Leaders at These SF Companies Take Care of Their People — and Are Hiring

Learn more about the supportive cultures and great benefits at three SF companies hiring now.
Written by Brigid Hogan
December 28, 2022Updated: December 28, 2022

When talking about what sets Sibros apart, VP of Firmware Preetpal Kang quoted Simon Sinek: “When we take care of our people, our people will take care of us.”

In his book Leaders Eat Last, Sinek, the noted author and leadership consultant, writes that leadership lies more in caring for one’s team rather than protecting one’s own interests. Of his work and goals, Sinek said, “We imagine a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired, feel safe wherever they are and end the day fulfilled by the work they do.”

According to Kang, this sense of care helps build Sibros’ company culture. “At the end of the day, the support from the CEO and other leaders and the opportunities for me to contribute create a great level of satisfaction.”

Sibros isn’t the only San Francisco company with leaders taking this stance.

Alisa Grange, head of people at Poggio Labs, highlights how co-founders Connor Doyle and Matt Slotnick serve as an example of Sinek’s ideas. “Because our leaders Matt and Connor want to make this place great — it is,” she said.

For Kevin King, manager of learning and development at Crunchyroll, support from leadership imbues the entire team with the potential for excellent work. “Working at Crunchyroll I have met some of the most intelligent, passionate people of my entire career,” he told Built In SF.

For those seeking that will offer a safe environment for inspiration and fulfillment, Sibros Technologies, Poggio Labs and Crunchyroll are hiring now.


The Poggio Labs team sits together in a kitchen
Poggio Labs


Alisa Grange
Head of People

Poggio Labs builds next-gen customer relationship management software.


What makes Poggio Labs a great place to work: Poggio Labs is the best place to work because of the people and the culture, which stem directly from our founding team. In addition to being super smart, savvy and practical, our employees are good people with a genuine desire to make Poggio Labs the best place to work. This desire has influenced a wide array of decisions that have direct impact on individuals' daily experiences here.


Poggio Labs’ culture in a single word: Autonomy! We've hired smart people who know their craft and do their best to remove roadblocks instead of prescribing what folks can and should be focusing on. This means the team is comprised of self-starters who love delivering their best work.


Top company perks: We have a rolling “meet and greet” budget for teams and small groups who want to get together for a few days in any location and work on projects in person. We also gather virtually at least once a quarter to watch a seasonal movie.

Only you know how to configure your space for maximum comfort and productivity — Poggio Labs wants to support that! We offer $3,500 for a customized gear set up so you can get the perfect desk, chair, art, plants and whatever else is going to make you feel right at home wherever you work.

Poggio will reimburse up to $1,200 per year toward your passion, relaxation or continuing education to support what you love to do outside of work. We hope our employees learn something that enriches them as a person, whether that’s a gym membership, massage, Masterclass, bike parts, race registrations or more.

We also monitor and evaluate industry salaries annually and pay in the top 25 percent regardless of where an employee is based. 



The Sibros team outdoors under an event tent


Preetpal Kang
VP of Firmware

Sibros is an automotive technology company.


What makes Sibros a great place to work: Our culture is what really sets us apart. Sibros is comprised of people who care deeply about not only achieving our goals but rising up to help our teammates so we can accomplish more together. 

The company promotes a sense of community as we continue to grow by hosting events that bring people together such as our Group of Five lunches, which allow us to connect with others across teams and locations. Sibros’ company culture and the comfort people have here are exemplified by the relationships we build on our team over games of foosball and in-office game nights. 

But apart from the culture, we work with great challenges alongside very smart people. The foundation set by the company leaders is very strong, which amplifies the very high standards one has to exceed when contributing to the design and code in the engineering organization.


Sibros’ culture in a single word: Satisfaction. There is a sense of purpose and fulfillment that ultimately leads to happiness which provides direction and meaning to a typical day at work.

This intersection of liking what you do, knowing it has a positive impact and enjoying who you're working with is exactly why Sibros has such a low turnover rate. We all work together to achieve the same mission, we help and support each other and we ensure there is joy and camaraderie in the atmosphere.


Top company perks: The company provides free lunch for team members working in offices, which helps our employees save time during their workdays and save money as well. It’s a great opportunity to try different cuisines and it’s a small way our company helps support local businesses.

Sibros encourages employees to take time off to prioritize their physical health and mental well-being. I always support my team to take advantage of our flexible time off policy so they can return to work feeling refreshed and ready for the next challenge.

We support life-long learning and offer good benefits to be able to educate ourselves and learn new skills. We also offer a stipend for each employee to ensure that our people have the right workstations at home to maximize productivity and minimize discomfort.

At Sibros, we really make the effort to hold events where we can bring everyone together to have fun. Our team hosts events throughout the year including holiday parties, ice cream socials and game nights. We also participate as a group in events such as Tough Mudder. 



Kevin King
Manager of Learning & Development

Crunchyroll is a fan destination for anime and manga.


What makes Crunchyroll a great place to work: At the risk of sounding cliche, it's the people. People are what make any company amazing to work for, what makes coming to work worth it and what makes managers and teams effective. Whether they have been here a couple of months or 12 years, I know that whomever I interact with is oozing with capability. At the same time, I've never been with an organization that was more eager to learn and grow. This, of course, makes my job more fun since that's what I drive!


Crunchyroll’s culture in a single word: Playful. Anime brings so many different kinds of people together, and there are a lot of anime fans here. It's a bit difficult to take yourself too seriously when your product is cartoons! I think this inherently breeds creativity and generates diverse thinking. You can see this everywhere in the company, on every team.


Top company perks: Flexible PTO is pretty common in tech, but people here actually use it and are encouraged to do so. Again, everyone also has medical, dental and vision. That said, when it's solid, it's solid! Even the most expensive plan has surprisingly low premiums, and the coverage is excellent. Our 401(k) is matched every paycheck instead of once a year in a big bucket.

All employees get Crunchyroll Premium. If you like anime, this is great! If you are on the fence, it makes dipping your toes in easy. Additionally, the SF office is easily one of the most beautiful offices I've ever seen. The team that designed it outdid themselves. Snacks, drinks, lunches and on-site gym are included.


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