14 East Bay Tech Companies to Know

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Jun. 20, 2023
14 East Bay Tech Companies to Know
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The phrase “Silicon Valley” certainly rolls off the tongue, but sometimes this catch-all term doesn’t quite do the region, and all it’s diversity, much justice. The San Francisco Bay Area isn’t easily categorized in such succinct terms — there are dozens of cities within its borders, each one with its own unique atmosphere, history and vision for the future. For example, a drive down San Francisco’s East Bay takes one on a trip through the region’s lineage, from the bohemian city of Berkeley all the way to the futuristic tech metropolis of San Jose. Likewise, just as these cities boast their own singular characters, so do the tech companies that call them home.

In the East Bay, it’s not rare to see greentech companies working side by side with social media companies, where fintech leaders meet up with music app developers to exchange ideas over coffee. Each city in the Silicon Valley might have its own individual energy, but these East Bay tech companies know that blending those singular visions with the spirit of collaboration is the key to success.

East Bay Tech Companies To Know

  • Everlaw
  • Pony.ai
  • TriNet
  • thredUP
  • Pandora
  • Lucid Motors
  • Marqeta


Founded: 2011

Location: Oakland

Focus: Digital media

What they do: Photo and video editing app VSCO’s high-end editing features give creators a space to play with mood and image. For the user, the app is positioned between a generative tool and a social media network, with the VSCO platform facilitating a virtual community of visual content creators.


Everlaw East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 2010

Location: Oakland

Focus: Legal Tech

What they do: Everlaw leverages cloud-based technology to help law firms organize and analyze their documents and data. Firms that use Everlaw can connect their teams to collective datasets, making it easier to predict risks in litigation and make real-time adjustments to strategies. Their document storage platform aims to match the security and efficiency of outsourced service providers at a more affordable price.


Pony.ai East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 2016

Location: Fremont

Focus: Automotive & AI

What they do: Pony.ai builds deep learning and AI technology for use by automotive companies across the United States and China. Their robotics technology is capable of detecting and predicting risks, with sensors that can interpret surroundings and maneuver through landscapes autonomously.


TriNet East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 1988

Location: San Leandro

Focus: Human Resources

What they do: Human resources is an essential facet of business that is often overlooked when it comes to rolling out new technology, but TriNet seeks to help companies resolve their HR issues with the help of software and risk assessment tech. Based in Silicon Valley, TriNet partners with companies of all backgrounds, both large and small, to help deploy HR innovation across the globe.


ThredUP East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 2009

Location: Oakland

Focus: E-commerce

What they do: ThredUP is an e-commerce platform designed for vintage fashion resellers, hosting shops and brands from around the world. The platform allows sellers to earn cash upfront for their consigned clothes, while shoppers can save money by spending on more affordable thrifted items. 


TA Digital East Bay Tech Companies
TA Digital

Founded: 2000

Location: Newark

Focus: Software

What they do: TA Digital specializes in linking companies with efficient digital and AI solutions that meet their marketing strategy objectives. From developing e-commerce functionality to improving customer experiences, the agency offers a suite of IT services that includes market analytics, UX design, digital strategizing, and web design.


Pandora East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 2000

Location: Oakland

Focus: Music

What they do: Pandora allows listeners to curate their own personalized radio stations, offering streaming subscriptions and discovery tools to connect users to new music. The application also offers opportunities for artists to monetize their streaming, giving them the tools to read data about their listeners and run marketing campaigns. 


Lucid Motors East Bay Tech Companies
lucid motors

Founded: 2007

Location: Fremont

Focus: Automotive

What they do: At the forefront of the autonomous vehicle industry, Lucid Motors builds cars that are integrated with the latest AI and risk assessment technology. Their focus is on building energy efficient cars that are, in experience and feel, on par with luxury class vehicles, equipped with powertrain technology and spacious interiors. Users who drive Lucid Motors' vehicles can also use the company's mobile app to control temperature, stream media and make other comfort adjustments.


Marqeta East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 2010

Location: Oakland

Focus: Fintech

What they do: Marqeta helps process payments and transactions through an open API platform, compatible with Visa, Mastercard and Discover. Their point-of-sale system allows users access to insights and trends in order to keep track of how and when customers are making purchases, and businesses can additionally enable their rewards system to give points and gifts to regular shoppers. 


Renew Financial East Bay Tech Companies
renew financial

Founded: 2008

Location: Oakland

Focus: Green Tech

What they do: Sustainable energy alternatives are in high demand right now, but contractors can find that the financial barriers to building their businesses might be difficult to overcome. Renew Financial partners with renewable energy contractors to provide financing options that allow them to be more self sustaining. Their PACE financing model gives contractors and homeowners upfront financing for renewable energy construction, making it easier to make the transition to renewable energy.


ArcSoft East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 1994

Location: Fremont

Focus: Software & Media

What they do: Electronics companies seeking to make use of video and imaging solutions to boost business can turn to ArcSoft's team of multimedia developers and application engineers. ArcSoft builds software compatible with mobile and web platforms to help enhance user experiences on electronic devices. Their software can be implemented in phones, desktops, projectors and more.


Gigamon East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 2004

Location: Milpitas

Focus: Security

What they do: Gigamon's technology gives businesses the opportunity to gain visibility into their physical and digital customer traffic, making it easier for companies to maintain the security of their assets and detect threats. The company works with global leaders in banking, healthcare, and other tech reliant industries, including big names like CME Group and Under Armour.


Hyve Solutions East Bay Tech Companies
Hyve Solutions

Founded: 1980

Location: Fremont

Focus: Big Data

What they do: Hyve Solutions engineers scalable data infrastructures that companies can use to deploy large scale projects, including open computing and storage solutions for leading digital companies. Their products and services are all geared toward ensuring maximum visibility and maneuverability of data for their clients, and their team of data professionals walk companies through every step to becoming self-sufficient in managing and maintaining their information.


eSignal East Bay Tech Companies

Founded: 2001

Location: Hayward

Focus: Fintech

What they do: ESignal works with fintech companies to build training programs, deliver actionable market data and offer support products to help make the biggest impact on financial markets. The company offers various product subscription levels that include services like stock charting, time cycle tools, mentoring classes, back-testing and more.


Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story. Photos via social media and Shutterstock. This story was originally published in 2020.

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