14 Companies In Downtown San Jose To Know

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 18, 2024
14 Companies In Downtown San Jose To Know

From a day at the office to a night on the town, Downtown San Jose offers something for every occasion. San Jose is considered to be one of the largest tech centers in Silicon Valley, and newly built downtown office spaces are quickly filling up as more companies move their operations to the city. Google already released plans for a mile long transit village that would span downtown, and has been eyeing San Jose as the potential location for four Google tech hubs.

Besides being a major nucleus in the tech world, Downtown San Jose also boasts tons of delicious restaurants, a thrilling art scene, and a wealth of museums, including The Tech Interactive. There’s a reason why so many enterprises are fighting for a spot in this vibrant Bay Area city. Downtown San Jose is one of the most desirable locations in the country for businesses to get their start and put down roots, and these companies may have won the jackpot. 

Companies in Downtown San Jose

  • Ayehu Software Technologies
  • Cloudbees
  • FFW
  • Jade Global
  • Sage Intacct
  • Wrike
  • YuJa
Ayehu Software Technologies Companies Downtown San Jose
Ayehu Software Technologies

Founded: 2007

Focus: Automation

What they do: Ayehu Software Technologies is an IT automation platform that helps enterprises manage their infrastructure by simplifying their workflow and resolving security issues independently. Their ITOM software gives users the ability to respond to security incidents quicker and more effectively by automating repetitive tasks. 


Cloudbees Companies Downtown San Jose

Founded: 2010

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Cloudbees runs enterprise software that allows their clients to accelerate their software development and streamline their self-management. Their program allows users to store information on-premise or in the cloud, with the goal of speeding up the software delivery process. Based in San Jose, they have offices globally, including in Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia. 


Cloudgenix Companies Downtown San Jose

Founded: 2013

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Cloudgenix is a software-defined wide-area network company that creates networking products for enterprises and helps them transform and simplify legacy software programs. Their products assist businesses with productivity improvement through cloud integration, analytics assessment and app performance insight.


Cohesity Companies Downtown San Jose

Founded: 2013

Focus: Cloud Computing

What they do: Cohesity is a data storage platform that securely consolidates information on both private and public clouds. Serving mainly enterprises, Cohesity walks their clients through data backups, security and analytical services to store their global information in the cloud. Their cloud solutions help reduce data fragmentation and security issues by providing users with a simple interface for managing their data.


FFW Companies Downtown San Jose

Founded: 2015

Focus: Apps, Digital Media

What they do: FFW is a digital solutions agency focused on digital strategy and platform development for enterprises and other entities. The company provides strategy consulting to clients looking for help with their analytics infrastructure, web frameworks, cohesive design and support needs. They work with clients globally, and have collaborated with companies such as Lush Cosmetics, GE Energy Management and the National Audubon Society. 


Green Bits Companies Downtown San Jose
Green Bits

Founded: 2014

Focus: Cannabis

What they do: Green Bits is an SaaS company that helps enterprises in the cannabis industry manage their businesses and keep up-to-date with compliance requirements. They work with over one thousand cannabis retailers and dispensaries nationally, helping their partners grow their businesses by offering a point-of-sale software specialized for legal cannabis sales.  


Jade Global Companies Downtown San Jose
Jade Global

Founded: 2003

Focus: Cloud services 

What they do: Jade Global is a cloud services and consulting company that helps enterprises implement digital management services such as software product engineering and cloud data integration to accelerate their business goals. Jade Global has roots in San Jose, but has also spread its operations globally, and counts over 900 IT professionals among its workforce. 


Ponddy Education Companies Downtown San Jose
Ponddy Education

Founded: 2015

Focus: Edtech, Information Technology

What they do: Ponddy Education is an e-learning platform that combines AI with live teaching to create advanced language learning content and applications. Their products include smart textbooks, interactive online learning models, and allow students to connect with tutors through video chatting. They additionally provide AI-powered vocabulary and grammar tools for teachers to use in the classroom. 


Sage Intacct Companies Downtown San Jose
Sage Intacct

Founded: 1999

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Sage Intacct runs an accounting software that helps small to mid-sized businesses with cloud-budgeting and forecasting. Their budgeting software app provides users with a graphics view of cash balance and revenue flows, helping business owners predict next steps and plan future market strategies. They serve clients in industries branching from nonprofits and healthcare to hospitality and accounting firms. 


UserZoom Companies Downtown San Jose

Founded: 2007

Focus: SaaS

What they do: UserZoom is a user experience (UX) research platform that automates research processes to quickly deliver insights and results to their clients. Companies like Google, United Airlines and Sears utilize their software solutions to gain real-time insights into their product performance. UserZoom combines participant sourcing and software to get a clear picture of their products’ UX during testing and development stages. 


Wrike Companies Downtown San Jose

Founded: 2006

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Wrike works with startups and enterprises to maximize their workflow, hosting a collaborative work management platform that clients can use to take on tasks and projects in one centralized program. Wrike’s task management platform helps companies optimize workplace tools such as email and document management for collaboration and objective-reaching. The platform has been used in the workplaces of companies such as Airbnb, Esurance and Hootsuite. 


Xactly Corp Companies Downtown San Jose
Xactly Corp

Founded: 2005

Focus: SaaS

What they do: Xactly Corp is an online sales performance management system that organizes compensation solutions on a cloud-based platform for employees and business owners. The company’s platform allows sales employees to track when and why they are being compensated for their work, as well as incentivizing good performance. Among the products they offer are sales data flow integration, objective management tools, real-time insights and sales territory management. 


Xebrium Inc Companies Downtown San Jose
Xebrium Inc

Founded: 2013

Focus: Embedded Software

What they do: Xebrium Inc specializes in developing and optimizing embedded systems so that their clients can more effectively work on product engineering projects. They assist with the automation of product quality assessment and tracking, and offer guidance with web application development, embedded test automation framework, and “concept to product” design services. Xebrium Inc currently works with clients in the finance, telecommunication and healthcare industries.



Founded: 2013

Focus: Edtech, Video On Demand

What they do: Headquartered in Delaware with primary offices in downtown San Jose, YuJa develops cloud-based solutions for enterprises and organizations looking to utilize video to reach their objectives. Some of the products they offer include lecture capture, live streaming tech, video conferencing, digital asset management, video test proctoring and more. YuJa collaborates with clients across multiple industries, including Stanford University, the Alberta government and the Salvation Army. 


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