15 San Francisco Energy Companies Powering the World

Written by Sunny Betz
Published on Feb. 07, 2024
15 San Francisco Energy Companies Powering the World
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It’s no secret future generations are relying on today’s tech innovations to preserve and protect our planet. More and more people are becoming aware of the impact high energy consumption has on the environment, and as the world turns its focus toward clean power solutions, the city of San Francisco is finding itself as a global role model. The Bay Area has set ambitious goals for its power consumption, including plans to become 100 percent reliant on renewable energy in the next few years. As a result, the clean energy sector is experiencing unprecedented growth, and everyone from solar panel engineers to customer experience experts can find a way to lend a hand in the green movement.

The availability of solar power and windmill technology make it clear that there’s no shortage of green alternatives to the traditional power grid. Whether they’re installing panels on residential homes, or providing consulting services for sustainably focused energy providers, see how these energy companies in San Francisco are setting examples in sustainability for the whole world to follow.  

Energy Companies in San Francisco To Know

  • Crusoe Energy Systems
  • Aurora Solar
  • Fenix International
  • Sunfolding
  • Recurrent Energy
  • Carbon Lighthouse
  • SunRun


Founded: 2018

What they do: Crusoe Energy Systems makes technology to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, natural gas flaring. The practice involves burning natural gas in the process of oil extraction, which releases carbon dioxide and methane into the environment. Crusoe’s tech converts excess natural gas from energy operations into power for energy-intensive computing processes — like data centers and cryptocurrency mining.  


Founded: 2013

What they do: For companies and residential properties looking toward solar power but unsure of setup and budgeting, Aurora Solar offers a software-based solution. With the help of desktop design studios, Aurora Solar creates blueprints and cost estimates to help simplify the process of solar panel installation. The company also helps clients navigate the permit obtaining process by compiling and submitting reports for rebates.


Founded: 2013

What they do: Redaptive removes barriers to clean energy usage by guiding enterprises through the processes of planning, designing, installing and financing renewable energy solutions for their buildings. Their EaaS, or Efficiency-as-a-Service platform helps businesses save money with clean energy by charging monthly payments similar to a utility bill, as opposed to requiring companies to invest large amounts of capital upfront. Some of the organizations that have relied on Redaptive to transition to clean energy include Bentley Mills, Saint Gobain and AT&T.


Founded: 2009

What they do: On a mission to make renewable energy affordable for the general public, Fenix International offers lease-to-own solar panel systems that power homes across the globe. Fenix International began by focusing on the 80 percent of homes in Africa that are without energy access, and now offers a plan that allows individuals to pay a few cents per day to lease solar panels to power their homes. 


Founded: 2012

What they do: Sunfolding focuses on solving the financial issues that block the implementation of solar technology by designing and selling solar technology that is both cost effective and profit generating. Their solar trackers help maximize the energy output of installed panels, and their teams of engineers assist organizations in on-site building and installation.


Founded: 2013

What they do: Pattern Energy is a sustainable energy company focused on delivering a variety of renewable energy solutions to customers across the world. The company builds wind, solar, transmission, and energy storage technologies at a utility scale, seeking to increase the reliance on renewable energy and reduce global fossil fuel usage. Pattern Energy serves clients internationally, with projects in the U.S., Canada, Asia and the Caribbean. 


Founded: 2006

What they do: Recurrent Energy develops utility scale solar panel systems to energy buyers across the United States and Canada. The company seeks to encourage clean energy adoption by providing development and installation services at low costs to commercial, utility and government organizations. 


Founded: 2010

What they do: Carbon Lighthouse is on a mission to halt climate change by encouraging reliance on clean energy and building renewable energy projects to serve customers on a large scale. Their team enables organizations make the transition to clean energy through software-powered tools that help decrease energy waste and maximize usage. 


Founded: 2007

What they do: Sunrun provides solar energy solutions at a small scale, helping residential property owners decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and help make their homes energy efficient. Their solar servicing system only makes customers pay for the power generated by the panels and not the maintenance of the panels themselves, helping homeowners save on power costs over time. Sunrun's clean energy systems store energy and share it across neighborhoods to reduce the likelihood of outages and other problems. 


Founded: 2010

What they do: Voltus helps businesses and organizations make a profit on their energy systems, offering assistance with the design and installation of money-generating clean energy products. Their service model begins with evaluating each client’s facilities and operations, taking charge of technology installation and team education, and finally guiding businesses toward future monetization opportunities. Voltus provides consultation and utility services to organizations in industries ranging from lumber manufacturing to federal governments. 


Founded: 1990

What they do: The Energy Foundation is a nonprofit that seeks to ease the transition of communities toward sustainable energy and away from carbon and fossil fuels across the United States. Their rounded supportive approach not only helps with installation and financing, but engages local communities in the clean energy sector and builds support for public policies that encourage sustainability.


Founded: 2000

What they do: Nexant's focus is on the customer success and relationship building side of the clean energy industry, and the organization provides consulting services to companies looking to better engage their customers and maximize their resource efficiency. The company also offers a suite of enterprise software systems that helps clients ease the operational changes that come with transitioning to clean energy. Nexant has provided consulting services to hundreds of companies across the globe, including notable names like J.P. Morgan Chase, ComEd and the U.S. Department of Energy. 


Founded: 2009

What they do: Renewable Trust is a clean energy financing company that partners with clients to discover low cost financing options for solar and wind energy. They help companies align their clean energy goals with their business objectives, identifying market trends and developing strategies to increase profits from renewable energy investment. 


Founded: 2012

What they do: Sighten is a software company whose platform is designed to simplify the distribution of solar power and solar technology. Sighten's technology integrates design and financing tools into one platform to help make the sale and installation of solar panels quicker and easier to understand. The company powers the operations of installers, power channel managers, and solar financiers, and has been backed by partner companies like HDM Capital and A.M. Solar. 


Location: 2005

What they do: Serving both commercial and residential clients, Albion Power Company designs and installs turn-key solar panel solutions. Their team of architects and designers can help clients make the most of their investment, helping them understand and take advantage of PACE financing and tax incentives associated with clean energy adoption. The company also provides the option to integrate metering, allowing commercial clients to sell clean energy to tenants and neighbors. 

This article was originally published in 2020. Margo Steines contributed reporting to this story.

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