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Top San Francisco Bay Area, CA Aerospace Companies (30)

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Space Made Simple. We are a true end-to-end service provider letting our customers rapidly deploy and operate their payloads on reliable high-performance satellites at an unprecedented simplicity and affordability.

Aerospace • Greentech • Machine Learning • Social Impact • Energy
Alameda, California, USA
404 Employees

Astra’s mission is to Improve Life on Earth from Space® by creating a healthier and more connected planet. Astra’s first flight to space was within 4 years of its inception, making it the fastest company to reach space.

Aerospace • Energy

Kairos merges the Silicon Valley culture of innovation and business speed with deep knowledge of scientific instruments and aerospace technology. We are changing the way energy data is collected and used. Instead of selling hardware, we sell information.

Aerospace • Automotive • Robotics
San Francisco, California, USA
27 Employees

Point One Navigation provides Precise Location as a Service. Our offering is tailored for autonomous systems including self driving vehicles, commercial drones and other robotic applications where robust and high integrity localization is required.

Aerospace • Hardware • Logistics • Robotics
375 Employees

Zipline is the world's largest autonomous delivery network and is powered entirely by fixed-wing drones. Our fleet circles the equivalent distance of the equator every 2.5 days, and we have shipped hundreds of thousands of critical medical products across Rwanda, Ghana, and now beginning in the United States.

Aerospace • Virtual Reality
San Francisco

SpaceVR’s innovative & immersive technology sails you into a sea of stars as you float weightlessly experiencing the awe of Earth. Discover the planetary perspective that only a few astronauts. Our mission is to launch the highest resolution, 360, virtual reality camera ever launched into space so the every person would have to opportunity to float in zero gravity like an astronaut. Inspired by "The Overview Effect,"​ we hope to bring this experience of awe to humanity.

Milpitas, California, USA

Based in Milpitas, CA, Quantum3D provides training and simulation technologies, integrated solutions and services for the commercial, civil and defense markets worldwide. We believe that training is fundamental for the people who operate complex equipment in an ever-changing environment. Whether you are pilots training and preparing for unexpected emergencies, or firefighters working as a team to deal with changing weather patterns to put out large fires, or a parachutist preparing for a drop into a new location or a team of soldiers readying for deployment to fight an unknown enemy, or a mechanic fixing complex and critical equipment in a safe and timely manner, we believe that success and safety of personnel is best achieved through preparation and training and Quantum3D is the leading provider of simulation technologies, content, solutions and services to provide this necessary training. Today, our capabilities, technologies, solutions and services cover both commercial and government simulation/training. We provide fixed-wing or rotary wing flight training, aerial refueling training, infantry training, ground vehicle training and more from Boeing, Lockheed Martin, The Spaceship Company, KAI, Raytheon, Adacel, TRW, Honda, Thales Training and Simulation and many more.

Aerospace • Artificial Intelligence

Xona is developing the most accurate and secure real-time PNT service on the planet.

Menlo Park, California, USA

Millimeter Consulting Group specializes in the Analysis, Design and Prototype Development of Antennas, RF and Millimeter Wave systems.

Aerospace • Automotive • Information Technology • Software
San Francisco
11 Employees

In the rapidly evolving realms of aerospace, automotive, and avionics, Sital Technology emerges as the trusted name for robust databus solutions. With expertise spanning decades since its establishment in 1997, we've pioneered advancements with our EBR software, state-of-the-art MIL-STD-1553 bus couplers, and precise Arinc 429 analyzers. Serving as the bedrock for many industry innovations, our airborne interface cards and components stand out, ensuring optimal performance and resilience. Further, our forward-thinking approach has led us to develop groundbreaking solutions in bus wire-fault detection and integrated cybersecurity, reinforcing our commitment to propel the future of the Automotive, Avionics, and Aerospace industries. With Sital Technology, precision meets innovation. Learn more about MIL-STD-1553 components, MIL-STD-1553 boards and testers, MIL-STD-1553 IP core, and Sital Technology SnS transmission on our website.


SSL, based in Palo Alto, California, is a leading provider of advanced spacecraft systems, with broad expertise to support commercial and government satellite operators and innovative space missions.

Aerospace • Big Data • Internet of Things • Analytics • Business Intelligence
Denver, Colorado, USA
8 Employees

Urban Sky is revolutionizing the earth observation industry. We're a new venture-backed stealth startup that's pioneering an entirely new category of high-altitude vehicle we call the 'Microballoon.' Our small, reusable high-altitude balloons will capture the highest resolution, freshest, lowest cost broad area earth observation data in the world.

2 Employees

Alanax Technologies develops software and business solutions for modeling, analyzing, and operating end-to-end aero/astro communication networks. Alanax’s products allow engineers & analysts to validate network architectures and verify requirements without the costs & risks associated with in situ experimentation.


Constellations of satellites are needed for applications such as remote sensing, internet from space or weather observation. However, these constellations require satellites to be deployed to multiple specific orbits. Currently, it is too expensive to use even low-cost reusable rockets to deliver satellites to every orbit. Momentus is solving this.


Work to build humanity’s future in space — enable people to go to the moon, Mars, and beyond. Made in Space, Inc. is developing breakthrough manufacturing technologies for space and terrestrial spin-offs. Our goal: radically change the way we do space missions today by building everything you need for space, in space.


SNC is an innovative and agile aerospace and defense contractor. We design, manufacture, and enhance spacecraft, aircraft, ground vehicles, electronics, hardware and software, and provide services that serve and empower our astronauts, war fighters, and first responders.


Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2018, it generated revenues of €64 billion and employed a workforce of around 134,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners.


Loon is working to connect people everywhere by inventing and integrating audacious technologies. We started as a project of Google[x] in 2013 and became an independent business within Alphabet in 2018. Using a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, Loon is making it possible to extend internet access to the billions who currently lack

San Francisco, California, USA

Orbital Sidekick (OSK) provides space-based hyperspectral monitoring solutions powered by Spectral Intelligence. OSK's unique radiometric speciation and change detection capability enables unparalleled target monitoring services for both commercial and defense users on a global scale.

San Francisco, California, USA

Spire Global is a space-to-cloud analytics company that owns and operates the largest multipurpose constellation of satellites. Its proprietary data and algorithms provide the most advanced maritime, aviation, and weather tracking in the world. In addition to its constellation, Spire’s data infrastructure includes a global ground station network and 24/7 operations that provide real-time global coverage of every point on Earth. To learn more, visit: www.spire.com