14 Tech Companies in Sunnyvale to Know

These are the tech companies you should be paying attention to in Sunnyvale, California.

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Jan. 17, 2024
14 Tech Companies in Sunnyvale to Know
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Located just down the road from San Francisco's colossal tech scene, Sunnyvale is home to its own community of innovative companies operating within tech-enabled industries like cybersecurity, surgery, software, logistics and more. While some of these companies have considered Sunnyvale home for decades, most have taken up occupancy only recently. These companies rely on each others' advancements to aid in the creation of new solutions — meaning the work done in the city of under 200,000 people reaches around the globe several times over.

See how these tech companies in Sunnyvale, California are influencing tech developments with every new achievement.

Tech Companies in Sunnyvale You Should Know

  • Armorblox
  • Fortinet
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Juniper Networks
  • NetApp
  • Sensel
  • Trimble


Founded and headquartered in Sunnyvale, Clari makes revenue operations software, including a platform intended to fine tune revenue tracking and forecasting. Its platform is designed to work on revenue-specific processes that aren’t handled well by CRM software. Through a data capture, organization, storage and usage workflow, the platform promises to decrease revenue leak and earn its cost back many times over.  


Working with over 4,000 companies worldwide, Druva offers data protection and management for the cloud era. Provided as-a-service and built on AWS, the Druva Cloud Platform is a SaaS data protection solution that protects and manages enterprise backup data across data center, cloud and endpoint workloads. The company’s solutions leave behind the cost and complexity of onsite hardware, software and infrastructure, while accelerating backup performance, offering unlimited, on-demand scalability and providing a unified view of your backup data. Druva’s cloud architecture makes backup data more open and accessible so clients can streamline governance, improve cyber resiliency and gain critical insights.


Clover Network offers a wide selection of hardware and software solutions that provide storefronts with a more intuitive POS solution that solves day-to-day challenges. Featuring capabilities like a virtual terminal, online ordering, payments, employee tracking, analytics reporting and more, Clover Network provides the flexibility to fit seamlessly within businesses ranging from restaurants to e-commerce stores.


Armorblox uses a natural language engine to gather insights and predict what information should be considered catastrophic to its clients if compromised, and in the event of a breach, sends alerts to relevant users so security teams can act swiftly. Armorblox’s solutions also integrate with enterprise apps and existing frameworks to block access to any sensitive content.


Cequence Security’s products are designed to protect web, mobile and API-based apps from the threat of automated bot attacks and attempts to exploit vulnerabilities, both known and unknown. The full Cequence Application Security Platform can be housed in data centers, cloud environments and hybrid environments, using AI to recognize threats quickly and prevent data scraping and account takeovers. 


Fortinet offers an array of products that provide cybersecurity solutions to enterprise, mid-sized and small businesses alike, specializing in application, network, cloud and end-to-end security. The Fortinet Security Fabric framework integrates seamlessly to an organization’s existing security infrastructure, delivering a full suite of protection complete with automation.


With solutions to many of the biggest IT challenges around the globe, Fujitsu’s products and services cover a spectrum of cases that allow businesses to operate efficiently and with innovation. Fujitsu offers its network, storage, cloud, security, integration and device capabilities to transform the ways that digital technology pushes companies forward, with those values carrying over to several specialized subsidiaries of the company.


Intuitive Surgical invents solutions that advance precision and capabilities when performing cutting-edge surgeries. The company’s da Vinci system was amongst the first robotically assisted, minimally invasive surgical systems cleared by the FDA, leading to Intuitive’s technology being installed for use in more than 65 countries.


Juniper Networks provides both physical and digital products that help companies meet and advance their networking, security and infrastructural goals. From setting up multi-cloud environments and adding automation solutions to installing routers and switches, Juniper Networks offers end-to-end solutions that cover the biggest IT needs.


NetApp is an industry leader when it comes to creating comprehensive edge, core and cloud environments that help companies deliver projects and build enterprise apps. The company specializes in providing businesses with an on-premises public cloud to allow efficient development of new applications and the ability to scale for the future.


Quanergy Systems manufactures LiDAR sensor systems that provide companies in the transportation, security, mapping and industrial automation industries with enhanced safety efficiency and performance capabilities. The Qortex system is Quanergy’s core perception software platform and serves as the framework for the company’s LiDAR sensors, and custom solutions are available to cater toward individual needs.


Sensel’s products are the result of the company’s innovative approach to creating and applying touch technology. The Sensor Pressure Grid features a high resolution sensor array that is designed to pioneer both positional and force-sensitive precision, allowing mobile phones, trackpads, musical devices, virtual keyboards and automotive displays to operate in any environment.


Trimble develops and manufactures positioning, communication and software technology through the use of satellites, impacting industries like agriculture, construction, energy and more. A dense offering of products are available to add custom solutions based on company needs, bringing precision to many of the largest infrastructural developments worldwide.


TURVO offers a collaborative cloud environment that allows all parties throughout the supply chain to access necessary documents in real time, creating a thorough communication network and quick solutions to any roadblocks. One dashboard makes communication between those inside and outside of an organization easier, receiving messages in real time and creating an end-to-end IoT platform dubbed the “Internet of Shipping.”

This article was originally published in 2019. Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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