16 Tech Companies With Roots in Santa Clara

Written by Sunny Betz
June 27, 2023Updated: June 27, 2023
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The tech prosperity of San Francisco is infectious, and cities in the Bay Area are beginning to catch on. In recent years, the conveniently located city of Santa Clara has been seeing a boom of tech development and business opportunity. Between its enviable economic growth, prime central location and the cultural revitalization of its downtown, Santa Clara is a thrilling home base for startups of all stripes. From social media apps to space travel endeavors, take a look at the tech companies putting down roots in Santa Clara. 

Tech Companies in Santa Clara You Should Know

  • Expertus
  • Upwork
  • Clumio
  • Avaya
  • Agora.io
  • DoiT International
  • Chegg


ServiceNow Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Founded by Fred Luddy with the goal of modernizing the workplace in the digital era, ServiceNow provides cloud-based service management solutions for businesses looking to move away from manual workflow methods. They create productivity solutions so that enterprises can build their own workflow apps and respond to real-time analytics. 


upwork santa clara tech companies

The product of a merge between Elance and oDesk, Upwork is a freelancing website and talent aggregator. Companies like Airbnb, Microsoft and Netflix utilize Upwork’s talent pool to connect with independent professionals to achieve both short and long-term project goals. In addition to shortlist management and instant candidate matching, Upwork also allows for employers to track project objectives and achievements.   


eightfold ai
Eightfold AI

Eightfold AI bills itself as an AI-powered talent intelligence platform. In practice, that means companies rely on its deep learning capabilities to quickly find high-quality candidates that match what they’re looking for. Eightfold AI is used for more than just talent acquisition — the platform develops personalized development paths for existing employees, and is able to identify internal candidates that would be a fit for newly opened positions.


clumio software companies san francisco

Clumio is a data backup and recovery service software for private, public and SaaS enterprise servers. Clumio’s Backup-as-a-Service manages all data in a single platform, no matter if it’s in a cloud, database or hypervisor. The company’s platform features real-time dashboards, automatic resource scaling and end-to-end encryption that helps store and secure data on just about any platform.



Agora.io Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Agora.io is a communications platform provider that offers mobile optimized communications services to businesses and organizations. From voice calling to live video streaming, Agora.io provides various communications options to companies in various industries including gaming, education, medicine and customer service. 


WhatsApp Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

WhatsApp is a mobile communication app that allows users to send messages for free without paying for SMS service. Developed with end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp provides service options both for individuals and businesses, allowing for file sharing and voice calls. WhatsApp merged with Facebook in 2014 and now provides its services to users in over 180 countries. 


Expertus Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Expertus is a specialized learning management system designed to help brands digitize their education and training programs. The company’s platform features offline syncing and actionable analytics reporting to support productivity improvement. Businesses can use the platform to host virtual meetings, conduct surveys and disseminate information to enhance the productivity and performance of their teams. 


Momentus Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Momentus provides a rocket transportation service for space satellites, shuttling them from common orbit locations to more specific custom orbit destinations. The company utilizes water plasma propulsion to provide an affordable alternative to traditional satellite transportation, and aims to expand to future projects such as in-space manufacturing and space tourism.


Avaya Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Avaya provides cloud, productivity, and communications solutions to businesses looking to develop their digital presence and services. In addition to consulting services, Avaya also offers office phone systems, digital meeting spaces and other IT services. The company currently partners with businesses in over 175 countries. 


AMD Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) creates designs, processors and graphics for semiconductor technology. The company’s focuses include gaming, business, server and security technologies. Founded in 1969 by Jerry Sanders, AMD is one of the longer continuously operating companies in Silicon Valley. 


Marvell Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Marvell is a digital storage and semiconductor company that provides network and storage solutions to various enterprises. Marvell develops storage and information solutions that serve the automotive, cloud, industrial and consumer sectors. Their products include server processors, security solutions, ethernet adaptors, custom ASIC and embedded processors. Currently, their research and development centers are spread across the United States, China, Germany and India.


Soundhound Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

SoundHound is an independent voice-enabled AI platform that allows businesses to incorporate speech recognition and voice technology into their brand. Collaborating with companies like Pandora and Mercedes Benz, SoundHound’s business tools allow customers to utilize voice control to interact with their products. SoundHound also runs an app that lets users identify and play music through similar voice controls. 


DoiT International Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco
DoiT International

DoiT International is a tech consulting company that helps business owners customize and optimize their cloud computing capabilities. Their customer service team assists users in understanding how to reduce their cloud usage costs and anticipate future cloud migration processes. They also provide a Machine Learning for Minimum Viable Model (MVM) so users can familiarize themselves with a machine learning model that they can then customize for their needs. 


Infoblox Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Infoblox develops and manages network identity appliances, giving businesses the opportunity to securely manage network identity protocols. Their platform envisions a more customizable and scalable way to build sites and manage identity data. Infoblox allows users to customize and work with DNS, DHCP, RADIUS and LDAP protocols. 


Avi Networks Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco
Avi Networks

Avi Networks is a cloud application service that powers application delivery and analytics across data centers. The company’s secure interface can be used by companies to maintain consistency across multiple clouds from a single management point. The interface Avi Networks deploys allows users to access application rollouts and read analytics at a low cost.  


Chegg Tech Companies Santa Clara San Francisco

Designed to help community colleges provide more services to their students, Chegg’s educational technology platform allows its users to get more out of their educational experience. Founded by two Iowa State students, the company’s platform features options to create flashcards, upload photos of problems to get help from tutors, find internships and rent textbooks. 


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