5 San Jose Ad Agencies Creating Cutting-Edge Campaigns

Written by Anthony Corbo
February 20, 2020Updated: September 26, 2023

Consumer decisions and buying habits are influenced by a wide range of facets but the role of advertising is undeniable in the purchasing process. Long removed from the golden age of 1960s advertising, agencies today take a more focused approach, utilizing a mixture of consumer insights, emerging technologies, and creative mastery to create campaigns that reach users in some of the most unexpected places

A certain hotbed of advertising agencies call San Jose home, featuring industry pros ready to utilize expert insights and bring unforgettable creative campaigns to life. See what these San Jose ad agencies are doing right now to transform the way we see products.

San Jose Ad Agencies To Know

  • Array Interactive
  • Exposyour
  • Liquid Agency
  • MAS Advertising
  • NINICO Communications
Array Interactive ad agencies San Jose
Array Interactive

Founded: 2009

What they do: Array Interactive creates enticing moments by leveraging creativity and digital technology to bring environments to life. Services are customized based on the needs of the client, but range from digital signage to motion graphics, giving companies more freedom over where their message lands.

Clients include: Adobe, NASA, Salesforce, Jack Daniels, Juniper Networks, Verifone, US Army, Cisco and Charles Schwab.


Exposyour ad agencies San Jose

Founded: 2005

What they do: Exposyour creates integrated marketing campaigns that help brands realize their full potential through physical and digital means. Signage, displays, packaging, website design and digital marketing all play a role in Exposyour’s holistic campaign design. Backed by crucial insights developed from nearly two decades of experience, the agency ensures brands receive the growth opportunities they need. 

Clients include: M8trix Casino, Paycertify, Kangarootime, Strive, Method3Fitness and Phyto Clinic.


Liquid Agency ad agencies San Jose
Liquid Agency

Founded: 2000

What they do: Liquid Agency uses experiences as a means of connecting brands and people to create a stronger sense of unison. The agency stands by its philosophy that every brand experience is an opportunity to bring its meaning and promise to life, leading to groundbreaking work that includes physical and spatial design, digital product design, customer journey mapping, anthem videos, marketing websites, and more. 

Clients include: HP, Motorola, Microsoft, Walmart, The Vitamin Shoppe, Speck, Jeep, Neato Robotics and Ernest Packaging Solutions.


MAS Advertising ad agencies San Jose
MAS Advertising

Founded: 2016

What they do: MAS Advertising is dedicated to putting emerging brands in the correct position to succeed, offering customer communication, marketing, and user acquisition services that shine light on brand messages. The agency specializes in creating in-store displays and signage, ensuring consumers can be spoken to right at the point of purchase.


NINICO Communications ad agencies San Jose
NINICO COmmunications

Founded: 2011

What they do: NINICO Communications’s team is well-versed in the direct needs of its clients and blends a mixture of advertising, production and public relations to develop well-rounded marketing campaigns. NINICO uses brand development, strategic partnerships and annual media planning to create impactful activations designed to carry a brand’s message to its next step. 


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