13 Oakland Tech Companies Transforming the Market

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 20, 2023
13 Oakland Tech Companies Transforming the Market
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Oakland is swiftly climbing the ranks as a leader in the tech world. Nestled into the thriving Bay Area, this city is making a name for itself as a tech hub alongside its neighbors San Francisco and Palo Alto, and with good reason. From photo editing and music streaming apps to augmented reality interfaces and sustainable energy solutions, Oakland is proving it has a wealth of amazing tech to offer. Check out these 13 tech startups that are transforming Oakland into a major player in the West Coast tech scene. 

Top Tech Companies & Startups In Oakland

  • Pandora
  • Renew Financial
  • Everlaw
  • Mosaic
  • Productboard
  • Marqeta


Founded: 2011

Focus: Digital media

What they do: Digital media company VSCO’s app offers a suite of editing tools with a specific aesthetic for photo and video content, and a social network to share content. The company was founded in Oakland and maintains a huge headquarters office space in its hometown.


Fivetran Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2012

Focus: Data Analysis

What they do: Fivetran provides online data analysis and integration services for data analysts. Their software enables cloud-to-cloud replication and real time data monitoring. Headquartered in Oakland, this company has locations across the globe in Colorado, Ireland and India. 


Productboard Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2014

Focus: Analytics, Product Design

What they do: Productboard is a cloud-based product management system that integrates customer feedback and inquiries directly with a company’s product development. This interface allows users to rank and organize feature ideas based on company objectives and customer insights. Productboard collaborates with companies such as Microsoft and Zendesk to connect customer feedback directly to the product development process. 


Mosaic Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2011

Focus: Green Tech, Fintech

What they do: Mosaic provides financing solutions for homeowners or contractors looking to convert to solar energy. The company’s mobile point-of-sale app facilitates loan negotiation for solar home improvements and green energy integration. 


Cognizant Softvision Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco
cognizant Softvision

Founded: 1994

Focus: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

What they do: Cognizant Softvision provides digital product and software engineering services to Fortune 500 companies. Founded in Oakland by Andres Angelani and Laurentiu Russo, Softvision was acquired by Cognizant in 2018 and develops digital engineering designs in studios throughout 11 countries. 


Comfy Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco


Founded: 2013

Focus: Business Intelligence

What they do: Comfy is a workplace app that helps workers make adjustments to and provide feedback on their workspaces. The interface allows employees to book meetings, adjust temperature and navigate their workspace through on-demand controls and smart automation.  


Everlaw Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2010

Focus: Legal Tech, Data Security

What they do: Everlaw is a document reading and organization platform that seeks to streamline the exchange and usage of legal documents. Working primarily with law firms and government entities, the company provides a secure, cloud-based e-discovery system to make litigation more efficient. 


LISNR Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2012

Focus: Data Transmission, Fintech

What they do: LISNR is an ultrasonic proximity platform, enabling data transmission and communication between devices via ultrasonic audio. Companies including Jaguar Land Rover, Ticketmaster, and Visa currently utilize LISNR’s interface to enhance their customer service experiences. 


Pandora Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2000

Focus: Music Streaming

What they do: Pandora is an internet radio and music streaming platform that allows listeners to create stations personalized and curated for their interests. The site offers both a premium subscription, a free ad-sponsored service and analytic tools and data for musicians.


Rockbot Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2010

Focus: Music Streaming

What they do: Rockbot is a music streaming service geared toward enhancing in-store customer experiences, allowing companies to set background music during business hours and to curate their own playlists. In 2011, Rockbot was voted best music tech company at SXSW. The company currently partners with brands such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Panera Bread and JetBlue, among others. 


Renew Financial Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco
Renew FInancial

Founded: 2008

Focus: Fintech, Renewable Energy

What they do: Renew Financial offers financing options for green energy contractors to promote energy efficiency. This company was the mind behind PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy) financing, and their services have helped homeowners in California and beyond integrate clean energy into their lives. 


Vivun Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2018

Focus: B2B, Enterprise Software

What they do: Vivun is a startup focused on providing software to keep track of pre-sales and the B2B market. Through the pre-sales tracking app Hero, enterprises can forecast risk, connect CRM and PLM data, and organize priorities based on customer needs. 


Marqeta Tech Companies Oakland San Francisco

Founded: 2010

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Marqeta is a financial processing system and card issuing platform that integrates Visa, Mastercard and Discover to conduct transactions and receive payments. By running on an open API platform, Marqeta allows users to streamline their payment programs with business analytics and insight into customer spending trends. 


Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story. Images via Shutterstock and social media. This article was originally published in 2019.

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