Almanac Launches Its New ‘Startup in a Box’ Feature

The new collection, which includes more than 100 document templates, is free for teams of up to 50 people.

Written by Jeremy Porr
Published on Aug. 12, 2020
Almanac Launches Its New ‘Startup in a Box’ Feature
Almanac's new suite of documents cover the essentials for growth stage companies.
Image: Almanac

Workflow management platform Almanac launched a new feature on Wednesday that includes more than 100 document templates specific to the needs of growth stage companies.

The new feature, aptly named Startup in a Box, is curated from Almanac’s library of over 2,000 open-source documents. All of the documents featured can easily be customized and collaborated on within any private workspace in real time.

According to the company, Startup in a Box is a feature for users who have already started their businesses, but are looking to build out their team’s operating system and processes with very little overhead. The new suite of documents has the essentials covered for everything from operations and engineering to management, marketing, sales and more.

“Essential templates across every function make it possible to tap experts from leading companies without having them on payroll. I can’t tell you how many startups leave the task of creating documentation in a company wiki for too late in the game,” Adam Nathan, CEO of Almanac, wrote in an email to Built In. “We know it takes a lot of work to get organized, so we designed Startup in a Box to make this a one-click process that saves companies so much time and lets teams focus on what they do best.”

Almanac's new suite of documents covers the essentials for growing a startup.
Image: Almanac

According to the company, while in private beta, venture capital firms have also gravitated to the new feature in order to centralize the management of their portfolio companies and arm their founders with critical resources.

“VCs also use Almanac to connect founders to their mentors, highlight exclusive discounts and deals unique to the fund ... and create private docs with individual startups for easy collaboration,” Nathan said.

The new feature is free for teams of up to 50 people. According to Nathan, Startup in a Box is merely a preview of additional enterprise tools that the company is planning to launch in the future.

“Our goal at Almanac is to provide a doc editor designed specifically for distributed collaboration and online work — a critical lifeline for teams during COVID-19 — so they can focus on the work that matters,” Nathan said.

In May, Alamnac raised $9 million in a seed funding round led by Floodgate, bringing its total venture capital raised to $16 million. The company’s current list of clients includes well-known industry giants like Stripe, Gitlab, Netflix and Airbnb.

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