16 Mountain View Tech Companies Building the Future

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 13, 2024
16 Mountain View Tech Companies Building the Future
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Mountain View may be named for its vistas of the spectacular Santa Cruz mountains, but it also has a view of something even more exciting: the future of tech. The cities that make up Silicon Valley contain a diverse and ever-changing tech market, and as the home of Google and Mozilla, Mountain View is no exception. With such rigorous competition, tech entrepreneurs must work double time to predict future markets and create solutions for the next generation of consumers. From redefining educational technology to building sustainable food networks, the minds of this tech generation are taking on the challenge. Check out these tech companies proving that when it comes to innovation, Mountain View is the place to be. 

Top Companies in Mountain View

  • Symantex
  • Egnyte
  • Tubular Labs
  • SentinelOne
  • Quotient Technology
  • BigPanda
  • Addepar


Founded: 2015

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: Brands in the fashion, home and beauty industries use Lily AI’s platform to bolster the online shopping experience. The technology recognizes product attributes and describes them in customer-centered language that can be used to enhance product recommendation systems, demand forecasting, content generation and other important business aspects that help drive sales.


Founded: 2009

Focus: Fintech, Software

What they do: People expect financial institutions to operate with speed and confidence, so Addepar delivers the tools needed to balance these demands. With market insights and third-party data located in one place, financial advisors can view the latest trends and provide sound guidance to their clients. Addepar also enables customers to manage their financial information with a digital portal and mobile apps. 


Founded: 2012

Focus: Information Technology, Software

What they do: BigPanda is an autonomous operations platform that assists businesses in finding solutions to IT incidents. Currently working with brands like TiVo, Intel and United Airlines, BigPanda relies on deep machine learning to anticipate and prevent IT outages. 


Founded: 2012

Focus: Enterprise Software

What they do: Tubular Labs provides video creators and brands with a platform to collect video analytics and performance data. By analyzing audience response and viewership statistics, Tubular Labs allows users to incorporate market insights and metrics into their video creation objectives. The company serves influencers, brands, broadcasters and others looking to make sponsored video content. 


Founded: 2016

Focus: Artificial Intelligence, Cloud

What they do: Moveworks is a customer service interface that relies on artificial intelligence and deep learning systems to resolve customer’s IT support issues. Utilizing NLU and collective learning techniques, Moveworks’ cloud based platform provides customer service solutions to Fortune 500 companies and startup enterprises nationally. Moveworks has collaborated with businesses such as Autodesk, Rambus and Broadcom, and is backed by Bain Capital Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners. 


Founded: 2011

Focus: Healthtech

What they do: Lark operates on the mission of utilizing artificial intelligence to improve health outcomes. By combining AI with a provider support team, Lark’s platform guides users in their personal health management. Their programs encapsulate diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypertension and general wellness, providing users with tools to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and heart rate. 


Founded: 2018

Focus: Food Tech, Green Tech, Consumer

What they do: Zume connects food production enterprises with a tech infrastructure to create a more sustainable food supply chain. Focused on energy efficiency and waste reduction, Zume works to streamline transportation logistics, reduce packaging waste and decrease reliance on chemically stabilized food products. The company also partners with aspiring restaurant owners, helping them get to market faster through the use of mobile kitchens. 


Founded: 2009

Focus: Automotive Tech

What they do: Waymo is the result of collaboration between wayfinding tech developers and the newly formed self-driving car industry. Their software factors in speed limits, lanes and surroundings to anticipate environmental changes and predict route maneuvers. Originating as a project of Google, Waymo became a stand alone company in 2016. 


Founded: 2012

Focus: Edtech, Enterprise

What they do: Coursera partners with schools like University of Michigan and Duke University to provide online educational materials and classes to its users, whether they are looking to get a diploma or to master new skills. The site’s platform extends higher education into the digital realm via discussion forums, on-demand video lectures and quizzes. Coursera offers a variety of programs that allow individuals to pursue accredited bachelor’s or master’s degrees. 


Founded: 1982

Focus: Information Technology, Cybersecurity

What they do: Symantec is a cybersecurity company that offers services to businesses, public sector customers, enterprises and individuals. Providing solutions to consumer security, enterprise security and information management, the company’s operations help users manage the security of their confidential cyber information. Their services include data loss prevention, authentication, encryption and mobile security. 


Founded: 1983

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Founded in Silicon Valley by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx, Intuit is the fintech company behind the programs QuickBooks, TurboTax and Mint. They provide business and financial solutions to individuals and businesses looking for online tax management. Intuit’s tax management and accounting programs serve users in Singapore, India, the U.K., the United States and Canada.


Founded: 2007

Focus: File Sharing, Collaboration

What they do: Egnyte is a cloud storage and file sharing program designed to allow customers to streamline collaboration and the efficiency of their operations. The company’s coworking tech solutions are designed to optimize workflow through immediate file syncing, offline sync capabilities and app integration. 


Founded: 2016

Focus: Artificial Intelligence, HR Tech

What they do: Headquartered in Mountain View with additional offices in Europe and India, Eightfold is a talent intelligence and aggregation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to compile an organized talent pool for recruiters. Their interface features deep learning capabilities that pull insights on individuals' career experiences and capabilities to match them with future employers. 


Founded: 2013

Focus: Cybersecurity

What they do: SentinelOne is a cybersecurity and antivirus program compliant with Windows, OS X, and Linux. Their program combines harm mitigation techniques with behavioral detection tech to target cybersecurity threats and malware. In 2019, the company was named the fastest growing company in Silicon Valley by Deloitte Technology Fast 500. 


Founded: 2013

Focus: Brand Marketing, Marketing Automation

What they do: CleverTap’s focus is on customer retention, and their mobile marketing platform combines real time consumer insights with engagement tools to help brands better understand their consumer base. CleverTap works with over eight thousand apps to develop omni-channel growth, and has provided marketing services to clients such as ESPN, Dominos and Fandango. 


Founded: 1998

Focus: Marketing

What they do: Affiliated with Coupons.com, Quotient Technology is a digital media platform that connects with brands and retailers to distribute digital coupons and online card linking offers. The company connects consumers with business owners by providing customer insight technology to inform campaign objectives and set up loyalty programs. Founded by Michele and Steve Boal, Quotient has offices spread throughout the United States, Europe and India. 

This article was originally published in 2019. Images via social media and Shutterstock

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