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Big Data • Cloud • Software • Database
Oakland, CA
1,168 Employees

Fivetran is the global leader in modern data integration. Our mission is to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity. Built for the cloud, Fivetran enables data teams to effortlessly centralize and transform data from hundreds of SaaS and on-prem data sources into high-performance cloud destinations. Fast-moving startups and the world’s largest companies use Fivetran to accelerate modern analytics and operational efficiency, fueling data-driven business growth. Fivetran is headquartered in Oakland, California, with offices around the world.

Cloud • Software • Database
San Francisco, CA
473 Employees

Named after resilience and continuity, Cockroach Labs is the creator of CockroachDB, the planet's most highly evolved cloud-native, distributed SQL database. The goal is simple: to enable companies of all sizes across the world to build mission-critical apps and scale fast, survive anything, and thrive anywhere. Currently, CockroachDB is deployed at some of the world's top enterprises including Bose, Comcast, Netflix, and some of the largest names in banking, retail, and media. Cockroach Labs was founded by a dedicated team of engineers and is backed by seasoned investors including Altimeter, Benchmark, GV, Firstmark, Index Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Tiger Capital, and Workbench.

AdTech • Cloud • Marketing Tech • Database
San Francisco, CA
350 Employees

Foursquare is the leading independent location technology company. We’re dedicated to building solutions that help businesses make smarter decisions, developers create more engaging experiences, and brands build more effective marketing strategies. Since our early days in the consumer app world, Foursquare has been a category creator and a pioneer of the geo-location space. Today, many of the world’s largest enterprises and most recognizable brands trust Foursquare’s location data and technology to inform and enable everything from market analysis, to consumer insights, to data-driven marketing, to more exciting app experiences and much more.

Information Technology • Software • Database • Analytics
Fully Remote
375 Employees

At dbt Labs, we make data work.  Our open-source software, dbt, enables anyone who knows SQL to engineer, document, and test data pipelines.  By empowering analysts to work like and with data engineers, dbt drastically increases an organization's ability to model and serve analytics. We’ve built a community of 10,000+ people and are backed by top investors including Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital (read our Series D announcement here!) dbt is already used and loved by thousands of companies and dbt Cloud enables this workflow at scale.  dbt Labs headquarters are in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but we are a distributed team and advocate for a remote-first culture. We want our people to work from the places where they are happiest, healthiest, and most inspired to do great things.

Cloud • Database
San Francisco
400 Employees

The formula for a real-time system is simple: It’s fast, unified and resilient. Built with a three-tiered storage architecture and designed for millisecond response times, SingleStore brings you the world’s fastest distributed SQL database for real-time analytical applications, SingleStoreDB. By combining transactional and analytical workloads within a multi-model structure, SingleStoreDB eliminates performance bottlenecks and unnecessary data movement. We’re the crossroads where highly performant meets highly powerful. SingleStore is designed for the world’s SaaS builders, data leaders and digital disruptors. Brands like Hulu, Uber, Comcast and more choose SingleStore to reduce operational and design burdens of their real-time analytical applications to supercharge limitless data experiences. That means riders quickly connect with their drivers. Financial decisions are made within seconds. Viewers get personalized recommendations instantly. At last, there is a better way for you to shape the future of your organization by using technology that harnesses your data to power the world.

Big Data • Cloud • Database
San Francisco, CA
100 Employees

Airbyte is the open-source standard for EL(T). We enable data teams to replicate data from applications, APIs, and databases to data warehouses, lakes, and other destinations. We believe only an open-source approach can solve the problem of data integration, as it enables us to cover the long tail of integrations while enabling teams to adapt pre-built connectors to their needs. Unify your data integration pipelines under one fully managed platform. Reliable Our team and community update connectors when source APIs and schemas change, allowing data teams to focus on insights and innovation, instead of ETL. Extensible With open-source, you can edit pre-built connectors and build new ones in a matter of hours. No more needs for separate systems, Airbyte handles it all, database included. Integrated Orchestration and transformation on your own terms, with integration to your data stack: Kubernetes, Airflow, dbt, and more. Set realtime alerts via webhook. Transparent Our pricing is based on compute time, easy to understand and predict. You can now stay on top and in control of your costs.

Mountain View, CA
73 Employees

Human Longevity, Inc. ™ (HLI) is the genomics-based, health intelligence company creating the world’s largest and most comprehensive database of whole genome, phenotype and clinical data. HLI is developing and applying large scale computing and machine learning to make novel discoveries from these data to generate personalized health insights. Our goal is to extend healthy human life by revolutionizing human health and transforming the practice of medicine. Our DNA determines so much about each of us, but other factors can also influence our health. HLI is focused on compiling and analyzing more genotypic and phenotypic data because the combination of both enables us —to generate unprecedented insights and accelerate our understanding into what makes us who we are and what we can change for a life better lived.

Payments • Sales • Software • Database • Business Intelligence
San Francisco , CA
150 Employees

We’re building the future of B2B spend. Help us pave the way. Zip is the world's leading intake-to-procure solution (Zip makes it easy for companies to make purchases). Zip is tackling the $50B+ TAM space to transform the way businesses manage spend. We started Zip because we saw the challenges companies had using outdated 20 year old software to manage hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Zip’s mission is to increase the pace of innovation for every business in the world. We strive to offer companies the fastest way to purchase, the best insights to confidently make spend decisions, and the easiest way to transact business anywhere. We're growing quickly and we need your help! See our job listings below and contact us at [email protected].

Database • Cybersecurity • Conversational AI
San Francisco
100,000 Employees

NumGenius Ai is the market leader in low-cost cloud GPU rental. Enterprise Server Leasing Provider. Invest in NumGenius AI,Achieve wealth growth.

eCommerce • Enterprise Web • Mobile • Database • Web3
Fully Remote
11 Employees

IT Infrastructure, API Development, Web Application, Web Analytics, Back-End Development, Front-End Development, IOS and Android Node.js, React.js, Express.js, Next.js, JavaScript, Java, Angular, HTML5, React-Native, .NET, Scala

Artificial Intelligence • Database
Berkeley, CA

Automotive • Information Technology • Software • Database • Analytics
San Fransisco, CA
30 Employees

Motorq provides customers with business intelligence through its cloud-based connected car data and analytics platform. By seamlessly ingesting, normalizing and analyzing data from both OEM-embedded systems and aftermarket telematics, Motorq’s machine learning and AI capabilities make sense of terabytes of otherwise unintelligible data streams, enabling customers to make better decisions. Motorq has partnered with seven of the ten largest vehicle manufacturers to securely access vehicle data for its customers, including many of the top 300 fleets and top 20 global fleet management companies.

Database • Analytics
San Francisco

Astronomer is the driving force behind Apache Airflow, the de facto standard for expressing data flows as code. Airflow is downloaded more than 4 million times each month and is used by hundreds of thousands of teams around the world. For data teams looking to increase the availability of trusted data, Astronomer provides Astro, the modern data orchestration platform, powered by Airflow. Astro enables data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to build, run, and observe pipelines-as-code. Founded in 2018, Astronomer is a global remote-first company with hubs in Cincinnati, New York, San Francisco, and San Jose. Customers in more than 35 countries trust Astronomer as their partner for data orchestration.

Cloud • Logistics • Other • Software • Database
Fully Remote

Software • Database
Palo Alto, CA
164 Employees

ScyllaDB is the database for data-intensive apps that require high performance and low latency. It enables teams to harness the ever-increasing computing power of modern infrastructures--eliminating barriers to scale as data grows. Unlike any other database, ScyllaDB is built with deep architectural advancements that enable exceptional end-user experiences at radically lower costs. Over 300 game-changing companies like Disney+ Hotstar, Expedia, FireEye, Discord, Crypto.com, Zillow, Starbucks, Comcast, and Samsung use ScyllaDB for their toughest database challenges. ScyllaDB is available as free open source software, a fully-supported enterprise product, and a fully managed service on multiple cloud providers.

AdTech • Marketing Tech • Software • Database
San Francisco, CA
700 Employees

Demandbase, the leader in Account-Based Marketing (ABM), offers the only Artificial Intelligence-enabled, comprehensive ABM platform that spans Advertising, Marketing, Sales and Analytics. Our patented IP technology helps B2B businesses identify companies to target, market to them across the web and on their website, and close business faster.

Big Data • Information Technology • Database • Analytics • Business Intelligence
San Francisco, CA
70 Employees

Data Warehouses have become the obvious choice for storing your data from various sources, but once the data is stored, making the data actionable has always been a challenge...until now. Hightouch has become the standard for Data Activation, providing everything data teams need to put data into action by moving it from your warehouse to the tools your business needs. Hightouch was founded on the notion that every business team—sales, marketing, support, success—needs relevant, accurate, and real-time customer data in the software they use to talk to customers including CRM, email, and support tools, while giving data teams confidence with developer-friendly tooling that helps them control, monitor, and debug their workflows with ease.

Consumer Web • Digital Media • Database • NFT
San Francisco , CA
8 Employees

Big Data • Software • Database
Palo Alto, CA
90 Employees

"ShareThis has unlocked the power of global digital behavior by synthesizing social share, interest, and intent data since 2007. Powered by consumer behavior on over three million global domains, ShareThis observes real-time actions from real people on real digital destinations. ShareThis transforms user-level behavioral data to better understand, validate, and expand consumer behavior for targeting and activation, customer acquisition, and insights and analytics. Awards: - Fortune’s Best Small Workplaces: 2021, 2019, 2018, 2017 - ShareThis won the #10 spot on Ad Age’s 2017 Best Places to Work list - Silver Winner for Best in Biz Awards' Best Place to Work - Small category

Hardware • Internet of Things • Real Estate • Database • Analytics
San Francisco, CA
151 Employees

At Density, we believe cities would look different if they knew how they were used. Understanding our relationship with physical space empowers us to reimagine what the built environment can be. 11,370 new buildings are being built every day and 39% of global carbon emissions come from existing buildings. If we want to build a more productive, sustainable future, we have to measure all those buildings. We work with the Fortune 1000 to measure and improve their offices, buildings, and portfolios. Density’s data creates more efficient and productive workplaces for people and the planet. We’re on a mission to measure and improve our footprint on the world.