16 San Jose Creative Branding Agencies Helping Businesses Find Their Artistic Voices

February 28, 2020

It was Albert Einstein who once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” For a genius like Einstein to recognize the importance of imagination is a powerful thing. Creativity molds our daily lives in a myriad of ways, from television ads to blockbuster films. It’s how people tell their stories, and it’s not something that can be done with a single phrase or one eye-catching image. Branding one’s life, or one’s business, is no simple feat, and yet there are professionals whose lives are dedicated to building brands and revitalizing old ones through the marriage of art and technology. 

In addition to its tech residents, San Jose hosts a growing artistic community, brimming with award-winning museums and cultural festivals. Thus, it’s no surprise that this South Bay City houses countless creative branding agencies dedicated to the timeless art of storytelling. These agencies help businesses of all sizes find their artistic voices, whether it be through a social media campaign or a short film. Combining technological expertise with artistic innovation, these 16  San Jose creative branding agencies in are helping companies unearth their true identities and share them with the world. 

Creative Branding Agencies in San Jose To Know

  • BrandVia
  • Baunfire
  • Decca Design
  • Design In Mind
  • HiveMind Studios
  • IOXD
  • JoonJuly
  • Liquid Agency
BrandVia San Jose creative branding agencies

Founded: 2003

Focus: Finances, E-commerce, Cloud Services, Enterprise Cloud, Social Media, Aviation

What they do: BrandVia is a full-service promotional marketing agency that specializes in the procurement of promotional merchandise, consumer premiums, sales incentives and other marketing solutions. The company provides a wide range of branding services that encompass corporate merchandise, gift experiences, product innovation and mobile engagement. BrandVia’s network of supplier partners provides clients with reduced time to market, increased order accuracy, lower rates of defect and better pricing. 

Who they work with: eBay, PayPal, NetApp, StubHub, Oracle, Box, Cathay Pacific and Equinix


Baunfire San Jose creative branding agencies

Founded: 2001

Focus: Software, Cleantech, Telecommunications, IT, Smart Hardware, Networking Solutions, Hospitality Tech

What they do: Baunfire is a digital design agency that partners with global brands and forward-thinking startups to design and develop elevated platforms on the web. The company is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of digital design and development, combining relevant trends and best practices to build platforms with longevity. Baunfire’s services include UI / UX design, insights and analytics, competitive analysis, responsive web design, content management, corporate identity, motion graphics and SEO.

Who they work with: Benchling, d.light, goTenna, Rancher Labs, Arlo, Blume Global, NETGEAR and OpenCity.


Decca Design San Jose creative branding agencies
Decca Design

Founded: 1991

Focus: Networking Services, Semiconductors, Network Security, Hardware, Venture Capital

What they do: Decca Design is a full-service B2B creative agency that specializes in creating branding and content for promising startups and market leaders. Specializing in strategic planning, concept development, and graphic design, the company offers a wide range of services including branding and corporate identity, copywriting, event marketing and management, social media consulting, and implementation. With an extensive network of established partners and vendors, Decca Design’s team boasts intricate knowledge of how to develop impactful, effective creative both on time and on a budget.

Who they work with: Cisco, Intel Corporation, NetApp, McAfee, NVIDIA, HLM Venture Partners, Forescout and Meru. 


Design In Mind San Jose creative branding agencies
Design In Mind

Founded: 2002

Focus: Networking Services, Robotic Automation Software, Enterprise Cloud, Finances, Government, File Sharing Services

What they do: Design In Mind is a creative agency that specializes in branding and advertising, working with both big and small companies. The company’s branding services are intended to create and refresh brands, which includes logo design, brand guidelines, visual style guides, iconography, company templates and image libraries. Their other services include print collateral, infographics, web design, content management, responsive UI, event branding, environment design and project management.

Who they work with: LinkedIn, Automation Anywhere, Salesforce, Hercules Capital, City of San Jose and Dropbox


HiveMinds Studios San Jose creative branding agencies
HiveMind Studios

Founded: 1986

Focus: Network Security, Software, Banking, IT, Biotech

What they do: HiveMind Studios is a creative branding agency that works specifically with startups and companies involved with tech and consumer electronics. The company offers a variety of branding services such as customer and influencer insights, brand positioning, corporate narrative and messaging, buyer personas, brand consulting and management, website rebranding, and corporate visioning. HiveMind Studios also specializes in organic SEO, social media, paid digital ads, email and lead nurturing, and more.

Who they work with: Webroot, Symantec, Patelco Credit Union, HP, Finesse, Sciex and Molecular Devices. 


IOXD San Jose creative branding agencies

Founded: 2014

Focus: Education Services, E-commerce, Healthtech, Data Analytics, Enterprise Cloud, IT

What they do: IOXD creates products, services and experiences for clients from a wide range of industries. The company assists businesses with a variety of branding and marketing services including print, video and social media campaigns. IOXD’s other services include user research, wireframing, real-user testing, native app development, hybrid development solutions, HTML5 web-based development, and product and packaging design.

Who they work with: Education.com, Amazon, WISE OR, Eltropy, RetailNext, Zetta and ViewSonic.


JoonJuly San Jose creative branding agencies

Founded: 2012

Focus: Software, Subscription Services, Gaming

What they do: JoonJuly is a marketing and communication services agency that specializes in the area of crowdfunding. The company’s brand development services encompass brand analysis, product naming testing, brand identity improvement and saleable story formation. JoonJuly also specializes in creative direction, visual design, critical points detection, attractive graphical design creation, social media and digital marketing, media outreach campaigns, and more.

Who they work with: Looksery, MEL Science, FlipFlic, Universum War Front, SKYJACKER and ATOM RPG. 


Liquid Agency San Jose creative branding agencies
Liquid Agency

Founded: 2000

Focus: Health Products, Retail, IT, Networking Services, Finances

What they do: Liquid Agency is committed to creating experiences for brands and their customers and employees, ensuring they are aligned with each client’s true meaning and purpose. Their brand experience strategies include brand architecture, customer tribe design, brand messaging, naming and nomenclature, and brand activation planning. Spanning customer and employee experience, the company’s other services encompass persona design, culture activation planning, brand identity, web and mobile design, integrated campaigns and concept testing.

Who they work with: The Vitamin Shoppe, Walmart, LexisNexis, Speck, Aruba Networks and Yodlee


Nika Digital Agency San Jose creative branding agencies
Nika Digital Agency

Founded: 2010

Focus: Fabrication Services, IoT, Nonprofits, Innovation Hubs, Mechanical Contractors, Consultancies

What they do: Nika Digital Agency is a branding, digital and marketing organization that partners with companies to maximize the digital landscape and effectively engage their audiences. Their aim is to create and build good brands through innovative and engaging user experiences, designing meaningful conversations between brands and audiences. Boasting Silicon Valley technology and in-house designers, the company’s services include website and mobile app development, UI / UX design, brand identity, virtual reality, product and packaging, brand positioning, strategic messaging, and more.

Who they work with: The Northern California Innocence Project, C&H Enterprises, Electric Imp and Protiviti. 


Pop Theory San Jose creative branding agencies
Pop Theory

Founded: 1989

Focus: Enterprise Cloud, Growth Platforms, Finances, Video Messaging, Digital Media, Hybrid Cloud, Automotive, Retail

What they do: Pop Theory is a full-service agency that helps B2B and B2C companies build brands, develop content and convert leads to revenue. The company is dedicated to developing target integrated marketing programs with a cultural twist through the use of strategic insights and big data. Their branding and strategy services are designed to build brands and customer relationships that span the social, digital, commerce and ever-changing digital landscape. Pop Theory also specializes in content and creativity, film production and demand generation, and data science.

Who they work with: Salesforce, HubSpot, Charles Schwab, Skype, Adobe, Toyota and Levi Strauss Co


PureMatter San Jose creative branding agencies

Founded: 2002

Focus: Food + Beverage, Events + Programs, Software

What they do: PureMatter is an agency that humanizes influencer, social and digital marketing. The company is committed to helping clients own the conversation, convert leads and create experiences that move their businesses forward. In an effort to drive leads and build marketing programs, the company offers a variety of core services, which encompass marketing campaign strategy and planning, content marketing planning, event marketing planning, influencer marketing programs, outsourced CMOs, and social media marketing.

Who they work with: IBM Cloud, eCollective, International Culinary Center, The Tech Awards and Pitney Bowes. 


Solid Branding San Jose creative branding agencies
Solid Branding

Founded: 2016

Focus: Network Security, Finances, Real Estate, Consumer Web, Software, Retail

What they do: Solid Branding is a next-generation branding agency that helps companies launch new brands, build or revitalize existing brands and manage transitions due to mergers, acquisitions and divestitures. Boasting a global client base, the company offers a wide range of strategy and brand design work including brand architecture, brand platform, logos, product design, digital strategy, UX design and social media. Solid Branding is driven by its aim to help clients build differentiated, sustainable and relevant brands by creating vibrant experiences that span every physical and digital brand touchpoint.

Who they work with: McAfee, Nectar Financial, Cushman & Wakefield, Google, VMWare, Microsoft and Maurice Outdoors. 


The Stephenz Group San Jose creative branding agencies
The Stephenz Group

Founded: 1981

Focus: Electronic Manufacturing, Robotics, IoT, Biotech, IT, Wireless Networking, Consumer Electronics, Network Security

What they do: The Stephenz Group is a brand and digital agency dedicated to delivering meaningful experiences that connect clients and their customers. Their branding and strategy services include value proposition, positioning, naming, messaging and logo, and visual design. The Stephenz Group’s other services encompass marketing plans, sales materials, CRM integrations, lead generation, social media, microsites and SEO / SEM.

Who they work with: Anritsu, Epson, Enlighted, Gilead Sciences, Polycom, Qualcomm, Samsung and FireEye. 


The Parker-Lambert Agency San Jose creative branding agencies
The Parker-Lambert Agency

Founded: 2016

Focus: Media, Medical Services, Audio Technology, E-commerce, Hardware

What they do: The Parker-Lambert Agency offers creative services for digital marketing and branding. Working with consumer-facing brands worldwide, the company offers a variety of services including online merchandising, SEO and SEM, visual and web design, photography, and 360 degree interactive videos. The agency also provides video production services, which encompasses live action, animation and motion graphics.

Who they work with: U-Turn Audio, Talix, Adaptive Sound Technologies, Oral I.V., Canaan and Cooler Master. 


Visual Matter San Jose creative branding agencies
Visual Matter

Founded: 1997

Focus: Tech, Electronics, Automotive, Telecommunications, Media + Entertainment, Aviation, IT, Insurance, E-commerce

What they do: Boasting clients from across the country, Visual Matter is a marketing and creative agency committed to building clients’ brands through marketing and educated consumers. In addition to helping businesses with brand management, recognition and strategy, the company offers services like inbound marketing, content development, web development, social media maintenance and email campaigns. The company’s aim is to increase brand awareness and income for their clients through web, mobile and video solutions.

Who they work with: Apple, Honda, AT&T, Frontier Airlines, Wells Fargo and SiriusXM. 


V9Marketing San Jose creative branding agencies

Founded: 2010

Focus: Finances, Insurance, Education, Beauty Services

What they do: V9Marketing specializes in providing creative branding services to small businesses. Their brand identity services include custom design and print, research, strategy, logos, UI / UX design, and print work like flyers and postcards. V9Marketing also provides digital marketing and advertising services such as web development, email marketing, internet advertising, media planning and buying, local ethnic media, large format printing, and promotional products and videos.

Who they work with: Bank of America, Farmers Insurance, Coldwell Banker, Evergreen Valley College and Blossom Nail Spa.


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