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Top San Francisco Bay Area, CA Computer Vision Companies (25)

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Computer Vision • Gaming • Software • Virtual Reality • Web3
San Mateo, CA
2,500 Employees

Roblox is reimagining the way people come together by enabling them to create, connect, and express themselves in immersive 3D experiences built by a global community. Our mission is to connect billions of users with optimism and civility, which starts by fostering a safe and inclusive environment—one that inspires creativity and empowers positive relationships between people around the world.

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Computer Vision • Hardware • Internet of Things • Software
San Francisco, CA
2,200 Employees

Samsara, the Connected Operation Cloud company, is a leading IoT company that builds sensors, software, and cloud services to help more than 20,000 customers improve the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy.

Computer Vision • Robotics
San Francisco, CA
58 Employees

Founded in 2012 and based in San Francisco, Shaper is a human-involved robotics company that integrates computers with handheld power tools to simplify and improve the process of making.

Computer Vision • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Other
San Francisco, CA
48 Employees

Aquabyte is one of the few companies applying machine learning / computer vision to directly solve the world’s food sustainability issues. Fish farming is the #1 fastest growing sector of food production - a $180B worldwide industry. By improving fish farm efficiency, we help close the world’s impending protein deficit. We work on very challenging distributed image processing and machine learning problems, and our work has direct relevance on the world’s food chain. Come join us!

Computer Vision • Digital Media • Mobile • Social Media • Software
Fully Remote
110 Employees

For creators, by creators In 2011, we set out to create a photo and video editing app that combines premium quality editing filters and tools, thoughtful curation, and a diverse community for creative professionals like ourselves. ‍ From day one, our mission has been to nurture creativity so you can make it. Our creative journey Along the way, we’ve built a vibrant platform of creators around the world who continue to inspire us and our evolution. ‍ Listening to their stories has helped us focus on three key elements: a creator-first editing experience with optionality and control; more ways to connect with other creators; and a transparent way to support themselves and the work they appreciate. Our inspiration today The way we express ourselves creatively is always changing. Whether we’re on a shoot, experimenting for the next one, or simply capturing life, we’re here to hone our craft, expand our perspective, and tell better stories. We’re here to grow. We believe you are too. You’re our inspiration. We believe that with the right creative tools, inspiring resources, and a supportive community, you can do anything. We’re investing in you. Join us.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Hardware • Machine Learning
Palo Alto, CA

Instrumental accelerates bringing new hardware products to market by collecting unique data from assembly lines and feeding it to AI-powered software tools that help companies find and fix manufacturing issues. We solve a big problem: these kinds of manufacturing issues waste about 10% of global GDP. Thanks to Instrumental, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies are increasing yields, reducing recalls and scrap, and avoiding production delays.

Computer Vision
San Francisco
27 Employees

Prism is a cloud-based video intelligence platform that transforms your cameras into powerful business tools. Through computer vision, A.I., and machine learning, Prism unlocks valuable information from video that can be immediately understood, shared and acted upon. Leading companies in 80 countries around the world use Prism to better understand, manage and grow their business.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Computer Vision • Machine Learning
San Francisco

Computer Vision
San Francisco, CA
109 Employees

Scale accelerates the development of AI applications by helping computer vision teams generate high-quality ground truth data. Our advanced LiDAR, video, and image annotation APIs allow self-driving, drone, and robotics teams at companies like OpenAI, Lyft, Pinterest, and Airbnb focus on building differentiated models vs. labeling data.

Computer Vision
San Francisco

Overview provides real time fault detection that uses cameras and AI to monitor manufacturing equipment.

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Food
San Francisco

Artificial Intelligence • Cloud • Computer Vision
Fully Remote

Computer Vision
San Francisco
48 Employees

DITTO sits at the intersection of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, computer vision, retail, and fashion. DITTO licenses its omnichannel virtual try-on and frame recommendation technology platform to the world’s best eyewear retailers. Your work will touch over 300K users per day!

Computer Vision
191 Employees

MulticoreWare, Inc is a leading provider of high performance video, computer vision and imaging software libraries, and a software solutions company, providing developer tools and professional services focusing on accelerating compute-intensive applications. MulticoreWare is headquartered in Saratoga, California with offices in St.Louis, Missouri, Urbana champaign, Illinois, Beijing, China and Chennai, India. MulticoreWare offers programmer productivity tools for OpenCL, CUDA and other multi-core programming models.

Computer Vision • Virtual Reality
Santa Clara, CA

We build tour experience, let people at home see, learn and interact with remote places and folks by mobile devices. The continuing number of remote workers is doubling in 2021. 33%+ of occupations work and life virtually. We let people at home, see, learn and interact with remote places and local folks by flying drones using personal smartphone or laptop. This season, we'd like to invite our international Linkedin followers to explore San Francisco Bay Area in California. In particular, to tour a variety of indoor designs about exotic California style. Which style do you love ? Signup a tourmato trip, Choose your favorite, we'll make your dream come true ! No matter who you are, where you are, what you do, signup with us, you will be our friend.

Artificial Intelligence • Automotive • Computer Vision • Internet of Things • Robotics
Menlo Park, CA
62 Employees

Cyngn works where you work to transform the industrial vehicles you already manage into an autonomous fleet. Our mission is to create safer, broadly accessible and cost-effective transportation through advanced technology, enhancing human productivity and improving quality of life. Whether you operate on the warehouse floor, a construction site, or at the bottom of a mine, Cyngn is here to bring autonomous transportation to you.

Computer Vision
San Francisco
9 Employees

We are doing research, development and more for HoloBuilder - The fastest and most insightful solution to document construction projects with 360° image technology. Our parent company HoloBuilder, Inc. is a San Francisco-based construction technology company that designs, develops, and sells enterprise SaaS software. HoloBuilder offers reality capturing solutions for progress documentation and construction project management. Making use of 360° imagery data, computer vision, and AI, HoloBuilder is the fastest and most insightful solution to document construction projects. HoloBuilder’s customers include 59% of the Top 100 General Contractors in the United States. Its investors include Brick and Mortar Ventures and Tandem Capital. #construction #technology #RealityCapture #RealityCapturing #JobWalk #SiteAI #ArtificalIntelligence #AI #DeepLearning #ComputerVision #ConTech #AEC #SoftwareDevelopment

Artificial Intelligence • Automotive • Computer Vision • Software
Mountain View, CA

Artificial Intelligence • Computer Vision • Machine Learning • Software
Fully Remote
2 Employees

Computer Vision
Redwood City
35 Employees

Naked Labs is a Silicon Valley-based company focused on 3D scanning, computer vision, and human-centered design. The company behind the world’s first 3D body scanner for the home, Naked Labs believes that people deserve objective knowledge about their unique bodies and envisions a world custom tailored to the individual — from fitness and nutrition