16 Silicon Valley Microchip Companies Engineering the Foundation of Global Tech

by Sunny Betz
September 21, 2020

Before there were self driving cars or touchscreen devices, there was the humble microchip. Since the 1960s, Silicon Valley has been a gravitational center for the world’s semiconductor manufacturers, and the region has built its name on the silicon and integrated circuit technology that makes the rest of the tech world possible. 

Integrated circuit chips have come a long way since the early days of the computer. Today, microchip hardware is the operational foundation of nearly every tech reliant industry, and semiconductor technology still powers everything from the healthcare sector to popular gaming platforms. Startups today are envisioning tech frontiers never before imagined, but no matter what the future brings, these 16 Silicon Valley microchip companies will continue to work behind the scenes to make it all possible.

Top Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

  • Intel Corporation
  • Applied Materials
  • AMD
  • Celera
  • Infineon
  • GCT Semiconductor
  • GlobalFoundries


nuvia silicon valley microchip companies

Founded: 2019

Location: Santa Clara

What they do: NUVIA is creating high-performance silicon design for computers that need to keep up powerful computing capacity. The company designs processing chipsets for data servers that deliver the step-function performance and energy efficiency needed to power compute-heavy data centers.


Intel Corporation Silicon Valley Microchip Companies
Intel Corporation

Founded: 1968

Location: Santa Clara

What they do: Intel Corporation is one of the biggest names in hardware manufacturing, building a broad range of semiconductor products from system processors and devices to power solutions and wireless connectors. They offer a variety of chipset options for mobile, desktop and server use, all built with extended battery life and responsive capabilities. Intel Corporation also develops embedded chipsets specifically designed with security features and optimized data management for enterprise use.


Applied Materials Silicon Valley Microchip Companies
Applied Materials

Founded: 1967

Location: Santa Clara

What they do: Applied Materials is an engineering solutions company that has become a leading developer of chip and display technology across the globe. Applied Materials manufactures hardware with atomic level precision designed for use on an industrial scale, with the goal of helping businesses reach objectives and grow in their markets at a higher speed. Their technologies are developed with atomic precision to ensure their customer can build products that process faster, have higher resolution displays and are capable of more efficient memory storage.


Alien Technology Silicon Valley Microchip Companies
Alien Technology

Founded: 1994

Location: San Jose

What they do: Alien Technologies develops and manufactures RFID transceiver chips for use by companies to manage inventory and track transportation of items. The company provides a variety of technologies and other services to support professional growth, from hardware like compliant RFID transceiver chips and intelligent readers to development services like best practices training and educational support. They work with enterprises across the globe in key industries like retail, transportation, life sciences and more.


AMD Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 1969

Location: Santa Clara

What they do: Founded during the early days of the Silicon Valley semiconductor boom, AMD is now a global team of over 10,000 tech professionals who develop products and hardware for some of the world's leading companies. The company manufactures computing hardware and visualization products to power businesses in gaming and VR. 


Atmosic Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 2016

Location: Campbell

What they do: Atmosic is a fabless semiconductor company that builds microchips and other hardware designed to reduce battery dependence and increase the battery life of devices. The company plans to continue to develop technology that will improve the rate and process of deploying IoT for companies in a variety of industries, from healthcare to the automotive sector.


SiFive Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 2015

Location: San Mateo

What they do: SiFive simplifies the process of developing new hardware by creating a platform for semiconductor manufacturers that is powered by open source software automation. Built to be used even by those new to silicon, their accessible online core and chip designing platform enables high speed development and testing of chips and core IP. 


Marvell Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 1995

Location: Santa Clara

What they do: Originally founded to tackle the problems of the digital storage industry, Marvell continues to utilize semiconductor and microchip technology to work toward finding solutions for security, networking and processing issues. From developing ethernet transceivers for the automotive industry, to increasing bandwidth for enterprise access point platforms, Marvell collaborates with clients from all sectors to achieve their goals through microchip technology. 


II-VI Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 1995

Location: Santa Clara

What they do: II-VI is a global semiconductor company that develops materials and microchip solutions to support the operations of international companies. The organization builds engineered materials and optical systems such as LiDAR and 3D sensors to be used in major industries like communications, life sciences, automobiles and consumer electronics. II-VI seeks to develop microchip technology tailored to their clients' needs by integrating advanced software into their products.


Presto Engineering Silicon Valley Microchip Companies
Presto Engineering

Founded: 2006

Location: San Jose

What they do: Presto Engineering reduces the time-to-market for microchip products through delivering ASIC designs for IoT and 5G device manufacturers. Their turn-key and engineering solutions help chip makers simplify their design production, reduce their time-to-market and lower their overhead costs. 


Celera Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 2018

Location: San Jose

What they do: Made up of a team of tech R&D professionals, Celera seeks to solve the problem of automating analog and mixed-signal applications through a software-based, AI integrated platform. Celera provides a range of industry-grade solutions, including design assistance, IP management, and full custom IC development. The company seeks to renovate the R&D process, delivering chip layouts at a rate 100x faster than legacy flows.


Universal Semiconductor Silicon Valley Microchip Companies
universal Semiconductor

Founded: 1982

Location: San Jose

What they do: Universal Semiconductor manufactures single chip solutions with the ability to handle high voltage. They are built with optical and sensing capabilities and are customizable based on their clients' specific product needs. Because their thin film RCDs are built to handle the high frequency data necessary for communications applications, the company’s technology can be found applied in everything from medical appliances and power systems to audio amplifiers and toys. 


SK hynix Silicon Valley Microchip Companies
SK hynix

Founded: 1983

Location: San Jose

What they do: SK hynix is an international microchip manufacturer with a main focus on producing DRAM, NAND, SSD and CMOS image sensors. The microchip technologies they produce can be used in any device from PC laptops to smart cars, and are built to tackle common device issues such as battery usage and processing speed. As one of the world's leading silicon manufacturers, SK hynix has offices spread across Europe and Asia, in addition to their San Jose location.  


Infineon Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 1999

Location: Milpitas

What they do: Infineon is a microchip manufacturer with a focus on developing semiconductor technologies that enable green and energy efficient technology. The company builds chipsets to address a range of client needs, and are capable of doing everything from reducing automotive energy consumption to enabling speech recognition in mobile devices. Infineon's vision is to build a world where social issues, climate change and urbanization can all be addressed through microelectronics. 


GCT Semiconductor Silicon Valley Microchip Companies
GCT Semiconductor

Founded: 1998

Location: San Jose

What they do: GCT Semiconductor is a fabless semiconductor company that is a leader globally in the development of microchips and integrated circuit solutions for enterprises in the communications sector. Their chip products are built to run for long periods of time on small batteries, and their system-on mobile chip products are built with digital signal processing functions so that clients can process their data at high speeds for a low cost. 


GlobalFoundries Silicon Valley Microchip Companies

Founded: 2009

Location: Santa Clara

What they do: GlobalFoundries partners with countries across the world to fabricate and manufacture chip solutions for the automotive, computing and mobile industries. Their mainstream chip technologies help their semiconductor clients increase the scalability and simplicity of their platforms. With corporate offices in Santa Clara, GlobalFoundries has manufacturing centers in Germany, Singapore, New York and Vermont.


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