Zepp US Inc.

Zepp US Inc.

35 Total Employees
Year Founded: 2010

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Wearable Sports Technology Zepp is made for athletes, by athletes. A passion for sports is at the heart of our company. We began our journey with a simple quest: to bring meaningful data to sports. Our goal is to take the guesswork out of training by providing instant, unbiased data allowing you to make the necessary adjustments to improve faster than ever. We believe that the future of sport is driven by software that offers premium user experiences with actionable data. The Zepp multi-sport sensor and training platform is built to provide real-time analytics for baseball-softball, golf, and tennis. Regardless of experience level, individuals receive the same expert data to make instant improvements on their game. Integrated technology is the brand’s vision for the next generation of sporting equipment with the Smart Bat as the first Powered by Zepp product to be introduced. This is only just the beginning for Zepp. We will work tirelessly to improve our algorithms, and our users’ overall experience. You can expect even more actionable data, training plans, and other high-level content to help you reach your potential.