Cloudflare and Meta Partner to Empower Global AI App Developers

The collaboration aims to make Llama 2, Meta’s open-source LLM, available through Cloudflare’s developer platform.

Published on Sep. 27, 2023
Cloudflare and Meta Partner to Empower Global AI App Developers
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Cloudflare and Meta have partnered up to make the Llama 2 open-source large language model, or LLM, available for global usage to developers building AI applications on Cloudflare’s developer platform, Workers. Metas public release of Llama 2 allows developers to run and deploy their own LLMs.

Cloudflare offers organizations a suite of cloud-native products and developer tools to help them gain the control they need to work, develop and accelerate their business. In its new partnership with Meta, Cloudflare hopes to ensure powerful AI is accessible to developers and their communities around the world.

More than one million developers building on Cloudflare already have access to Llama 2. Cloudflares hyper-distributed edge network allows developers to build applications anywhere and use Llama 2 to enrich their platforms. Additionally, Cloudflares data localization suite helps developers ensure data is handled according to their preferences.

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