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Top San Francisco Bay Area, CA Natural Language Processing Companies (19)

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Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Natural Language Processing • Software • Business Intelligence • Generative AI
San Francisco, California, USA
5,000 Employees

At Qualtrics, we create software the world’s best brands use to deliver exceptional frontline experiences, build high-performing teams, and design products people love. But we are more than a platform—we are the creators and stewards of the Experience Management category serving over 19,000 clients globally. "We are in the business of empowering organizations to really understand what people want, and then act on it with empathy, speed, and scale. This is what Qualtrics Experience Management is really about." - Zig Serafin, CEO

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Software • Generative AI
San Francisco, California, USA
1,000 Employees

Grammarly’s digital writing assistant helps 30 million people and 70,000 teams write more clearly and effectively every day. In building a product that scales across multiple platforms and devices, Grammarly works to empower users whenever and wherever they communicate.

Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing • Software
San Francisco
109 Employees

Legacy speech recognition tech is slow, inaccurate, and expensive. It’s time to stop settling for out-of-the-box solutions that don’t meet enterprise needs. Deepgram is the only true end-to-end Deep Learning ASR offering real-time transcription, built to scale. Use it alone or on top of your existing tech and see results in weeks, not months or longer. When speech recognition that’s “good enough for everyone” isn’t good enough for you, try Deepgram. Deepgram is an NVIDIA partner and a Y Combinator company.

Natural Language Processing • Analytics
San Francisco
399 Employees

Metlang is an established, veteran-owned provider of translation, interpretation and analytical services to government agencies and corporations nationwide. Established in 1990, we are the largest provider of monitoring, interpretation and analytical services to the law enforcement community. We have seven locations nationwide, each offering the following services:

Edtech • Natural Language Processing
San Francisco, California, USA
532 Employees

The Cambly app gives English learners instant 1-on-1 access to friendly native speakers over video chat 24/7. Students get an affordable and convenient way to practice their English and gain confidence. Tutors get to make money helping people from around the world practice English.

Natural Language Processing
34 Employees

Entefy is an AI software company, specializing in machine learning that delivers productivity and growth. Our multimodal AI platform encapsulates advanced capabilities in machine cognition, computer vision, natural language processing, audio analysis, and other data intelligence. Organizations large and small use Entefy's patented technologies to accelerate their digital transformation and dramatically improve existing systems--knowledge management, search, communication, process automation, cybersecurity, data privacy, and much more. Get started at www.entefy.com.

Healthtech • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing
San Francisco, California, USA
65 Employees

PicnicHealth believes the key to improving healthcare is giving everyone access to their own health data. That's why PicnicHealth has created a new way for patients and scientists to interact with complete medical records. PicnicHealth works directly with patients to bring labs, images, doctor's notes, and more all in one place. For patients contributing to research, PicnicHealth makes sure the process is transparent and the data is secure. PicnicHealth continues to champion patients while partnering with government, advocacy, and research organizations to drive the future of medicine.

Natural Language Processing
6 Employees

Agora delivers easy to embed Real-Time Engagement APIs which includes all the development tools and cloud infrastructure needed for mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software
Mountain View, California, USA
66 Employees

Level AI (https://thelevel.ai/) is a Mountain View, CA based startup innovating in the Voice AI space. We are backed by top VCs, technologists from Silicon Valley and industry experts. We are on a mission to revolutionize the customer sales experience for businesses. We are a conversational intelligence and customer experience platform that blends human and machine intelligence, providing real-time insights, empowering agents and transforming the customer service experience.

Natural Language Processing
151 Employees

NetBase provides real-time, fast and accurate Social Media Analytics solutions that help businesses grow. Our advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology is uniquely capable of understanding and classifying complex language to ensure businesses are making decisions based on highly accurate data. We have continued to experience 300 percent year-over-year growth. Our customers include the most forward-thinking agencies and largest brands across all verticals, including Yum!, AMC, Kraft, Kohl’s, American Airlines, VISA, Forrester and J.D. Power & Associates. ROI figures calculated by IntelliCap, an independent research firm, show that NetBase delivers hard ROI for our customers. We can reduce costs to capture social media insights by 34% over traditional methods, save companies 20% of the time they previously spent managing PR issues, and boost productivity for many functions.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Software
San Francisco, California, USA
220 Employees

Our mission is to help developers leverage communications data and build features that increase customer engagement, productivity, and retention.

Artificial Intelligence • Natural Language Processing • Software
50 Employees

Qordoba’s AI helps everyone at a company write with the same style, terminology, and brand voice. With Qordoba’s dynamic content guidelines, organizations can achieve consistency and clarity across all types of content — from communications and marketing to product and HR. Companies such as Intuit, Twitter, Paypal, Visa, and Marriott use Qordoba.

Agency • Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Healthtech • Natural Language Processing
350 Employees

LITSLINK is your solution for building a machine learning app, artificial intelligence service, augmented reality solution, or virtual reality experience. We’re an award-winning software-development firm with offices in Palo Alto and Kyiv that can make your app idea a reality. We provide a wide range of software solutions, and we also take the time to understand your business model, proposition, and ideal marketing strategy

Natural Language Processing
53 Employees

Roam is building the natural language processing infrastructure for modern healthcare systems. Our mission is to empower healthcare companies to derive structured meaning from language data to improve healthcare for all. Solving healthcare’s most complex problems requires a data-driven approach. Understanding patient population trends, predictive modeling, and leveraging data to inform treatment choices all call for relevant, sufficient clinical data as inputs. However, overall data quality in healthcare today is poor and focuses on structured data from electronic health records, medical/prescription claims, and others. Structured data represents only a small fraction of what is available to be analyzed. Language data is the richest, most abundant source of information in healthcare today. Modern healthcare companies spanning biopharma, hospital systems, and payers use Roam's technology infrastructure, tooling, and resources to make use of their language data. Our platform is designed and built to enable rapid specification, development, and deployment of world-class natural language processing systems that help healthcare companies quantify language data to make more informed business decisions.

Artificial Intelligence • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Security • Cybersecurity
Sunnyvale, California, USA
110 Employees

We help organizations communicate more securely over email and other cloud office applications with the power of Natural Language Understanding (NLU). The Armorblox platform connects over APIs and analyzes thousands of signals to understand who users are, what they do, and how they communicate. With this context, Armorblox can stop advanced email attacks like business email compromise, and also help organizations stay compliant by protecting their sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Security teams also become more proactive after using Armorblox because the platform automates away most of the manual and repetitive tasks involved in responding to user-reported email threats. We create the VERY BEST People-first Company Culture through thoughtful programs that elevate and engage our People. We are proud to have an industry-leading product, a gender score that ranks in the top 20%, and a diversity score that ranks in the top 30%. We are honored Armorblox was awarded Great Place to Work, Omni Award for Outstanding Wellbeing and Benefits, Best Company Leadership, Best CEOs for Diversity, Best Company Compensation, and was featured in the 2019 Forbes AI 50 list and was named a 2020 Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Office Security. Founded in 2017, Armorblox is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA and backed by the very best investors in Silicon Valley including General Catalyst and Next47.

Natural Language Processing
33 Employees

Protagonist is the Narrative Analytics company. We uncover deeply held beliefs (narratives) in order to energize brands, win competitive battles, and better engage and understand target audiences. Protagonist uses natural language processing, machine learning, and deep human expertise to gather and analyze billions of pieces relevant data to give customers the insights they need for marketing, product development, and communications strategies. The Protagonist platform was built on 10 years of narrative science that was initially developed to improve the American brand around the world for the US Government. Today, it's used by dozens of the world's leading CMOs, business leaders, and foundations.

Artificial Intelligence • Big Data • Natural Language Processing

Run complex Predictions and Analytics on your data, simply by asking questions in natural language. No code. No hassle. No waiting.

Artificial Intelligence • Edtech • Kids + Family • Natural Language Processing • Productivity • Social Impact • Software
San Francisco, California, USA
28 Employees

At Ello, our mission is to maximize the potential of all children. Our first product (Read with Ello) is an AI reading teacher that listens to a child read from real books. It uses evidence-based reading instruction to help them when they get stuck and behavioral psychology to motivate them to keep going. We’re now building on the success of Read with Ello and putting together the pieces of the world’s first complete AI teacher for children. We’re a highly technical team building delightful learner-centered experiences which leverage the massive recent advances in AI. Our products put children on a path of lifelong learning, creating the foundation for their future and ours. Together, we believe we can close literacy and educational gaps around the world. We are backed by world-class investors, just closed a Series A, and are ready to bring on new talent to achieve our vision. ACTIVE FOUNDERS: Elizabeth Adams Elizabeth is a clinical psychologist who specializes in child development, child behavior, academic achievement, and working with children and families in community settings, schools, clinics, and hospitals. She has worked with children and families for over 15 years. She is the co-founder of Ello, the first AI reading coach for children that works with real books. Tom Sayer Tom was the head of impact and adoption programs at Google for Education. He is involved in various organizations promoting education, including GO Public schools and Education Reimagined. Tom also has experience as an intelligence officer, product manager, and EdTech company founder. He holds a first-class honors degree in maths and psychology from Cambridge University and an MBA and MA in Education from Stanford. He has won several awards, including the Lamor prize and the Queen's medal. Catalin Voss Before co-founding Ello, Catalin was a PhD candidate in AI at Stanford University where he worked on social good projects and built digital therapies for developmental conditions. He co-founded and sold two ML startups, DukaConnect and Sension. He has won the Lemelson-MIT Grad Student prize, Stanford's Kennedy Medal, Forbes' 30 under 30, and Business Insider's 40 under 40. He moved to California from Germany at age 17 and now lives in SF with his partner Ruby and dog Ed.

Artificial Intelligence • Information Technology • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Software • Conversational AI • Generative AI
Mountain View, California, USA
550 Employees

The Moveworks generative AI platform boosts employee productivity by surfacing information and automating tasks through natural language. Moveworks gives enterprises a conversational interface that works across every system — from Microsoft to Workday to Salesforce. Powered by GPT-class machine learning models, the Moveworks platform learns the unique language of your organization to solve thousands of use cases. Brands like Databricks, Broadcom, DocuSign, and Palo Alto Networks leverage Moveworks’ proprietary enterprise data, out-of-the-box solutions, and intuitive developer tools to bring conversational automation to all aspects of their business. Learn more at Moveworks.com.