Cloudflare Acquires BastionZero to Enhance Infrastructure Security

BastionZero’s tech will expand the scope of Cloudflare’s secure access service edge platform beyond apps and networks.

Published on Jun. 04, 2024
Cloudflare Acquires BastionZero to Enhance Infrastructure Security

Cloudflare has announced its acquisition of BastionZero, a company specializing in zero-trust infrastructure access platforms. This strategic move aims to enhance Cloudflare One, the company’s secure access service edge, or SASE platform, by integrating zero-trust controls for IT infrastructure such as servers, Kubernetes clusters and databases. 

Cloudflare works to enhance the security, performance and reliability of its customers’ employees, applications and networks. It offers a unified platform of cloud-native products and developer tools that enable organizations to streamline and secure their IT operations. The company’s Cloudflare One product helps ensure only the right employees are granted access to the necessary internal systems and data at the appropriate time.

Incorporating BastionZero’s technology into Cloudflare One will allow security teams to manage a more centralized hybrid IT environment while maintaining high productivity and security standards for DevOps teams.

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