Cyara Acquires Spearline to Support Omnichannel CX Testing

Cyara will expand its customer experience assurance tools with Spearline’s WebRTC testing capabilities.

Written by Ashley Bowden
Published on Mar. 28, 2023
Cyara Acquires Spearline to Support Omnichannel CX Testing
Elizabeth Magill, VP of Marketing at Cyara, poses for a photo.
Elizabeth Magill, VP of Marketing at Cyara. | Image: Cyara / Built In

When consumers have an issue with a product order or questions about their account information, the swiftest avenue for assistance is typically through a company’s customer service pipeline. However, unintended roadblocks like long wait times for representatives or unhelpful responses from chatbots can hinder what businesses prefer to be a smooth journey for their customers.

Cyara exists to help companies optimize these customer experiences, or CX, through its automated, omnichannel testing solution. This week, the Redwood City-based company announced its acquisition of Spearline, an Irish company specializing in communication testing, to further its CX offerings.

Companies use Cyara’s solution to streamline the process of testing their contact centers and unified communications platforms. Rather than having personnel take the time to manually test these platforms and run the risk of human error, Cyara enables enterprises to monitor and test customer experiences via voice, digital, SMS, artificial intelligence chatbots and video platforms using automated bots on either end of these communications. 

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Based on a test script an enterprise creates for Cyara’s system, the platform can replicate the experience a customer would realistically have when contacting the company through its various CX applications.

For instance, a test script for a customer calling to check their account balance with a bank would detail each step of that journey, such as the customer keying in a number or speaking a brief prompt to an automated system on the other end of the call, Elizabeth Magill, Cyara’s VP of marketing, said. Cyara can automatically run this script and capture the details of how that company’s system responds. It’ll then flag any unexpected issues and alert the company to troubleshoot the problem.

“Because of the continuous automated nature of Cyara’s CX testing solution, contact centers are able to recognize any errors in their systems and operations before it causes issues for customers and/or agents. Then, contact centers can rectify those issues before they arise again in the future,” Magill told Built In via email.

Spearline provides companies with an in-country dialing solution that measures the audio quality and connectivity of calls in more than 80 countries. Its product Voice Assure lets companies replicate their customers’ experiences locally and analyze performance metrics. Spearline also offers Web Real-Time Communications, or WebRTC capabilities, which enables people to connect via web browsers and mobile apps through APIs.

By joining forces with Cyara, Spearline will help the company further its CX assurance offerings with its WebRTC testing solution. The added tech will enable Cyara to monitor and test browser-based communications via voice and video through platforms like NICE CXOne, RingCentral and Zoom.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not dislcosed.

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