37 Palo Alto Tech Companies Making Waves Across Industries

These Palo Alto tech companies are worth keeping on your radar.

Written by Anthony Corbo
Published on Nov. 08, 2023
37 Palo Alto Tech Companies Making Waves Across Industries

A hub of technical inspiration tucked into the nook of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto is home to some of the most dynamic companies using advancements in tech to impact entire industries. From giants in the retail and consumer space to masters of the cloud and venture capitalists alike, there's no end to the potential that Palo Alto's dedicated workers continue to unlock on a daily basis.

Top Tech Companies in Palo Alto

  • IDEO
  • Butterfly
  • Network
  • Navan
  • Hippo Insurance
  • Deloitte
  • Flipboard
  • IdentityMind
  • Rubrik
  • Symphony
  • Tesla
  • VMware
  • Wing

With opportunities at tech-enabled companies becoming increasingly more abundant, now is the perfect time to picture yourself in a seat at the table. Learn more about these companies in Palo Alto making waves throughout their industries.


Founded: 2020

Industry: Software, Travel Tech

What they do: Spotnana’s cloud-based platform works with corporations, agencies, technology providers and suppliers to create a seamless travel experience. Its all-in-one Travel-as-a-Service software eliminates the need for multiple booking tools while working to decrease operating costs across the board. The single global instance of Spotnana ensures that travelers and travel agents have access to the same information and can also manage their bookings from anywhere in the world.


Founded: 2011

Industry: Healthcare

What they do: Butterfly Network’s ambition to change the healthcare industry is a meaningful one — and one that has led to unparalleled success with ripples across the industry. The imaging technology company broke new ground with the introduction of its handheld ultrasound device, the Butterfly IQ, made possible due to tireless research that led to an entire ultrasound system's power being minimized onto a single silicon chip. Butterfly Network has since refined the product into the Butterfly IQ+ and is capable of delivering new solutions in fields such as anesthesiology, cardiology, critical care and more.


Founded: 2018

Industry: E-Commerce, Drones

What they do: Wing’s fleet of drones are designed specifically to deliver goods straight to your door. With Wing’s app, customers can order everything from coffee to supplies from the local hardware store to be delivered via drone. The order is then packaged, an optimal flying route is chosen and then the drone will take off at speeds up to 70 mph to deliver your order. Once it arrives, the drone will gently lower your box of goods to you and head back. Wing currently operates its drone delivery service in Australia, Finland and the U.S.


Founded: 2016

Industry: Insurance

What they do: Next Insurance makes it possible for small businesses across industries to receive the coverage they need so they can continue moving forward. Offering general liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, commercial auto, and equipment insurance options, Next Insurance works with businesses ranging from contractors to beauticians to ensure they are backed up in the moments when they need it most.


Founded: 2017

Industry: Finance, InsurTech

What they do: Hippo Insurance automates and modernizes the home insurance process, allowing users to cover their most important items quickly and at a lower rate than traditional insurance. The company connects users with instant insurance quotes that cover everything from computers and appliances to coverage for house cleaners and babysitters. Hippo also encourages the use of smart IoT devices throughout a home to monitor and alert to small issues before they become costly headaches.


Founded: 2014

Industry: Finance, Real Estate

What they do: Point provides alternative home financing to both new and existing homeowners. Instead of the traditional financing process, Point will give homeowners $35,000-$350,000 in loans for a slice of the home’s equity. Homeowners are free to live in the home for as long as they want, and will have to pay back the cost (plus a portion of the home’s appreciation) when they finally sell.


Founded: 2015

Industry: Travel

What they do: Creating the best experience in business travel is Navan’s goal, providing a platform that gives users the ability to build, manage and scale corporate travel management programs with ease. Navan features an inventory loaded with hotel, transportation and additional service options, allowing for personalization and increased savings from a single dashboard.


Founded: 2012

Industry: Advertising + Gaming

What they do: AppLovin specializes in bringing monetization and profitability to games developed for the mobile environment. Working with leading creative companies like Zynga, EA, Voodoo and Kolibri Games, AppLovin’s platform uses cutting-edge technology and algorithms to find new users, deliver real-time analytics and maximize monetization practices.


Founded: 1978

Industry: Design

What they do: IDEO is home to a community of designers, entrepreneurs and engineers committed to making positive change through their work. The company puts itself at the forefront of human-centered design, designing branding elements, physical spaces, digital platforms and systems that enhance the abilities for individuals and businesses.


Founded: 2005

Industry: Data + Analytics

What they do: Actian develops hybrid data solutions that enable digital transformations on a global scale, featuring a wide range of products that provide solutions to a variety of challenges. The company's products span across data management, integration and analytics abilities, allowing data to be accessed and inferred at record speeds.


Founded: 1994

Industry: Multiple

What they do: The leader in home delivery, amongst several other industries, Amazon has grown from humble, e-bookstore roots to become one of the most profitable companies in the world. The company has headquarters and offices throughout the world, including a Palo Alto office that brought 1,300 new tech jobs to the area.


Founded: 2005

Industry: Software + Communications

What they do: A product of Google and the world's leading mobile device operating system, Android features an open-source mobile software platform that allows developers to build applications and software independently or in collaboration with others. Iterations of Android’s OS can be found on devices from Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Google and a litany of other manufacturers, as well as in devices like smartwatches, desktops, tablets and even automobiles.


Founded: 1983

Industry: Communications

What they do: Few companies have a reach as wide as AT&T, creating solutions to some of the biggest communication challenges that shape the world. AT&T provides consumers with mobile networks, internet access, digital television, smart technology for cars, homes and personal use and so much more, continually deploying R&D to enhance how the world interacts with itself.


Founded: 2006

Industry: Finance

What they do: Reinventing the accounting process for businesses and accounting firms is what Bill.com is all about. The company’s innovative platform works with applications like Intuit Quickbooks, Sage Intacct, Xero and Oracle Netsuite, adding accounts payable and accounts received automation software that's powered by machine learning to bring a streamlined experience to the payments process.


Founded: 2012

Industry: Customer satisfaction

What they do: Birdeye is a platform that measures customer reviews and feedback to present actionable insights for businesses of all sizes. The company’s tools help grow sales and uncover conversations customers are having around a business, with streamlined workflows and high-caliber reporting tools uncovering the roots behind positive and negative sentiments.


Founded: 2013

Industry: Cryptocurrency

What they do: With support for over 200 coins and tokens, BitGo helps investors eliminate risk and increase transparency in the digital asset marketplace. Secure and compliant options for custody and liquidity allow BitGo to provide peace of mind to investors venturing into uncertain territories, pushing its CCSS and SOC 2 certifications forward to unlock new investment methods and larger gains.


Founded: 2008

Industry: Cloud + Cybersecurity

What they do: Empowering clients in the enterprise sphere to do more with their data, Cloudera has deployed the industry’s first exclusive data cloud with multiple functions to transform, query, optimize and predict sophisticated security and governance policies. Cloudera’s platform operates entirely on open-source distribution, allowing businesses to access information from single or multiple clouds through one dashboard.


Founded: 1845

Industry: Finance

What they do: Deloitte is a leader in providing financial solutions to individuals and businesses from offices around the globe. Services include tax management, consulting, auditing, risk, financial advisory and merger/acquisition practices. Deloitte also provides advanced analytics and cloud-based technology to advance the financial process and move cash flow into the digital age.


Founded: 1973

Industry: Energy

What they do: The Electric Power Research Institute helps the electricity sector identify issues, technology gaps and other needs that can be improved through effective research and development programs. Working with utilities providers, businesses, government agencies and regulators to identify emerging issues, EPRI features a portfolio that addresses technology, systems, operations and the workforce to drive solutions toward tomorrow.


Founded: 2010

Industry: News + Social Media

What they do: Flipboard brings together top news sources and social content to provide multifaceted viewpoints on breaking topics and points of interest. Partnering with publishers and community members to deliver the most in-demand content, Flipboard is a source for everything from political issues to technology trends and travel inspiration.


Founded: 1995

Industry: Venture Capital

What they do: Foundation Capital backs individuals with the drive to help change the world in actionable ways. The venture capitalist firm operates in the consumer, enterprise and fintech industries, guiding companies like Netflix, Uber, Atheros, Chegg, Ebates, Kik and LendingClub through each step on their ladders to success.


Founded: 2010

Industry: Home Tech

What they do: Now a part of Google’s suite of products, Nest offers a selection of household technology that deliver automation and security abilities directly to consumers. Among Google Nest’s offerings are smart speakers, thermostats, cameras, doorbells, alarm systems, locks and smoke detectors, all controllable from an online dashboard to bring new levels of customization to the home experience.


Founded: 1939

Industry: Computer technology

What they do: One of the leaders in producing consumer, corporate and industrial computing and tech products, HP’s impact can be seen worldwide. The company’s headquarters in Palo Alto is home to highly skilled professionals making advancements in computing hardware and software, producing PCs and printers that become more user friendly with every model released.


Founded: 2013

Industry: Financial security

What they do: With a suite of solutions dedicated to fighting off the threats of account fraud and financial crime, IdentityMind’s platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify risk. Solutions offered include transaction monitoring, sanctions screening, fraud prevention, virtual currency risk assessment and more, ensuring entities of all types can proceed with the backing of secure processes.


Founded: 2000

Industry: Consulting

What they do: Intapp helps professional and financial businesses reinvent processes and grow to become powerful and competitive in the digital age. The company takes a comprehensive approach to customer success for its clients, providing expert advice and continuing measures for companies needing leadership, marketing, risk, finance and IT assistance.


Founded: 2001

Industry: Workflow management

What they do: Jive Software has created one of the world’s leading intranet and collaboration platforms, integrating news feeds, videos, blog posts, urgent notifications and inboxes into one space. Powerful tools make it easy for groups to manage tasks, share files, schedule events and run polls, even allowing for outside collaboration in a secure and private environment.


Founded: 2013

Industry: Cybersecurity

What they do: Menlo Security’s method is based around isolation rather than detection, restricting a business’s entire set of web content to cloud-based, always-on secure browsers to prevent attacks from ever reaching devices. The company’s solutions protect from malware, weaponized documents, phishing links, URL-based attacks and more, providing a layered approach to cybersecurity with no change to the user experience.


Founded: 2015

Industry: Automotive 

What they do: Nauto wants to be the company that creates the next major in-vehicle innovation, with a goal to save money, save lives and end distracted driving. The company’s Driver Behavior Learning Platform has been deployed in 350 fleets around the world, detecting and coaching drivers through risk behavior and a multi-sensor device that anticipates events before they happen.


Founded: 1896

Industry: Healthcare

What they do: One of the leading biotech companies with 17 biopharmaceutical products on the market, Roche is an international leader in bringing targeted treatments to patients. Heavily influenced by its extensive research and development projects, Roche has grown into one of the world’s top resources on cancer research and treatment, in vitro diagnostics and a selection of additional medical breakthroughs.


Founded: 2014

Industry: Cloud Services + Cybersecurity

What they do: Rubrik’s approach to data security utilizes its single platform to deliver backup, instant recovery, archival, search, analytics, compliance and copy data management solutions across data centers and clouds that are connected to one secure fabric. The company helps businesses manage applications, operating systems, databases, hypervisors, clouds and SaaS applications, providing dedicated and functional solutions across industries.


Founded: 1996

Industry: Accounting

What they do: SAP Ariba specializes in providing businesses with spend management solutions that digitize and simplify end-to-end processes through a single cloud. The platform provides insights, e-procurement capabilities and automated capture, workflow and approval abilities, improving cash flow and reducing supply chain costs and liquidity risk.


Founded: 2010

Industry: Professional services

What they do: The largest independent startup community, Startup Grind educates, inspires and connects entrepreneurs throughout its 600 chapters. The organization hosts events, produces educational content for entrepreneurs and is home to a startup acceleration program, empowering local founders to build strong businesses, connect with strategic partners, secure funding and become successful for years to come.


Founded: 2014

Industry: Software

What they do: Symphony is a communication platform that lets businesses operating in the financial industry send messages, share files, automate trade flows and host real-time virtual meetings from a single platform. The interface is used by over 400 companies, with more than 60 million messages exchanged on Symphony per month.


Founded: 2003

Industry: Automotive

What they do: Tesla is a leader in innovating and creating electric-based auto and locomotive products, making environmentally sound transportation options readily available to consumers. The Elon Musk-led company sports several models of vehicles to fill nearly any consumer need, constantly researching and inventing new technology to make its products increasingly more sustainable.


Founded: 2012

Industry: Data + Analytics

What they do: Providing innovative methods to accessing data and insights that are embedded within company practices, Thoughtspot’s platform features interactive dashboards, voice-driven technology and AI tools to deliver answers to questions before they’re even asked. The platform offers manual and automatic search tools to quickly deliver granular insights from billions of rows of data, with the ability to create customized and interactive dashboards to examine intricate data with ease.


Founded: 1985

Industry: Cloud software

What they do: TIBCO Software produces industry-leading products that are designed to run on cloud platforms, creating an all-in-one interface for utilizing APIs, apps and more. The company’s process follows a "connect, unify and augment" approach to cloud processes, weaving a tight-knit data fabric and building powerful insights to create a better experience for users and businesses.


Founded: 1998

Industry: Cybersecurity

What they do: VMware empowers the digital workspace by giving customers the ability to run, manage, connect and protect all of their apps on any cloud network, providing pervasive and secure end-to-end security systems. The company’s ecosystem of 75,000 partners brings technological advancements to industries as diverse as banking, healthcare, manufacturing and transportation, specializing in machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and Kubernetes solutions.

This article was originally published in 2019. Sara B.T. Thiel contributed to reporting for this story.

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