Built In SF’s Featured Companies of the Month

Carrot Fertility, Glu Mobile, Sentry and more make this month’s list of movers and shakers in SF tech.

Written by Colin Hanner
Published on Sep. 30, 2021
Built In SF’s Featured Companies of the Month
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San Francisco tech has a lot of momentum behind it. 

For instance, just last week, some of the city’s biggest companies — Discord, SpotOn, GrubMarket and Persona — raised more than $1 billion between the lot of them. And the numbers don’t stop there. 

Read on to see what exciting opportunities lie ahead at some of San Francisco’s fastest-growing and most exciting companies. Perhaps the best part? Between the 10 companies, they’re hiring for nearly 250 open positions.


software engineer working

What they do: EPAM Systems’ multifunctional global team of digital strategists, designers, architects and engineers has been providing software solutions and product development since 1993, with branches in more than 30 countries.

Always learning: “One of the great things about EPAM is not only internal courses and learning opportunities, but also the opportunity to go and get certifications in different platforms, whether that be platforms like AWS, GCP or Azure,” Solution Architect Kelly Brennan told Built In SF last year. “I think it shows that EPAM cares about the career progression of individuals as they go through the company.” 

Continued remote growth: Unsure what your future work environment looks like? EPAM has a good idea. “To allow for continued growth, we will be implementing a flexible working arrangement solution in our offices that involves a new workplace management and workspace ‘hoteling’ booking program,” Head of Global People Programs & North America HR Kate Pretkel told Built In SF late last year



What they do: Founded in 2018, kea’s SaaS voice product, Kea Voice, takes calls from customers on behalf of restaurants so that they can focus on taking care of other parts of the business. 

Opportunity for growth: “What drew me to the company in the beginning has either continued or grown to be even more compelling,” Engineer Wayne Hong told Built In SF earlier this year. “I value more and more the level of autonomy, the ownership, the impact, and the trust I have in my teammates that I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy at kea.”

Make an impact: The global quick service restaurant (QSR) market size is projected to reach $21 billion million by 2027 from $13 billion in 2020, according to Precision Reports. What’s the mean for existing and potential employees? “In terms of the potential to transform society for the better, I couldn’t ask for a more compelling opportunity,” Hong said. 



What they do: Broken line of code? Not anymore. Sentry’s platform helps every developer diagnose, fix and optimize the performance of their code, and supports native, mobile, web, IoT frameworks and more than 30 languages. 

More time off: As the pivot to remote work becomes more permanent, Sentry adapted by providing employees five additional company holidays. “We know that our employees have had to add a variety of responsibilities to their time, so we’ve been extra communicative with managers and employees about flexible work arrangements,” Head of Talent Jennifer Mitchell told Built In SF earlier this year. “We’re ready and willing to help people make juggling all of their life commitments possible.”

With flying colors: In February 2021, the company raised a $60 million Series D led by Accel, launching them into an exclusive club of Silicon Valley companies that have a valuation of $1 billion or more. 


endpoint clinical

What they do: Founded in 2009, endpoint Clinical helps professionals manage clinical trials via interactive response technology. Areas of focus include neurology, endocrinology and oncology, and their solutions are used in more than 75 countries. 

Practice what you preach: In line with the company’s commitment to help clinical trials find success, endpoint also helps its employees find success during the pandemic. “Our teams have worked hard to encourage mental health and wellness, as well as physical health and wellness, during quarantine,” an endpoint project manager told Built In SF

Actively recruiting: Looking for a role in engineering, sales, operations or project management? As of this writing, endpoint has more three or more open roles on each team


glu mobile

What they do: Have you ever played Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Diner DASH Adventures, or Design Home: House Renovation? You have Glu Mobile to thank. The mobile game creator has more than a dozen titles in its catalogue. 

Newly acquired: Electronic Arts completed an acquisition of Glu Mobile in April for more than $2 billion. “Together, we will accelerate a strategic mobile-first approach and drive innovation through creative leadership while delivering world-class interactive experiences to our players,” CEO Nick Earl said in a press release

Looking for talent: Are you a designer or engineer? Glu has more than 15 open roles between the two fields. 


health care

What they do: Founded in 2018, the healthcare technology company provides analytics to medical associations to manage real-world data across life sciences disciplines. 

Latest funding: In February 2020, Verana closed a $100 million Series D led by GV, with Bain Capital, Casdin Capital and Define Ventures participating. 

Calling data and dev pros: Verana has a dozen open roles across its data and analytics and developer and engineering teams. 



What they do: Carrot Fertility helps employers provide fertility-based benefits to their staffs. Its network of fertility providers and clinics house a range of services, and it also offers adoption services as a benefit. 

What a future employee looks like: “As we grow, we look for team members that have a mix of drive, empathy and passion for Carrot’s mission: to make fertility care and family forming accessible to everyone who wants or needs it,” VP of People Leslie Neitzel told Built In SF earlier this year. “We are also looking for people who are flexible, collaborative and embrace new opportunities as they arise.”

Getting a raise: In mid-August, Carrot raised $75 million in a Series C funding round led by Tiger Global Management, nearly a year to the day after it raised a $24 million Series B. 


woman coding

What they do: Webflow’s no-code website platform enables anyone to build professional websites and apps. 

Series B, FTW: In mid-January, Webflow announced it closed a $140 million Series B funding round. With the raise, the company is planning to hire new talent and increase its product development efforts, among other improvements.  

Hiring across the board: The company has more than 50 open roles available across the business, including 15 developer roles. 


group of colleagues at work on couch

What they do: Quantcast is an advertising technology company and the creator of an intelligent audience platform that empowers brands, agencies and publishers to grow their audiences online.

Lots (and lots) of data: In May, Principal Software Engineer Andrew Allen spoke with Built In SF in detail about Quantcast’s tech stack. “One thing that really shocks engineers that come from larger companies is the massive volume of data that we process and how little we spend (and correspondingly, how little hardware we use) to efficiently process it,” Allen said.  

On the hiring side: As of this writing, Quantcast has more than 35 open roles available, including five or more roles available on each of the data and analytics, developer and engineering, product, and sales teams. 


woman working

What they do: Want to manage, secure and gain insight into business content on any app or device, from anywhere? That is where Egnyte comes in. The company enables distributed teams to access business-critical data and provide secure access to any file at any time. 

Major backing: Investors include Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, Caufield & Byers, and Goldman Sachs.

Competitive perks: Egnyte is no slouch when it comes to benefits, offering discounted pet insurance, theme park tickets, travel, gym and cell phone reimbursement, flexible hours, stock options, and so much more. 


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