Hiretual Raises $26M Oversubscribed Series B, Rebrands as HireEZ

In the last year alone, the Mountain View-based company has seen its revenue increase 2.5x.

Written by Jeremy Porr
Published on Feb. 02, 2022
Hiretual Raises $26M Oversubscribed Series B, Rebrands as HireEZ
In the last year alone, hireEZ has seen its revenue increase 2.5x.

It’s no secret that the pandemic has caused vast disruptions to the labor force. Employers across the U.S. are still having a tough time finding talent to fill open roles. Now, instead of waiting on job talent to come to them, most companies have had to shift to outbound recruiting strategies. To do so efficiently, they’ve had to lean on technology more than ever before. 

Because of this shift, recruiting platforms like hireEZ have experienced significant growth. In the last year alone, the Mountain View-based company has seen its revenue increase 2.5x. 

The recruiting platform formerly known as Hiretual announced Wednesday that it raised $26 million in fresh financing. The oversubscribed Series B round was led by Conductive Ventures. With the new investment, the company is set to rebrand as hireEZ, a name inspired by its mission to make recruiting easy. 

“The job market has almost suddenly shifted to one that is very candidate-driven, giving talent the opportunity to seek employers that truly match their value,” Steven Jiang, CEO at hireEZ, said in an email to Built In. “Employers that want to remain competitive now and in the future are responding by taking a more proactive approach to the way they source and engage with potential candidates, to provide them with a more meaningful experience.”

HireEZ, founded in 2015, aims to provide recruiters with better access to untapped talent pools. The AI-powered platform integrates with several legacy applicant tracking solutions in order to help organizations achieve their hiring goals at an accelerated pace.

HireEZ automatically matches candidates’ professional profiles with enterprises based on the specific skill, or skills, that a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for.

The company’s machine learning model is 100 percent skills-based in order to mitigate bias and avoid determining candidate viability based on their gender, race, age or education level. HireEZ users can also apply filters to search for talent from underrepresented groups in an effort to aid equitable recruiting practices.

“In these unprecedented times, recruiting has become an almost impossible task, and the ability for organizations to scale efficiently and effectively will make or break companies,” Jiang continued. “Recruiters and hiring managers can’t sit back and wait for people to apply. Shifting to outbound recruiting is the solution.” 

All told, hireEZ provides enterprises with access to more than 750 million candidate profiles from over 45 open web platforms, according to the company.

“I believe this change in hiring practices will find much more talent choosing employers for the right reasons, making way for stronger workforces in the future,” Jiang said. 

HireEZ plans to use the latest raise to further product innovation, expand its operations and scale its team globally. The recruiting platform is (ironically enough) now hiring for over 20 positions. Available roles span the company’s sales, engineering and customer success teams, to name a few. 

HireEZ has raised $45.5 million in venture capital financing to date, according to the company.

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