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Top San Francisco Bay Area, CA Conversational AI Companies (5)

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Artificial Intelligence • Software • Travel • App development • Conversational AI • Generative AI
San Francisco, California, USA
10 Employees

Everyday Agents is a stealth startup backed by four top venture firms that is reimagining the way consumers travel. The company is building an AI-native Travel Concierge that simplifies the process of discovering, planning, and booking trips, all in one app. It’s like having a personal travel agent, but better, as it’s affordable, available 24/7, responds within seconds, and is armed with local insights, captivating photos, maps, itineraries, pricing, and availability. The explosion of travel booking sites is sucking the fun out of getting away with their maze of disjointed self-serve transactions that leave travelers needing to visit dozens of websites to plan a trip. By pioneering breakthroughs in Agent Architectures and leveraging the latest advancements in Large Language Models (LLMs), Everyday Agents is poised to revolutionize the travel industry by helping consumers craft exquisite, personalized travel experiences. Led by a 3X AI founder who’s raised over $100M and a data leader from Stitch Fix, the company is backed by former executives from Pinterest, Twitter, and Stitch Fix along with AI-focused venture funds, including SignalFire.

Digital Media • Software • Conversational AI
San Mateo, California, USA
332 Employees

At Sendbird, we are building the most scalable and powerful chat API in the world with a mission to build connections in a digital world. Conversations have always been the way people build relationships and get things done and our goal is to put the power of conversations in the hands of every developer and brand by making apps more social through chat, voice and video. Sendbird is a rapidly growing unicorn start-up headquartered in San Mateo, CA with additional offices in; Seoul, London, Singapore, and Bengaluru and has raised over $220M with a $1 Billion+ valuation from leading investors, including: ICONIQ Capital, STEADFAST Capital Ventures, Tiger Global Management, Shasta Ventures, Softbank Vision Fund 2, and Y Combinator.

Artificial Intelligence • Conversational AI
San Francisco, California, USA
29 Employees

Sierra is the conversational AI platform for businesses. We help companies elevate their customer experience with AI.

Database • Cybersecurity • Conversational AI
San Francisco
100,000 Employees

NumGenius Ai is a cloud computing platform that allows anyone to easily access large-scale GPU liquidity for AI/ML workloads. It offers container instances with affordable, powerful GPU, search engine for compute services, and various options and deals for users. You can rent GPUs from NumGenius Ai’s global GPU market, which is the market leader in low-cost cloud GPU rental. The platform provides a powerful search console to find the GPUs you need, and you can use on-demand rentals for convenience and consistent pricing. Alternatively, you can save a further 50% or more with interruptible instances using spot auction-based pricing. NumGenius Ai has an array of providers that offer different levels of security, from hobbyists up to Tier-4 data centers. You can choose the level of security and reliability you need. The platform also offers a command-line interface to search the entire marketplace for offers while utilizing scriptable filters and sort options. You can launch instances quickly right from the CLI and easily automate your deployment. NumGenius Ai also provides real-time automatic benchmarking to help you pick the right GPU server hardware. It predicts hardware performance ranking for typical deep learning tasks and helps automate and standardize the evaluation and ranking of myriad hardware platforms from dozens of data centers and hundreds of providers. NumGenius Ai’s search interface allows for fair comparison from all kinds of providers, from hobbyists to Tier 4 data centers. You can start saving 4-6X today and get set up on a single interface that connects you to a NumGenius marketplace. If you have GPU computing needs and want help deploying it on NumGenius Ai’s cost-effective infrastructure, or just want to chat, you can email them at [email protected].

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Conversational AI • Big Data Analytics
Palo Alto, California, USA
100 Employees

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