These 14 Startups in San Jose to Know

Written by Sunny Betz
January 7, 2020Updated: September 26, 2023

It is no secret that San Jose is a touchstone of the startup world. Home to over nine percent of all United States startups, this Bay Area city is one of the nations superstars when it comes to fostering new talent in tech. San Jose’s reputation as an innovation hub precedes itself - beckoned by the city's cultural amenities, gorgeous weather and professional diversity, dozens of startups are putting down roots in San Jose each year.

Some are brainstorming improvements on the pre-existing rideshare economy and the real estate market. Others are dipping their toes into less familiar waters, devising roadmaps that social media influencers and AI-reliant farmers can use to navigate their emerging industries. San Jose may already boast some of the biggest names in tech, but these startups in San Jose prove that there’s always room for more jewels in Silicon Valley’s crown.

Top Startups In San Jose To Know

  • atHUM
  • Berymo
  • Celera
  • Insspring
  • Nearal
  • OnePointOne
  • Sibros


Sibros Startups San Jose

Founded: 2018

Focus: Automotive Software

What they do: Sibros is an information logging and life cycle management platform for vehicle data. By providing a rounded data recording service, Sibros’ technology allows automotive enterprises to keep tabs on OTA updates, fleet management, remote diagnostics, and work order management. 


AtHUM Startups San Jose

Founded: 2018

Focus: Real Estate AI

What they do: AtHUM is a real estate and interior design AI platform that helps agents and property managers boost sales by personalizing unfurnished homes. Their virtual reality technology builds and furnishes spaces and generates a fully-staged 3D tour that prospective renters or homebuyers can use to explore properties that may otherwise look unfurnished or empty. 


Berymo Startups San Jose

Founded: 2018

Focus: Transportation Technology

What they do: Berymo is a rideshare service that, unlike other rideshare apps that charge per mile, provides transportation services at a flat rate of $5.95 as long as the destination is within an eight mile radius. Based in San Jose, the startup currently serves the Orlando, Florida area, with plans to expand to cities nationwide. 


Celera Startups San Jose

Founded: 2018

Focus: Semiconductor Technology

What they do: Celera is a semiconductor developer that creates custom integrated circuits through an automated AI-based platform, with the goal of increasing productivity across industries. Celera’s technology seeks to increase the overall workflow efficacy of R&D in the semiconductor industry, reducing the financial deficit and opening up opportunities in AMSIC development. 


Flieber Startups San Jose

Founded: 2019

Focus: Retail Technology

What they do: Flieber is a supply-chain operations platform that helps business owners optimize their online sales and streamline their transportation and fulfillment operations. By linking online businesses with transportation companies and online marketplaces, Flieber increases visibility along the internet sales chain. Their goal is to reduce overstock and sales return losses by simplifying the supply-chain and centralizing inventory for small-scale sellers. 


Foresight AI Startups San Jose
Foresight AI

Founded: 2017

Focus: Artificial Intelligence

What they do: Founded in Silicon Valley to address the needs of the autonomous vehicle industry, Foresight AI is a robotics technology developer building a platform to host data and AI globally. By setting up a “training program” for intelligent vehicles, Foresight AI seeks to teach mobile robots navigation skills in a realistic 3D environment in order to improve safety and efficacy. 


IGnation Startups San Jose

Founded: 2019

Focus: Social Media

What they do: IGnation is a promotions platform designed to organize monetization on Instagram. By combining both educational and analytical services, IGnation helps Instagram users navigate the relatively new Instagram influencer market, providing them with promotional tools and insights to help people optimize their online profits and take advantage of the business tools Instagram has to offer. 


Insspring Startups San Jose

Founded: 2019

Focus: Cloud Management

What they do: Insspring is an IT service that provides educational services to businesses and corporations looking to maximize their infrastructural and online operations. From consulting to maintenance, the services they offer include cloud technology integration, blockchain management, software development and web application management. 


Inventive Byte Startups San Jose
Inventive Byte

Founded: 2018

Focus: Information Technology

What they do: Based in North San Jose, Inventive Byte seeks to simplify software development for freelancers and businesses by linking personalized mentorship with artificial intelligence. Working with B2B and B2C enterprises, Inventive Byte assists in mobile app building, web development and cybersecurity, as well and helping businesses build their teams through IT staffing solutions. 


Nearal Startups San Jose

Founded: 2019

Focus: HR Tech

What they do: Nearal is a location-based social networking application for professionals seeking collaborators or freelancers looking for opportunities. The application allows users to list details such as hourly rates and specialty skills to advertise themselves, as well as payment and invoice tools to streamline business.  


OnePointOne Startups San Jose

Founded: 2017

Focus: Agtech

What they do: Founded to discover solutions to the issues of agricultural sustainability and global hunger, OnePointOne is a vertical farming process that combines machine learning, robotics and plant science to increase the productive capacity of automated indoor farming. Their aeroponic indoor farming system is built to work in congested urban areas, and is designed to be productive and sustainable in the face of soil degradation and climate change. 



Founded: 2018

Focus: Edtech

What they do: PREto3 is an SaaS for preschools and daycare programs designed to organize paperwork, enhance parental engagement and streamline student progress. PREto3 allows preschool managers to eliminate manual data entry, integrate smart technology into daily learning operations, and make student enrollment more intuitive. PREto3 seeks to simplify the data and paperwork side of daycare management in order to improve the focus on parental and student connection. Startups San Jose

Founded: 2018

Focus: Cyber Security

What they do: is a cyber security and privacy ops platform, designed to centralize privacy compliance management and simplify data request fulfillment. The company offers products from PD linking automation to third party assessment, and their team includes members previously from large cybersecurity enterprises such as Symantec and Cisco. 


Taascom Startups San Jose

Founded: 2019

Focus: Enterprise Technology

What they do: TAASCOM is an XaaS business platform assisting enterprises in switching from transaction-based to subscription-based revenue models. An abbreviation of  “The As A Service Company,” TAASCOM offers consulting and software solutions to help businesses reduce their investment risks and get to market on a subscription basis. 


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