Built In San Francisco’s Featured Companies of the Month

Discover how innovation at six of San Francisco’s standout tech companies translates to empowering company cultures and big hiring pushes.

Written by Tyler Holmes
Published on Nov. 09, 2022
Built In San Francisco’s Featured Companies of the Month
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Fall has officially arrived in the Bay Area, but the vibrant foliage and rapidly approaching holiday season aren’t the only things catching the area’s attention. San Francisco’s tech scene just so happens to be blossoming, even as the leaves fall throughout Dolores Park — and fresh talent is bringing company visions to life.

Built In San Francisco dug a little deeper into six companies standing out this month to showcase who they are, what’s got people paying attention and all the ways they’re keeping internal teams supported through benefits packages and continuous growth.

Take a look at Crusoe Energy Systems, for instance. The company is currently looking to fill more than 14 open roles to tackle recent growth into the crypto field and exciting engineering projects, all while fostering an environment of continuous development.

Meanwhile, employees at companies like Moov Financial and UJET can’t stop buzzing about the supportive company cultures and a focus on transparency that help them contribute to making a real difference in the world every day.

Ready to grow into a new opportunity this month? All six organizations are hiring now.


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A group of Crusoe employees working on a project.
Crusoe Energy Systems



What Crusoe does: Crusoe Energy Systems repurposes otherwise wasted energy to fuel the growing demand for computational power in the expanding digital economy. Their mission: eliminate flaring and emissions in the oil field — while also powering AI, cryptocurrency mining and computation-intensive research.

In the news: In October, Crusoe Energy announced that it had acquired Great American Mining for an undisclosed amount to increase its mining capacity in the crypto market. With its acquisition of GAM, Crusoe Energy gained approximately 10 megawatts of operational capacity, as well as around 300 employees and several facilities across six states.

Now hiring: Craving a career change? Crusoe currently has open roles for software engineers of various levels, an executive assistant of technology leadership, a cloud business development manager, a lead cloud designer and more.



A group of Lob employees chat during lunch.



What Lob does: Lob connects the offline and online worlds through direct mail automation. The platform’s print/mail and address verification APIs help companies save time that would have otherwise been spent physically processing and sending mail, leading to scalability and a significant boost in ROI.

Building sustainable futures: In August, Lob announced via a company blog post that all mail sent through its platform is now 100 percent carbon neutral across its entire lifecycle — setting a new sustainability standard for direct mail and the marketing industry overall. With Lob, companies are able to leverage the power of automated direct mail in order to decrease their carbon footprint and meet sustainability goals at no additional cost.

We are encouraged to be curious, bold and open so that we can all be involved in our company’s success.”


Carving custom career paths: For job seekers looking for flexibility in their career, all roles at Lob are open to internal candidates in order to pursue passions and continuously develop skills. “We marry external, individualized coaching opportunities and learning stipends with clear feedback and promotion cycles so all employees are involved in their development and understand how to get to the next level,” Director of Talent, Operations and Enablement Matthew Plinck previously told Built In. “Whether it be a fireside chat with our C-suite or our dedicated Slack channel that offers all employees a line to the leadership team, we are encouraged to be curious, bold and open so that we can all be involved in our company’s success.”



A group of Moov employees in the office.
Moov Financial



What Moov Financial does: Moov Financial is a payments platform making it easy to accept, store, send and spend money — all from a single application programming interface. Instead of stitching together multiple vendors, software companies simply add Moov to their products to get the latest in payment technology, user onboarding, licensing, compliance and more.

Employee buzz: “It’s hard to pin down just one thing that makes Moov’s culture special, but being 100 percent remote with a flexible work schedule sits near the top of the list,” Manager of Product Management Charles Sander previously told Built In. “Because of our values like radical transparency and reciprocated trust, Moovers thrive regardless of where they live.”

Because of our values like radical transparency and reciprocated trust, Moovers thrive regardless of where they live.”


Benefits worth noticing: For tech professionals looking to grow their career, Moov offers a variety of benefits ranging from a $1,500 continuing education stipend for sharpened skill sets to mentorship programs and promoting from within. Looking to recharge after working hard? The company also offers an unlimited PTO policy.



A group of Lark Health employees during a team outing.
Lark Health



What Lark Health does: Lark Health is a chronic disease prevention and management platform that uses a cognitive behavioral therapy framework, conversational AI and connected devices to help people control their conditions.

Engineering possibilities: At Lark, data engineers work with a complex tech stack to tackle each of their projects. What’s in the works? “Currently, we’re focused on a few key initiatives: building a fifth-generation data platform, building critical ETL/ELT components, building Lark’s first data warehouse, and modernizing our production ML infrastructure,” Director of Data Engineering Jamie Beverly previously told Built In. “As our primary warehousing strategy, we’re leveraging Spark, Databricks and Delta.io in a so-called ‘lakehouse’ architecture, utilizing a data lake as a warehouse.”

We’re leveraging Spark, Databricks and Delta.io in a so-called ‘lakehouse’ architecture, utilizing a data lake as a warehouse.”


Eye-catching perks: Employees at Lark Health can expect benefits including a flexible work schedule, a remote work program, performance bonuses, unlimited PTO, mental health benefits with wellness programs, and generous parental leave with return-to-work programs and adoption assistance.



A group of UJET employees celebrating a company anniversary.



What UJET does: UJET is a cloud contact center platform built for customer experience in the mobile era. UJET was founded on the principle of modernizing the contact center experience, featuring efficient automation and Cloud capabilities to adapt to evolutions in human interactions and create frictionless experiences.

Leadership insight: “Every employee touchpoint is an opportunity to strengthen our culture and live the values we’ve embraced as an organization — from the interview process to onboarding to an employee’s daily interaction with their team,” Founder and CEO Anand Janefalkar previously told Built In. “Our recent hires have said they want to work here because we recognize an individual’s whole self — that we understand and support the many facets of an individual’s life. We use the latest technology to help employees stay in touch, including direct access to our leaders.”

Our recent hires have said they want to work here because we recognize an individual’s whole self.”


Benefits abound: UJET offers standard medical, dental and vision plans with both employee and dependent coverage options, as well as both traditional and Roth 401(k) plans. Employees can also expect 12 weeks of paid maternity and paternity leave, unlimited PTO and flexible work hours so that teams can work hard and still make time to pursue their passions or enjoy family life outside of the office.



A woman carrying fresh produce in a field.



What iTradeNetwork does: iTradeNetwork is a supply chain management company with a focus on perishable foods. Its supply chain solution suite helps handle a network of over 8,000 food and beverage trading partners for its customers, supporting industry giants such as Campbell’s, Five Guys and Ocean Spray.

Perks and benefits: The supply chain company provides employees with perks like tuition reimbursement up to $10,000 annually, access to online courses, generous PTO, a flexible work schedule, twelve weeks of paid parental leave and an annual stipend of $500 for creating a remote work environment.

Role call: Looking to make a career switch into engineering or analyst work while also working remote? iTradeNetwork has an opening for that. Currently the organization is looking to hire an onboarding analyst to provide best-in-class support to external clients and internal business partners, and a senior network engineer to manage networks both on-premise and in the cloud.


Responses have been edited for length and clarity. Images via listed companies and Shutterstock.

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