The 6 Marketing Agencies Propelling Businesses in San Jose

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Nov. 21, 2023
The 6 Marketing Agencies Propelling Businesses in San Jose

Simply put, businesses cannot succeed without customers and users backing what they produce, developing a sense of loyalty that keeps the brand's name in the front of their minds.

Becoming a recognized and trusted business doesn't happen over night, it takes the help of marketing agencies and professionals using their combined years of experience and unwavering creativity to find the perfect solutions. 

The following marketing agencies in San Jose know what it takes to expose a business to the right people at the right time, using the best mediums to reach audiences where it counts.

Marketing Agencies in San Jose

  • DealerCMO
  • Design in Mind
  • Liquid Agency
  • The Stephenz Group



Crawford Group marketing agencies San Jose
Crawford Group

Founded: 1997

Focus: Consulting

What they do: Crawford Group specializes in connecting its clients with the people who have the specific skills necessary to help businesses with critical marketing needs. Offering both consulting services and direct-hire assistance, Crawford Group has access to the most skilled community in San Jose working in event marketing, creative services, webinar management and several other specialties. 


DealerCMO marketing agencies San Jose

Founded: 2010

Focus: Automobile

What they do: DealerCMO’s goal is to revolutionize processes for automobile dealerships, using an eight-step workflow to identify how a dealership acquires leads and implementing new methods of increasing brand identity. The agency's eight-step process relies heavily on SEO and digital marketing practices to increase website conversions, providing thorough analytics and reports to track progress closely over time.


Design in Mind marketing agencies San Jose
Design in Mind

Founded: 2002

Focus: Branding

What they do: Specializing in branding and digital marketing endeavors, Design in Mind is the go-to agency for clients of all sizes looking for flexible solutions that can reach audiences over many regions and demographics. The agency produces logos, style guides, brand guidelines, social media, website design, UX/UI, event management services and more, with scalable solutions catered directly toward a client’s needs. 


Liquid Agency marketing agencies San Jose
Liquid Agency

Founded: 2000

Focus: Brand culture

What they do: Liquid Agency takes an unorthodox, but critical approach to strengthening a brand’s equity and identity, starting with those who know the brand best — its employees. The agency’s strategies are designed to move a brand forward by focusing on employee experience to ensure brand values are on display at every level, then carrying these values over to customer experience strategies and campaign design so the same successes can be felt by both consumers and staff. 


Pixelwebsource marketing agencies San Jose

Founded: 2015

Focus: Website Design & Development

What they do: Offering a single shop for web design and digital marketing, Pixelwebsource works with small to mid-sized businesses throughout a variety of industries in the San Jose area. Pixelwebsource’s services include custom or quick approaches to web design, mobile design, SEO, Google Adwords management, social media management and other digital marketing solutions, working closely with clients to ensure the agency leaves a deep impact.


The Stephenz Group marketing agencies San Jose
The Stephenz Group

Founded: 1981

Focus: Branding + Digital Marketing

What they do: Featuring an all-woman leadership team and over 20 years of experience working with businesses worldwide, The Stephenz Group has paved the way for creative and digital agencies in the San Jose area. Services from The Stephenz Group include brand strategy, positioning, logo and visual identity design, marketing plans, lead generation, website design, SEO/SEM, social media management and mobile apps.


Images via Shutterstock and social media. This article was originally published in 2020.

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