. The company already has a pilot program in place to deliver pizza for Domino’s in Houston, as well as a multi-year partnership with FedEx to help deliver packages. In November of 2021, the company grabbed $600 million in a Series D round led by Tiger Global.

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