Step Into a New Reality At These 14 AR Companies in San Francisco

Written by Olivia McClure
January 21, 2020Updated: June 1, 2022

While virtual reality (VR) holds its place as a popular tech sector in Silicon Valley, an increasing number of companies are diving into augmented reality (AR). While the two realities may sound interchangeable, AR slightly differs from its more well-known counterpart. Those who remember the Pokemon Go craze that swept the globe have seen the effects of augmented reality firsthand. While VR offers a fully immersive digital experience, AR enhances the real world, adding images, text and other types of virtual information. 

Throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, businesses from a wide range of industries from gaming to retail are investing in AR. Companies are adopting AR-powered apps to give shoppers the chance to see what products would look like in their homes before purchasing, while automotive companies are using the technology to facilitate the vehicle design process. The solutions are limitless at these 15 San Francisco AR companies, where reality takes on a whole new meaning. 

AR Companies in San Francisco To Know

  • Niantic
  • Unity Technologies
  • BVG Software Group
  • Citrusbits
  • DigiLens
  • FS Studio
  • Fyusion


Unity Technologies AR companies San Francisco
Unity Technologies

Founded: 2003

Location: The East Cut

What they do: Unity Technologies gives content creators the tools to create 2D, 3D, AR and VR experiences. In addition to other services, the company creates immersive AR experiences for a variety of purposes including games, animation, film, architecture, gambling, marketing, automotive and edtech. 

Who they work with: Little Mountain Animation, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Soba Productions and Magic Design Studios. 


Niantic AR companies San Francisco

Founded: 2011

Location: Financial District

What they do: Niantic is an AR tech company whose products are meant to inspire outdoor exploration, exercise and meaningful social interaction. The company is building a planet-scale AR platform for current and future generations of AR hardware. The platform includes a scalable engine for shared state and user interactions proven to support hundreds of millions of users. Niantic’s gaming titles include Ingress and Pokemon Go.

Who they work with: Nintendo, The Pokemon Company and Alsop Louie Partners. 


BVG Software Group AR companies San Francisco
BVG SOftware Group

Founded: 2011

Location: South San Francisco, Greater San Francisco Bay Area

What they do: BVG Software Group is a software development company that specializes in a wide variety of areas including AR and VR. The company creates immersive AR and VR experiences using cross-platform 3D engines like Unity and Unreal Engine, as well as tools for iOS and Android including ARkit and AR Core. BVG Software Group also offers native mobile app and cross-platform app development.

Who they work with: Medical professionals, hotels, corporations, social networking platforms, marketplaces and restaurants. 


Citrusbits AR companies San Francisco
Citrusbits INc.

Founded: 2005

Location: Financial District

What they do: Citrusbits Inc. is a mobile app development company that leverages a wide range of mobile technology including AR and VR. The company helps startups and established businesses create immersive AR experiences, which encompasses services like 3D modeling and animation, computer vision and spatial audio. Citrusbits’ AR services can be applied to a variety of areas including gaming, e-commerce, medicine and entertainment. 

Who they work with: ASUCLA, Harman, Leef, QuikSilver, Burger King, IrisVision, ChemoWave and JobFlare. 


DigiLens AR companies San Francisco

Founded: 2003

Location: Sunnyvale, Greater San Francisco Bay Area

What they do: DigiLens helps global brands and manufacturers power AR and VR products, empowering people to engage with their environment in a more meaningful way. The company develops waveguide HUDs for AR and VR applications and wearable devices, using their optical platform and photopolymer technology.

Who they work with: Global brands and manufacturers. 


FS Studio AR companies San Francisco
FS Studio

Founded: 2011

Location: Emeryville, Greater San Francisco Bay Area

What they do: Specializing in AR and VR, FS Studio creates IoT devices that are responsive, fast, reliable and integrated. The company brings AR and VR immersive experiences to life with high-quality visuals and engaging content and mechanics, using hardware like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Hololens. FS Studio’s other services include natural language interface, machine learning, computer vision, firmware and hardware support.

Who they work with: New Balance, Google, LeapFrog, zSpace, Autopilot,, CampusQuad and Livescribe. 


Fyusion AR companies San Francisco

Founded: 2013

Location: Design District

What they do: Fyusion is a computer vision company that allows businesses to create immersive, interactive 3D images called “fyuses.” These images are viewable on any platform including AR, VR, web, mobile and mixed reality. The company combines computer vision with machine learning to make images as intelligent as they are attractive.

Who they work with: Businesses from a wide range of industries. 


Prolific Interactive AR companies San Francisco
Prolific Interactive

Founded: 2009

Location: The East Cut

What they do: Prolific Interactive is a mobile-focused product agency that specializes in AR and VR experiences. Working with companies from a wide range of industries, the company creates dynamic digital experiences that incorporate tutorials, videos and AR experiences, which are developed through ARkit for iOS11.

Who they work with: The Wing, The CrossFit Games, Sephora, Hibbett Sports, Saks Fifth Avenue and Lululemon. 


Rokid AR companies San Francisco

Founded: 2014

Location: Union Square

What they do: Rokid specializes in the research and product development of AR, AI and robotics, driven by the aim to provide superior industrial design and superlative user experience. Rokid seeks to leverage voice and vision AI technologies to create smart assistants that improve daily life, offering products like Rokid Alien, Rokid Pebble and Rokid Glass.

Who they work with: Scientists, engineers and business leaders. 


Wow-How Studio AR companies San Francisco
Wow-How Studio

Founded: 2014

Location: Financial District

What they do: Backed by a team of designers, animators and modelers, Wow-How Studio offers solutions in all digital design areas including AR and VR. The company makes content for a wide range of purposes such as crowdfunding, market content support, corporate and HR videos, educational videos, commercials and more.

Who they work with: Mercedes-Benz, FocustApps, Etraveli Group, Rupa Software, EndoCare, Oettinger Davidoff and Hallmark. 


Scope AR AR companies San Francisco
Scope AR

Founded: 2010

Location: Theater District

What they do: Scope AR develops enterprise-class AR solutions and products for industrial clients associated with field maintenance, manufacturing and training. Their WorkLink Platform provides work instructions and remote assistance, so workers can get expert guidance when it best suits them.

Who they work with: Lockheed Martin, Unilever, Prince Castle, Makino, Toyota, P&G and Siemens. 


Sketchbox AR companies San Francisco

Founded: 2017

Location: Western Addition

What they do: Sketchbox is a design tool for AR and VR, combining commercial technology with cutting-edge software to solve complex training problems. The company’s training simulations are built for stand-alone VR headsets. With a networked multiplayer and ability to ingest any 3D data, Sketchbox can simulate any scenario, boasting the ability to create VR training simulations substantially cheaper.

Who they work with: ExxonMobil, Stanford University, 3M, U.S. Air Force, IBM and Deloitte


moBack AR companies San Francisco

Founded: 2011

Location: San Jose, Greater San Francisco Bay Area

What they do: Focused primarily on the development of autonomous vehicles and robotics technology, moBack is a retail technology company that specializes in VR and AR. The company has made a variety of products for clients including an interactive visualization and collaboration for 3D files, a physics-based VR block-building game and an interactive visualization and simulation for automotive designers and decision makers.

Who they work with: Ford, Nokia, Google, UCSF Medical Center, Salesforce, Zynga, Verizon, Samsung and HopeLab. 


Ubiquity6 AR companies San Francisco

Founded: 2017

Location: The East Cut

What they do: Ubiquity6 lets people turn any location into a space for real-time shared AR and VR experiences. Participants can invite others to join the space remotely or in-person and have the option to load and save immersive games and experiences on demand, allowing them to effortlessly edit their space.


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