12 Software Companies in Sunnyvale You Should Know

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Jun. 18, 2024
12 Software Companies in Sunnyvale You Should Know

Technology exists to improve and change the way we do things, reinventing how we accomplish goals, overcome challenges and help our society become a better version of itself. Within the software industry, one of the most impactful industries in the world, those principles could not be more true. With the deployment of every great platform, new opportunities for innovation arise, providing teams the ability to transform processes and increase collaboration across the entire enterprise, from sales and marketing teams to content creators, engineers and more. 

The next great software breakthrough is just around the corner, and with the concentration of software giants in Silicon Valley, chances are high that it will emerge from a city like Sunnyvale. These software companies in Sunnyvale have already led many of the largest breakthroughs in software — find out what they’re up to now.

Notable Software Companies in Sunnyvale To Know

  • Clari
  • Gluster
  • Ivanti
  • JFrog
  • Mobileforce Software
  • NetApp
  • Proofpoint


Clari software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 2012

Focus: Operations

What they do: Clari offers a platform that hosts sales, marketing, customer success and operations capabilities that all teams can access through one intuitive dashboard. Advanced analytics, sales-ready AI, prioritized data security and real-time reporting allow teams to streamline processes and forecast more accurately, leading to increased productivity for companies across the board.


clover network sunnyvale
Clover Network

Founded: 2010

Focus: Payments

What they do: Clover Network provides storefronts and shop owners with an intuitive POS solution that is as powerful for customers as it is for employees. The system combines hardware and software capabilities to offer features like direct payments, online ordering, virtual terminals, employee tracking, outgoing payments and analytics reporting, helping businesses of all kinds keep up with customer demands while pushing forward.


Gluster software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 2005

Focus: Data

What they do: Gluster is a scalable data filesystem that pairs with cloud environments, offering its software through an entirely free model, built to be compatible with companies of any size. The open source system hosts lots of documentation on its website, as well as a blogging and communication platform, offered to encourage developers to utilize Gluster’s abilities and create the perfect, customized file system for their needs.


Ivanti software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 1985

Focus: IT

What they do: Ivanti’s platform works to improve communications between IT tools and teams by offering a platform that breaks IT inquiries into silos, allowing automated processes, shared data and visibility needs to operate efficiently. Unified endpoint, IT service and asset management, and IT security capabilities sit at the front of what Ivanti offers, each possessing a wide subset of tools to allow IT managers to solve challenges both efficiently and proactively.


JFrog software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 2008

Focus: Deployment

What they do: The JFrog platform gives teams an end-to-end pipeline to control the flow of binaries from the build stage to production, accelerating the release cycle and tracing artifacts all the way through production. Enterprises trust JFrog’s software distribution and security management for its scalability, continuity and integration protocol, as well as around-the-clock R&D-level support to ensure delivery hangups are kept to a minimum.


MobileforceSoftware software companies in Sunnyvale
Mobileforce Software

Founded: 2011

Focus: Sales

What they do: Mobileforce Software gives teams the ability to increase sales by opening up more time for sales reps to do what makes them great. The company’s SalesVelocity platform provides a user-friendly dashboard that can be used from any device. The software is complete with automated CRM adoption and real-time data analytics that map the most efficient processes for individuals and teams to undertake while planning their next steps.


NetApp software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 1992

Focus: Storage

What they do: NetApp is an industry leader in hybrid cloud solutions and data storage/protection software, ensuring companies of all sizes can modernize and simplify IT capabilities while receiving excellent cloud performance at scale. The NetApp cloud manager allows teams to deploy, manage and track data across multiple cloud environments while the MAX Data software goes beyond cache capabilities by providing next generation memory tiering and performance.


Proofpoint software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 2002

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: Proofpoint’s cybersecurity software provides security and compliance solutions to protect team members across every channel, including web browsers, email accounts, social media sites and cloud environments. The company’s products take a fully circular approach to ensure protection for users, critical data and entire ecosystems while supporting necessary processes for the federal government, higher education, financial services, healthcare and adjacent industries.


Trimble software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 1978

Focus: Positioning

What they do: Trimble creates products that are designed to connect the physical and digital worlds, affecting industries that vary as widely as agriculture and military defense. Trimble's primary focus is providing precise positioning capabilities through hardware and software that bring heightened visibility and significantly more data to important industries.


TURVO software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 2014

Focus: Logistics

What they do: With TURVO, entire teams have the opportunity to streamline access to data and files through a single connected, collaborative cloud platform. The software has become essential to shippers, brokers and carriers throughout the logistics industry. TURVO eliminates the need for spreadsheets and old software by offering real-time access to information and reducing daily shipping chain challenges. 


Vertical Systems Inc software companies in Sunnyvale
Vertical Systems Inc

Founded: 2001

Focus: Healthcare/hospitality

What they do: VSI provides enterprises in the hospitality and healthcare industries with an intuitive platform for measuring business analytics and creating more definable goals. The system offers autonomous capabilities and a ready-to-use platform, complete with customizable interfaces, secure access, and access to data experts and expert IT resources.


Xoriant software companies in Sunnyvale

Founded: 1990

Focus: IT

What they do: Xoriant works with companies of all sizes to provide creative innovative solutions for its clients' digital needs, leveraging its expertise in emerging technologies to cover product engineering, cloud and infrastructure, security, big data, and IoT needs. The firm works alongside clients to build scalable, next-generation solutions that can be developed over time to provide answers to current and future challenges.


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